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[Pic] Tohoshinki 2010 Weekly Calendar

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[Trans] 091219 Jaejoong phoned in at Love Faith ,born to be TVXQ Event Fanaccount

During the phine-in to Sook Jin Unnie (Jaejoong’s 4th sister) I never thought I’d hear Jaejoong’s voice on the phone XDDDDDDD

Many Thai Cassie must have seen from the schedule that Sook Jin Unnie would record Jaejoong’s voice for us but it’s not! It’s real Jaejoongon the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was holding hand with my sister thinking “are we dreaming or what”

It’s not the record. It’s the real Jaejoong LIVE on the phone for Thai Cassies

I wanna die and reborn and die for many many times. I was out of my mind while he’s on the phone.

I can only remember a few conversation

The translator “Thai Cassie will take the whole plane and fly to Korea (to fight against SM? – - this part i am not sure) for Jaejoong”

and Jaejoong said “OK I got it”

At one part we all yelled out “Jaejoong Oppa Saranghaeyo” for at least 3 times.

The translator asked Jaejoong “Do you love us”
Jaejoong said “YES”

[T/N she gave more cute comments of Jaejoong's voice on the phone like it's different than how we hear him via the microphone cuz it's a phone and the speaker that makes him sound a bit different]

After that many Cassie started to cry because of the happiness

They tried to call Yoochun’s mom but she’s not at the shop and also Junsu’s dad.


source: ^^Lovin_you_TVXQ^^@siamzone
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[News] 091218 Mnet Japan To Broadcast Exclusive Program

Mnet special program will be broadcasted on the 31st!

Date: 12/31 8:00PM~9:00PM
Rerun: -not confirmed-
Featuring: Tohoshinki

Asia’s No. 1 group Tohoshinki’s charisma!!
Their presence, singing and dancing will be broadcasted and we will detailedly introduce the group that is now Asia’s No.1 group, Tohoshinki.
With all their 2009 news and activities, we will also show videos of their music as well as some analyzation.
Please look forward to this special exclusive program for Tohoshinki produced by Mnet.

source: [Mnet Japan] + [withTVXQ]
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[INFO] 091219 THSK in ‘What’s In’ February

Japan magazine ‘What’s In’ February issue will start selling on the 14th of January 2010 that Tohoshinki’s related topic will be included in which was a last minute decision, however there are chances of changing too.

Artists preview includes:

* Mr.Children
* Porno Graffitti
* flumpool
* Kimura Kaela
* HY

Source: TVXQYard
Translation: sshutingg + linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 091219 TVXQ Earns 90.3 billion Won In Album/DVD Sales In Japan This Year

Popular group TVXQ place third in highest earning Japanese artistes in album sales in 2009.

According to Oricon’s ‘2009 Oricon Yearly Ranking’ that was released on the 18th that accumulates all singles, albums and DVDs, TVXQ placed third after Arashi and EXILE. 4th and 5th place went to B’z and the Beatles respectively.

Arashi, who placed first, earned a total of 14.6 billion Yen in single, album and DVD sales, and EXILE and TVXQ earned 12.93 billion Yen and 6.89 billion Yen (around 90.3 billion Won or $76 million) respectively.

Oricon introduced TVXQ as “The group that made the biggest leap in 2009 and is continually growing at the fastest rate,” and said, “They were perfectly balanced in all areas and this was the year fans passionately supported them.”

source: [yeonhap news+DNBN]
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[TRANS] 091219 Max Matsuura's Blog

Regarding Junsu's Solo Song to Become the Coupling Song of the New Single

I heard from the staffs that they have been receiving different opinions regarding the fact that Junsu's solo is going to become the coupling song of the new single.

This is something that has been decided in the beginning of the year, as a part of Tohoshinki's solo project.

In Japan, Jaejoong and Yoochun released their own single, and in Korea, Jaejoong and Yunho both took part in their own dramas.

And now Changmin is also going to act in his own drama. These are all parts of the solo project.

At first, avex and SM were thinking of having solo projects that are suitable to each member's own special ability.

Of course, we are also under consideration to release Yunho's solo song, so please do not worry about that.

Source: Max Matsuura's Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[VIDEO] 東方神起Break Out (Eng SUBS)

Credits: lubdbsk7

fanmade..just awesome <3
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[INFO] HMV Japan Ranking

This 2nd Version Has all the 3 albums at the top~
Credits: DBSKnights + Baidu
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Friday, December 18, 2009

[VIDEOS] Bigeastation#143

credit: noamama0216
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[Info] 091218 New Release from Your Favorite Artist

Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki)/UNTITLED (Best Album)[2CD+DVD (Type A)] CDA
Price: 4800 yen US$53/90.94
Release Date:2010/02/17
Description:Greatest hits album release from Dong Bang Shin Ki featuring 16 songs (subject to change) selected from their previous works (subject to change).

