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[INFO] 091017 Campaign to Boycott All Products by SM Entertainment, Inc

As many of you know, the contract with which SM has bound TVXQ is an unconscionable "slave contract." Under the contract, the members have virtually no rights. They have no right to know the specifics of the terms that they are subjected to. They have no right to argue for themselves their rightful compensations or the musical directions they want to pursue. They also have no right to refuse the work that SM assigns them, which leads to a grueling work pace that permits only a few days of rest per year. Most egregious of all, the members are stripped of their right to escape the contract by paying fair damages, although SM retains their right to terminate the contract at will.

In August of 2009, the members of TVXQ filed for an injunction to nullify this slave contract. SM retaliated by manipulating the press to spread malicious and false rumors about TVXQ. SM also showed its disregard for both the fans and TVXQ's personal commitment to them by blocking TVXQ from participating in a long-waited Korean concert (SM Town Live '09).

However, now that the legal battle has continued for a few weeks, SM has unashamedly turned to squeezing every dime out of TVXQ in order to hoard the money with which to fight the members in court. In contrast to the disregard it showed to TVXQ's Korean fans, SM has hosted a concert in China since the filing of the injunction (Shanghai in October '09) and plans to host another one soon (Shimcheon[I think they mean Shenzhen] in November '09). SM has also created and begun to sell its merchandise in Japan. Additionally, SM has announced that it will release several new products that market TVXQ in the next few weeks.

We understand that all income that SM generates from now on will be used as weapons against TVXQ. The fans have already given too much money to SM without it benefitting the members themselves. To vindicate the rights of the members and the fans, the fans have launched a boycott against all SM products.

Please participate in the boycott and refrain from buying and giving money to any and all SM merchandises and businesses. The money that we give SM to buy TVXQ products will be turned around to injure TVXQ.


All products produced by SM Entertainment are subject to the boycott. Specifics are enumerated below.

A. Any product marketing TVXQ that is produced in Korea is subject to the boycott. This includes Korean singles, live and regular albums, photos and photobooks, merchandise, concert DVDs, original character products, and any other products manufactured by SM Entertainment.

B. All Japanese singles and albums that are LICENSED BY SM are essentially Korean products and should be boycotted.

C. All other kinds of music products, such as individual songs available for downloading and streaming, BGMs for websites, answering tones (known as "coloring" in Korea), and ringtones are subject to the boycott.

D. Singing TVXQ songs in kareoke generates income for SM and therefore should be refrained from.

E. All other business enterprises related to SM should also be boycotted. They include:
i) Restarants: Ashley, Podonamu, E-table
ii) Karaoke service: Everysing
iii) Clothing store: SPAO

F. SM merchandises that have bypassed AVEX Entertainment and are directly sold in Japan are also subject to the boycott. Please do not confuse them with AVEX products. Examples of these exorbitantly-priced merchandises include:
i) All about TVXQ, sold for approx. $200
ii) "clear files," sold for approx. $50


Japanese singles, albums, and DVDs come in two varieties: those released by AVEX (the so-called Japanese or Hong Kong versions) and those licensed by SM (the so-called Korean versions). We encourage that you purchase the former, but please refrain from buying the latter. 100% of the money used to buy SM-licensed products, even if they are Japanese, goes directly to SM.

The fans should continue the boycott until 1) the unconscionable slave contract between SM and TVXQ is bettered to the satisfaction of our members and 2) we as consumers have found a voice against SM.

Again, please remember that all money that goes to SM will be spent on injuring our dear members.
Your choice to boycott will make a difference!

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Personal Comments: God I cant believe this is happening and it would get to this extent...SM...u must die..T__T even if beloved Suju is still there ..(you might be doing the same to them..and Shinee!) This is too extreme but it's the only way that they wont get hurt, I dont want Su, Chunnie and Jaejoongie to get for the sake of them ..dont buy DBSK Korean products..because we will end up hurting them..and we dont want that, for the sake of the oppas. let's protect them against evil SM >.<..Im sorry about Yunho and Min...I dont want them to get affected by this..they should have all filed that lawsuit against SM..the 5 together..I dont want to hurt Min and Yunho ..but I dont want Su, Chunie and Joongie to get hurt is the best thing to do..
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[TRANS] 091016 Dong Bang Shin Ki "Infinitely Yours, Seoul" - Increased Tourism

How successful is ‘Infinitely Seoul’ CF that cost 339 billion won?

Early morning of 15th October, there was a girl named Kurosaki Ayano from Tokyo, together with three of her friends, who was shopping for souvenirs at a huge mall in Seoul station.

