Thursday, January 15, 2009

[MV] Call me Full version

It's out finally! we didn't have to wait THAT much, wow Taegoon is quite good at singing and I can't deny that he looks good as well, hehe lol. 
Jaejoong looks VERY I mean VERY good, I love him so much, so sorry that I'm being biased XDD

to watch the video click here

I'll upload some screenshots as soon as I have them.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[rumor] new mv?

This is just a rumor everyone, so don't get your hopes up just yet. It is rumored that the boys are shooting another MV and it's for "Picture of You/Afterglow" 

According to the Hotel Staff, the boys are staying in a hotel in Saipan(The last time they were in Saipan was last January 21st) and are shooting a new MV, Variety Show for the DVD, and doing another photo shoot.
A woman who has never heard of DBSK said that the boys are shooting another MV for their upcoming album "Picture of You". Afterglow perhaps? Unless they have another album called Picture of You coming out.
She also said that they hired foreign girls for the MV. Most Russian girls. 

My comments so far:
This is just a rumor, but it's something that I hope is confirmed. I kind of doubt that it is true. I don't want to doubt it, but they just finished promoting Mirotic and Wrong Number. Not only that, but they should be back in Japan getting ready for the release of Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide single. And when that's out, they will probably be promoting that and Subaru. 
It's exciting nonetheless. If this is true, awesome! Afterglow is a great song. And another variety show means another All About DBSK(AADBSK)!

Moving on...
For the variety show she said, that they will prepare breakfast in the hotel's restaurant as a part of the reality show and also play some games. 
Sounds fun doesn't it?

Here's a brief translation of what the woman was saying. It was in Russian... so some of it could be incorrect. also, keep in mind that she has no idea who DBSK is so... she may talk about them as if they're complete strangers. 

Our guests will have a lot of fun during next 5 days! Tomorrow the Asian Backstreet Boys - DBSK are arriving at the PIC hotel. They are number one in the charts of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Thailand. 5 teenagers (the oldest is 21 years old) will shoot a new MV for their upcoming album “Picture of you” at out hotel, photo album for their disks for 2009 and a reality show, which will be released on a DVD.

They are arriving with the team of 35 members, but our club mate (no idea what she meant) girls will be models for the MV. Pop-idols like to have white girls in their MV so, more likely, our Russian girls – animators will be the models. I think than there will be enough white beautiful ladies for them, because more than 130 Russian families are currently staying at the hotel. The idols are lucky!

The most fun in their schedule is the variety show shootings: pop stars will participate in different funny games and will prepare a breakfast in the Magellan restaurant! I think our guests will enjoy such an exclusive entertainment – “games with the pop stars” Of course, the security is much tighter now, because it won’t be hard for their fans in Korea and Japan to find out where their idols are gone. But we were told about the arrival of Dong Bang Shin Ki just yesterday.

I will be back someday to tell if this is true or not, when this rumor is confirmed or denied.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Jaejoong in Call Me MV

From the singer Taegoon, I think he's a new singer, not very sure.

The song's name is Call me or so it says

Personal comment: OMG!!! Im really looking forward to this..omg Jaejoong.. *faints*

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