Disc 2 features “Toki wo Tomete,” “Amaku Hateshinaku” and more for 9 songs total.

Type A includes bonus DVD features live digest from their 1st to 4th concert tour. Also, includes 24-page booklet.

*Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

First Press Details:Features behind-the-scene. Includes a jacket-sized card randomly selected from six designs.




Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki)/UNTITLED (BEST ALBUM + DVD B)[CD+DVD] CDA
Price: 4000 yen US$44/90.94
Release Date:2010/02/17
Description:Greatest hits album release from Dong Bang Shin Ki featuring selected 16 songs from their previous works (subject to change).

Type B includes bonus DVD featuring selected music videos and concert footage with subtitles. Also includes 24-page booklet.
*Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

First Press Details:a jacktet-sized card randomly selected from six designs.



Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki)/UNTITLED (Best Album) CDA
Price: 2667 yen US$29/90.94
Release Date:2010/02/17
Description:Greatest hits album release from Dong Bang Shin Ki featuring 16 songs selected from their previously released songs (subject to change).

First Press Details:a jacket-sized card randomly selected from six designs. 36-page booklet.


source: cdjapan

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[NEWS] 091218 TVXQ is Hallyu

[News] 091218 SBS ‘News Tracking’ to Introduce TVXQ as Hallyu Singers Representative

South Korea SBS breaking news program “News Tracking” will introduce TVXQ as Hallyu singers representative.

…. will also present an introduce to the life of Younha who is also known in Japan as well.

Singer Younha and TVXQ will be introduced as a team of Hallyu singers representatives along with Ryu Si Won in the 23rd SBS breaking news program “News Tracking”.

“TVXQ, Ryu Si Won, and Younha” as the title is planned, will explore the current state of Hallyu, discussing about the fate of South Korea stars to work in Japan.

- omitted -

source: original article by Young Joong + chara
shared by: DBSKnights
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[VIDEO+AUDIO] LQ Breakout 3Minutes in Bigeastation 143

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[Info] 3rd Asia Tour Concert “MIROTIC” Special DVD Set

3rd Asia Tour Concert: Mirotic

Accepting reservation for DVD.

List price ₩ 38,500

Internet Sales Price: ₩ 37,300



Release: December 30th

Benefits for Plus DVD:
More special with Commercial MOVIE “Dating on Earth”
Concert making film & bonus video movie, more!

3 DVDs + Special Color Photo Book (68p) + Bookmark papers (5 pieces) + Poster (1 piece) (first limited edition only)

> 160 minutes performances with all 26 songs!
> Spectacular stage production, a fantastic live performance!
> Stage production of variety remix songs such as “Rising Sun (Pure) “,” HUG”,” Balloons”,” The way U are “!
> Japanese singles “Somebody To Love”, “Love in the Ice”, “Sky” more
> Recording of “Ha Ha Ha song” more!

The members’ charming solo performances:
Micky Yoochun, ‘Love Bye Love’
Youngwoong Jaejoong, ‘Geugeotmani nae sesang’
Choikang Changmin ‘Upon This Rock’
U-Know Yunho self composed song ‘Checkmate’
Xiah Junsu self composed song ‘Xiahtic’

HD high definition and Dolby sound DVD, to get the feel and enjoyment of watching the real live concert.

Making concert film
Concert rehearsal, dressing room, including personal interviews of the members
More special, TVXQ’s Commercial MOVIE!
Many fans are waiting the disclosure of TVXQ 2nd Theatrical TV Drama “Dating on Earth” to get introduced to public!
“Dating on Earth” > Bonus Video: NG scenes and Deleted Scenes footage to be revealed!

68 pages of concert & movie special color photobook
Five kinds of paper bookmarks for first limited edition only
Members Paper Bookmarks and give away one limited edition poster!

credit: kyoobok | yesasia ver 1 | yesasia ver 2 (click to direct to the selling website)

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[PHOTOS] Korean Entertainment Journal Jan 2010 Issue

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[Trans] Super Junior Interview After Golden Disc Awards: “I feel bad for TVXQ disbanding crisis”

- only translate the part that is related to TVXQ -

Lee-teuk “I feel bad for TVXQ disbanding crisis”

- To be able to finally escape from the shadow of TVXQ, is that maybe the reason of your tears?