Kurosaki Ayano and friends decided to visit Seoul after seeing the ‘Infinitely Yours, Seoul’ CF on TBS. The scenes of Dong Dae Mun market and Dong Bang Shin Ki's performance had left a deep impression on her.

The advertisement Kurosaki Ayano saw was the ‘Infinitely Yours, Seoul’ Japan version done by Seoul City Council on June this year. It was an advertisement that Dong Bang Shin Ki was in. It is one of the four different versions used promoting Seoul tourism. Other advertisements include China, Japan, South East Asia and USA. These four different advertisements had cost 13 billion won, and 90 billion won go to the endless broadcast on all media of almost 20 different countries around the targeted regions.

According to related data, Seoul City Council spent 401 billion won for advertising tourism overseas, and 339 billion won this year. Marketing officer from Seoul City Council stated, “Tourism and investment are closely related which directly affect the overseas sales.”

Seoul City Council uses TV advertisements, newspapers and the internet as their promoting media.

So how successful has this round of advertisement been? Through investigations from China, Japan and Bangkok last year, Seoul comes in first for the ‘Most Desired Vacation Destination.’ According to the data from the Cultural and Education Department, the number of tourists that visited Seoul had increased from 413 million (2007) to 513 million (2008).

For more information please click here.

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[TRANS] 091014 TVXQ THE LIVE 2009 Release Decision


TVXQ's charms will be enjoyed on the huge screens of cinemas!

This year's a-nation's perfect goodbye stage, the spectacular national tour, the PVs everyone voted for, and more. It can only be seen here, it's dazzling!

All the emotions, the stimulation, the high atmosphere TVXQ brought to stage.

Everyone will feel their brand new charms!!

Details of the release:


Bring back the memories of this summer's a-nation. At Tokyo's Ajinomoto Stadium, with 50 000 people crazed over TVXQ's powerful stage! You'll watch the whole a-nation performance!!


Mobilizing an audience of 300 000 people, the last stop of "TOHOSHINKI 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME".
The legendary first performance at the Dome is now on big screen, with HQ digital audio and video!

Ranking of TOHOSHINKI Music Video

The MUSIC VIDEO BEST 10 the fans voted for will exclusively be shown! Your favorite track will come at --!? Be sure to visit the theater to confirm~!


Release date
October 31st (Saturday) ~ November 6th (Friday)
※Only in Hokkaido will it be released on November 2nd (Monday) ~ November 4th (Wednesday)

106 minutes Digital audio 5.1ch

Release sites
All 19 areas nationwide

Hokkaido • Touhoku Area Showtime
Sapporo Cinema Frontier - 17:00 / 19:20
MOVIX Sendai - 12:30 / 19:00

Kanto Region
TOHO Cinemas Roppongi HILLS - 10:40 / 12:50 / 15:00 / 17:10 / 19:20
TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki - 13:00 / 19:00
TOHO Cinemas Lalaport and Yokohama - 11:45 / 19:00
TOHO Cinemas Funabashi - 13:00 / 18:50
TOHO Cinemas Nagareyama Ootakanomori - 12:50 / 19:30
MOVIX Saitama - 12:00 / 19:00
TOHO Cinemas Mito City Haramachi - Weekend 13:00 Weekdays 18:30

Toukai • Hokushinetsu
T•JOY Niigata Bandai - Weekend 13:00 Weekdays 19:00
TOHO Cinemas Nagoya Baycity - 10:30 / 19:00
TOHO Cinemas Hamamatsu - Weekend 13:00 Weekdays 19:20

TOHO Cinemas Umeda - 18:30
TOHO Cinemas Namba - 10:10 / 20:20
TOHO Cinemas Nijo - Weekend 13:00 Weekdays 18:30
TOHO Cinemas Nishinomiya OS - 13:00 / 19:00

Chuugoku • Shikoku • Kyushu
TOHO Cinemas Midorii - Weekend 13:30 / Weekdays 19:30
TOHO Cinemas TRIAS Hisayama - 13:30 / 19:30
Fukuoka Nakasu Taiyou 14:00 / 18:30


Selling Date:
October 16th (Friday) 20:00~
Admission Fees:
All seats are designated • a-nation's unpublished photos will be revealed (Photo Slide Show) DVD - 3000 yens (tax included)
※Tickets are on sale on our website and on all Lawson stores.
※Three years old at least, those under would not be admitted.

※You'll only receive it when you give in your ticket.
※If you bought the ticket, but cannot attend, there will be no other way to get it. You won't get it in any other sites either.