“TVXQ might have debuted a little earlier than us, but when it comes to age, they’re my dongsaengs. In fact, TVXQ is a subject at which SuJu has been so envious. Watching the feature of them jumping as the best group in the world only from aside, there was a thought ‘when will our turn be?”

- In relation to that, do you really care about the disbanding crisis of TVXQ?

“Sure, it hurts me too. They’re all my good dongsaengs. Especially Junsu. I’ve been knowing him for 3-4 years since our high school trainee, he has been a friend and a hoobae who shared happiness and sorrow with me. He consulted to me when he faced a difficult problem. I feel that we’re the same and don’t have much difference. I really want them to compromise their hearts to each other.

credit: news nate
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[INFO] MIROTIC Tour DVD will be out on the 30th Dec

동방신기 2009 아시아 투어 콘서트 서울 라이브 Part I
다섯 남자들의 카리스마 넘치는 라이브와 퍼포먼스!

01. Intro
02. HEY!(Don't bring me down)
03. 영상+악녀(Are you A Good girl?)
04. Rising Sun(순수)
05. 영상+낙원(PARADISE)
06. 무지개(RAINBOW)
07. 오프닝 멘트(Opening)
08. HUG(포옹)-remix
09. 영상+사랑 안녕 사랑(Love Bye Love)_믹키유천 개인기
10. 그것만이 내세상_영웅재중 개인기
11. Upon This Rock_최강창민 개인기
12. 영상+Wrong Number
13. Purple Line
14. 영상+풍선(Balloons)-remix
15. 영상+반달
16. Love in the Ice
17. Don't Say Goodbye
18. 인사

동방신기 2009 아시아 투어 콘서트 서울 라이브 Part II
콘서트 메이킹 필름
: 콘서트 리허설, 대기실, 멤버들 개인 인터뷰 포함

01. 영상+Xiahtic_시아준수 개인기
02. 체크메이트(Checkmate)_유노윤호 개인기
03. 영상+주문(MIROTIC)
04. 영상+The way U are-remix
05. Somebody To Love
07. 영상+하하하쏭
08. Sky
09. 멘트
10. Song for you
11. Tonight
12. 멘트

Credits: yiyi0312@soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights

Preorder @ Yesasia here
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[NEWS] 091218 Tohoshinki’s Popularity in Japan, ‘Remains’

Tohoshinki Japan Fanmeeting tour which was scheduled in January next year had been canceled, however the group popularity in Japan seems to remain.

According to Sankei Sports Japan on the 18th, ever since Tohoshinki becomes the face of healthy drink ‘Oronamic C’ commercial, the product campaign website has been flooded by numerous of Japan fans. The campaign is planning to give away a set of extra large posters and customized phone straps to 5000 chosen applicants, and once it’s announced, the number of people accessed the website increased about 4-5 times that almost caused the server to crash.

Tohoshinki will make appearance on the 30th at TBS’ ‘The 51st Japan Record Award’ and on the 31st at NHK’s ‘The 60th NHK Uta Gassen’ which are included as prestigious Japan New Year events. The title track of their new single ‘Break Out’ which will be released on January 29th is going to be theme song for NHK’s drama ‘Tomehane, Suzusato Koukou Syodobu’. While on February 17th, the group’s Japan first Best Album which includes their hits such as ‘Purple Line’ and ‘Jumun – MIROTIC’ is expected to release.

source: sportsseoul
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[INFO] 091218 60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen's Song List

[INFO] 091218 60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen's Song List

Tohoshinki is going to perform Shennen Koi Uta (A Thousand Year's Love Song) and Share The World!

Source: [BIGLOBE]
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[VIDEO+INFO] 2010 Hero Festival


일시 : 2010년 1월 24일 일요일
시간 : 오후 2시
장소 : 광운대학교 대강당

Date : Jan.24 / 2010 Sunday
Time : 2 PM
Place : GwangWoon Univ. grand hall

2010 HERO FESTIVAL is held by HeroJaeJoong Fanclubs united (BabyJJ, 까칠한히어로즈누나들, 님과함께, LikeAHero, 멜리데히어로, 영웅, 영웅지재, OnlyHero, HeroWings, HealingVoice).

credits : dnbn, healingvoice + yuulina
shared by:dbsknights
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[INFO] Meaning Behind Yunho’s Necklace

“BVLGARI’s 125th anniversary charitable event”, is to have a larger contribution to Save the Children’s “Rewriting the Future” large-scale children education public welfare project, the “Rewriting the Future” program will provide education for all-round development for 8,000,000 children who live in conflict arisen areas. BVLGARI promised to support this project for the entire year of 2009, to celebrate the brand’s 125th anniversary with this meaningful action, their goal by the end of the year of 2009 is to raise 10,000,000 euros. BVLGARI have donated 1,000,000 euros ahead of time to Save the Children, but rest will be raised in 2009.