◆TVXQ won't be attending the event personally.
◆Event contents and time may vary.
◆The scenes change fast. Please do not always stare at the screen, let your eyes rest some time before continuing to watch.
◆Should the suspension of or the changes in the event hamper your transportation fees, accomodation will not be compensated.
◆The URL of the website may fail to work.
◆If you use a browser different from the one used to design the website, the display may not work.
◆The website was made to be viewed by PC. On mobile, the display may not work. Please understand.
◆Other than issues concerning the event, all questions will be ignored.
◆Please do not ask cinemas issues.
◆Please note that cinemas will not care about ticket issues.

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Special thanks: smiley and Lexy @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] 091014 TVXQ to be Featured on "TVXQ's LOVE&BEAUTY Secret" on Ray Magazine, December Issue

The December issue of Ray Magazine will be on sale on the 23rd of October, and will feature South Korea's pop group TVXQ in "TVXQ's LOVE&BEAUTY Secret."

TVXQ will be holding a 2008~2009 activity on "HISTORY in JAPAN Vol. 4" on the 28th of October, releasing "Tohoshinki 2010 Calendar" on the 11th of November, and the DVD for "a-nation'09 BEST HIT LIVE" which will be on sale from the 18th of November.

Source: Maze
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[TRANS] 091017 SM Encountering Many Disasters This Year

Well-known for producing idols, SM Entertainment has been encountering many disastrous events this year.

SM Entertainment is one of Korea’s most famous companies known for producing idols. Under them, there is TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD and SHINee, etc. However, in the year 2009, they have suffered much because of the continuous flow of disastrous events.

Firstly, there was the situation where TVXQ’s members Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun had a dispute with the company over the unfair 13-year contract. They even had to go to court and ask for the contract to be temporarily suspended. However, SM Entertainment still denied it and said that the contract was signed under the consent of both parties. On the 12/10, both parties have finally handed in all the necessary documents, and are now waiting for the decision of the court.

Not only this, there has also been the situation of Super Junior’s member Kangin getting into a fight after drinking and being in a hit and run incident.

Source: Newsen
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

[news]More woe for Jung Yunho

It has been bad news one after another for Jung Yunho ever since he took on the leading role for MBC's Heading to the Ground.

It was reported today on the 15th that Yunho had actually been taken to the hospital for treatment on the 12th after he developed symptoms of facial spasms. But after receiving treatment, Yunho returned to the filming site and continued shooting the drama.

According to a production staff, "Yunho suffered facial spasms during a filming session on the 12th. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and stayed until the 13th before returning to the filming site. This probably occured after accumulated fatique from days of continuous night filming, facing criticisms of his raw acting, etc."

Credits: allkpop
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[TRANS] 091011 DongBangShinKi – In the eyes of various celebrities!

Dong Bang Shin Ki are the senior singers that we like. They are good at singing, and we also study their dance move and stage performance. We also see them as a role model in term of self-development. – G-Dragon (BigBang)

They have the ability to attract one attention the moment they stepped on stage, and to see their awesome performance even in this economy downturn for music industries, therefore I’m hoping to see many music groups who is the same as Dong Bang Shin Ki, not to take them as imitate target, but to have the same influential ability as them, to brighten up this industries. – Tony An (Former H.O.T member)

Dong Bang Shin Ki dance is full of energy, it will be a pity if they can’t go on ‘Live’. Their live performances would normally attract your full attention unknowingly. – Bae Ji Yeong (Singer)

Seen their performance, though there are still improvement to make, but we also have to praise them for what they have done great too. They are skillful in singing, improved a lot as compare to their debut time. Keep in mind not to rush it will be good. – Kim Jong Seo (Senior rock singer)

While doing some event, many singers would wave and greet to me, but if I missed them, they would normally walked pass. But remember once I didn’t notice Dong Bang Shin Ki were greeting to me, and they actually came closer and greet me, which really amazed me. They are really polite. – Sung Si Kyung (Singer)

Xiah JunSu, his voice is the precious treasure of Asia. – Mazio Kiyoshi

Many had covered our songs, but the one performanced by Xiah JunSu of Dong Bang Shin Ki is the best I have heard. – Big Mama (Powerful girl group)

We do not have anything better than them to give them, instead we have a lot to learn from them. Our lovely younger brothers, Dong Bang Shin Ki. – BUZZ

They are really sincere, though we once work together on variety show, but it’s difficult to see them nowadays. They are a group of youth who put in their best in life. – Park Soo Hong (MBC Famous MC)

If only I’m part of Dong Bang Shin Ki, there isn’t any band that is as strong and reliable as them. – Kim Gun Mo (Debut for 16 years, Korean famous pop artist)

Had some interaction with them before, they are idols who are shining brightly, whose deserve love from others. Therefore keep on working hard, be happy, fighting! – Lee Se Jun (YuRiSangJa)

Before seeing them, they are like the cloud above the sky, but once you get to know them, they are really sincere, never put up an air of a star, very sociable. – MC Lee Kim Seon

Dong Bang Shin Ki, are the singers that I most approve of. – Lee Seung Chul (Singer)

[Dream of Goose] that sang by Hero JaeJoong is the best among others. He is good at singing, with good look, and everyone know that it’s difficult to sing and dance at the same time. As compare to me, they had put in much more. – In Sooni

Senior Dong Bang Shin Ki is very humble, though they are the best group in Asia, but is always modest, someone who I respect of. – FT Island

Dong Bang Shin ki singing skill is the best among all idol groups, and their charisma on stage is also the best. – 21c artist

They are good. From what I remember they always put in their best to socialize with their friendliness. You can always see their smile, and not the tired side of them. To speak the truth, there are still rooms for improvement for their Japanese, not being able to fully express themselves. But they always tried their best in Japan variety show, ask whenever they are unsure, and remember them. They had put in a lot of effort in order to perform well. – Huluya Masayoki

In term of live concert, the one and only singer who I’m impressed of is Dong Bang Shin Ki, they are really awesome! Attend their concert without prejudice, and you will see how good they really are, even if they are not good looking, they can still be the male version of Big Mama. Therefore I wish everyone can see their performance without any prejudice. – Yang Hyun Suk (CEO of YG Ent.)

I had listen to all Dong Bang Shin Ki album, people who never listen to them before will never know how extensive Hero JaeJoong’s voice is, and how perfect his high notes are, how magnetism Xiah JunSu’s vocal is, and will never know how great [ONE] is. – Jiang Min Yang (Popular music commenter)

The Dong Bang Shin Ki everyone know is polite and sincere, a group of very outstanding juniors. – Jung Sun-hee (Comedian, MC)

Dong Bang Shin Ki is the most polite junior – PD of [SHOW! MUSIC TANK]

Seems like they are not aware of their achievement, and as always greeting all the staff politely, they never change. – Reporter of limited TV program

They are the most charming juniors among all others, and definitely showing the best performances. – Eric (Shinhwa)

Dong Bang Shin Ki look charming, is really good. Though they are idol group, but they excel in dancing, singing and appearance. They seems like having fun on stage, even their dance moves are attractive, with charming expressions, looking forwards for them. – GOD

It’s a pity that they are idol group, they never lost to any other groups in term of music. They are the most potential group among others, Xiah JunSu and hero JaeJoong’s vocals are not worse than any other singers. They are a awesome group. – KANJI (Music composer)

They are great, and improved a lot as compare to the past. But people always have prejudice towards idol groups, which is a problem. Besides their great performance on stage they are also talented in many other areas. – Yeban (Singer)

On July 2004, the first time I met Dong Bang Shin Ki, and they left a deep impression in me. Seeing the impact they have on China fans, I’m proud of them for bringing Korea culture oversea. The sweat and hardwork Dong Bang Shin Ki are the purely charisma. – Andre Kim (Famous Designer)

There aren’t many who can sell their album under this economy downturn, but Dong Bang Shin Ki did it. Their fans include not only the 10’s but also the 20’s and 30’s. The dance and singing skill of Dong Bang Shin Ki had been approved in this every changing idol industries. –Nell (South Korea indie rock band)

Source: BaiduTVXQ
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[TRANS] 091014 Heading to the Ground will End on the 5th Next Month

MBC Drama Series “Heading To The Ground” will take its early ending bell on the 5th next month.

Initially “Heading To The Ground” is agreed to have 20 episodes broadcast time, however it will be cut to only 18 episodes instead.

MBC official on the 14th said “Due to the poor audience rating record, “Heading To The Ground” will be ended early on the 5th next month.” he added, “while as the consequence, Lee Junki’s drama “Heroes” will air a week early on the 11th.”

“Heading To The Ground” is not the first MBC drama whose episodes are cut due to the painful single digit rating.

Meanwhile “Heroes” will have Lee Jun Ki and Kim Min-jung as its main casts .

Source: asiae
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[TRANS] 091014 Bigeast Fanmail - another 2010 calendar

Hello everyone in Bigeast.

We have an announcement for you.
We have decided to release 2010 Tohoshinki desk calendar, limited version for Bigeast!
This will contain various off-shoot photos from Tohoshinki, and we're now in the manufacturing process.
We'll start selling them at our official shop from late-Novemeber♪

Purchasing methods and further information will be noticed later.
Please look forward to it!!

Now comes the announcement from KNTV.

KNTV super wonderful October-November line-up for Tohoshinki!