This series of jewelry are inscribed with Save the Children symbol, 20% if the sales revenue from February 1st, 2009 to December 31st be donated to aid Save the Children’s “Rewriting the Future” large-scale children education public welfare project.

credit: 车奉君の小脸@baidu
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[INFO] 091217 iTunes Japan Top 20 Most Downloaded Songs 2009

20. Someday by EXILE
19. Koisuru Hitomi wa Utsukushii by Superfly
18. Kimi ni Okuru Uta by Sugawara Sayuri
17. Share The World by Tohoshinki
16. Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', Clench and Blistah by May J.
15. My Best Of My Life by Superfly
14. Shunkashuto by Hilcrhyme
13. Ariamaru Tomi by Shiina Ringo
11. Yume wo Mikata ni by Ayaka
10. Minna Sora no mini coopera by Ayaka
9. Alright!! by Superfly
8. My SunShine by ROCK'A'TRENCH
7. Setsuna by GReeeeN
6. Kiseki by GReeeeN
5. Ichibu to Zenbu by B'z
4. 366 Nichi by HY
3. Ayumi by GReeeeN
2. Butterfly by Kimura Kaela
1. Haruka by GReeeeN

Source: iTunes Japan
Credits: unleashthegeek
Shared by: aramatheydidnt +
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

[TRANS] 091217 Mnet Secret - "The Miracle of Tohoshinki", Born to sing!

[TRANS] 091217 Mnet Secret - "The Miracle of Tohoshinki"

T/N: Mnet Secret Series is a Japanese mobile series written by Japanese Mnet staffs on various things that happen in the K-pop scene. "The Miracle of Tohoshinki" is a weekly reports dedicated to TVXQ in both Korea & Japan, and it is updated on every Wednesday.

Born to sing! Junsu, Happy Birthday!

I wonder how Junsu spent his birthday on the 15th?

I think that he hasn't had enough time to rest lately, but to be able to spend his birthday with his loved ones by his side, I'm sure he must have felt very happy.
(Junsu's registered birthday is 1/1, but his real birthday is on 12/15)

Speaking of Junsu, he is someone with a bright personality that has crowned him the moodmaker of the group. Yoochun once said, "There is no one that can hate Junsu," and he is greatly loved by everyone.

Moreover, I believe that anyone would recognize his singing and dancing skill! There is no doubt that his vocal is excellent, but the more important thing is that his singing can really touch the hearts of people who listen.

There are a lot of songs Junsu sings that remain in my memory. One of them is "Beautiful you" which he sang during this year's tour.

Since he hurt himself, Junsu must have felt that he caused a lot of troubles to other members and fans. However, he must have also thought that, "At least I still can sing," and that's the feelings that he put in "Beautiful you"

Junsu's last note really gave me goosebumps, and that is something that I always remember.

Moreover, we cannot forget the endless times he sings "Asu wa Kara", "Forever Love", etc.

When he sings other artists' songs at concerts, Junsu's expression when he sings always put me in awe. He always sings others' songs as if it is his, and that is the way he always sings.

When he appeared on the program together with Korean great figure Patty Kim and sang her songs, he received a lot of praises from her. It must have been because he always puts so much emotion into the song as if it is his own song.

And we of course cannot forget songs such as "Lion Heart", "Kotoba ni Dekinai", "Chae Nyum", "Memory", "Greatest Love of All", etc.

I'm sure that a lot of people are also touched and healed just by listening to Junsu's voice with emotions that flow from his heart.

People often give Junsu's expression the name "Born to sing". I truly believe that Junsu was born so that he could sing and could touch many people's hearts with his singing.

Junsu now has a new challenge, which is his musical! We are all wishing for its success!

Saengil Chukha, Junsu-yah! [Happy Birthday, Junsu - this was written in Korean]

Source: + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[PHOTOS] 091217 JaeChunSu At Gimpo Airport Part 3

Credits: as tagged
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[VIDEO] 091217 ChunJaeSu at Gimpo

Credits: phutran1981vnn2
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Following the confirmation of the boys appearance on the 60th Kouhaku Utagassen earlier in November, here's a list of suggested songs that might be performed (from Biglobe). For DBSK Share the World and Sennen Koi Uta has been listed.

The Kohaku Utagassen will be held on New Year's Eve , 2009/12/31 from 7:15pm-11:45pm (8:55pm-9:00pm will be a 5-minute news section). It will also be broadcast via satellite and radio.

Credits: BIGLOBE
Shared by: DBSKnights
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