We will be broadcasting the super popular variety show "X-Man",
and "Tohoshinki Music Space" which compiles all of Tohoshinki's appearances on SBS shows in 2006,
from their showcase to their talk shows, we'll be giving you a lot of Tohoshinki!

October schedule:
10/11, 12:15am: Love Concert 2008

November schedule:
11/1, 12:15am:
- X-Man ep53, 54
- K-POP Vintage Tohoshinki Special Edition I
11/9, 11:20pm: Tohoshinki Music Space

You can watch the preview here:

2009/10/14 from Bigeast.

Source: Bigeast Fanmail + Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
reshared: DBSK Kingdom
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[Drama] Heading to the Ground OST Released

Perhaps the most anticipated drama by our fellow k-pop fans, MBC's Heading to the Ground is currently sustaining its single digit rating. Even if its rating is also heading to the ground, it seems like this show's soundtrack is rising in popularity. The OST has finally hit the shelves, attracting music fans regardless of the series' low-rated fame as a drama. It is reported to be filled with high quality songs produced by Oh Joon Sung, the same producer that was in charge of Boys Before Flowers soundtrack.

The soundtrack of
Heading to the Ground enjoyed attention in the spotlight from many netizens before it was even released due to the stellar line-up of artists. The thirteen tracks consist of dazzling songs such as, It's Love, by SNSD's Taeyeon and Sunny as a duet, Motion, by SNSD and "Look at the Sky" by Bobby Kim (of Buga Kingz). The SNSD songs did not only hit the number one spot in various music charts, but has also been hailed as the best soundtrack songs of the latter half of 2009. I guess with the mighty heroines, SNSD, on their side, the drama won't be a total failure (sorry, Yunho and Ara).

Source: allkpop

Personal Comments: ahh the drama wont be a failure cos Yunho is there yah! XDD
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[News] TVXQ fails to reach agreement with SM Entertainment again

Most of you already know that Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki arehaving issues with SM Entertainment. If you don't, you're probably living under a rock... or smoking it. Anyway, the three applied for provisional disposition on July 31st citing unfair terms and conditions of their contracts with SM Entertainment.

The three members, who asked the court to suspend their contracts with the agency, have failed to reach an agreement. We knew on September 15th that talks broke down and that the Seoul Central District Court was going to try to settle the matter again on September 30th. However, the three members refused to negotiate. The Court will not be summoning them again and will reach their final decision... when you ask? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'm thinking it'll be soon... probably some time this month.

It's been around 2 months since this unfortunate situation first took place. The court is about to make a hard decision, whether it be the 3 leaving the company and the group itself, SM spilling the beans, changing their contracts (possibly for all SM artists) and everything going back to normal. Who knows, but I hope for the best. In any case, the decision should come sooner than later so stay tuned for it.

Source: Allkpop

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[News] Lee Yoon Ji encourages Jung Yunho

Having consoled her former make-believe husband, Kangin last week, actress Lee Yoon Ji has now turned her attention towards drama co-star, Jung Yunho.

Lee Yoon Ji has not been feeling great lately because of the consistent single digit ratings that her drama, Heading to the Ground has been getting. It pains her heart when she meets her fellow cast members and the production staff everyday at the filming site.

In particularly, Lee Yoon Ji showed her warm heart by consoling Yunho who has been the target of criticisms over his raw acting, “I hope that he forgets the criticisms as quickly as possible. 10 episodes have already been shown on tv and that’s more than half of the scheduled 16. After watching episode 9, I felt that Yunho’s acting has improved all of a sudden, so I gave him a call to encourage him. I also told Yunho that the remainder of the episodes will be over in a blink of a eye and made a promise with him that he must complete the series without any regrets and give it his best shot.”

Yoon Ji added, “Yunho has really put in a lot of effort for this drama. He is so into his role that I am worried that he might suffer withdrawal symptoms once the drama is over.”

Lee Yoon Ji’s previous dramas have always done well in the ratings but even though this is the first time that she is facing this ratings slump, she is cool about it. She said, “I have done morning dramas, Mon-Tue dramas, weekend dramas and now Wed-Thus dramas, etc. So I am feeling pretty cool that I have done them all before. Even though this might appear to be a setback for me, I believe that this is just a good learning experience for me.”

Heading to the Ground airs every Wednesday, Thursday through MBC.

credit: allkpop
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[Drama] Heading to the Ground Eps 7-10

I hadnt posted the chapters of HTTG in such a while so I feel like posting them I fianlly aw the first chap, yeah kinda late but I saw the first chap of HTTG XDD it was fun, will continue watching it lol

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Monday, October 12, 2009

[INFO] 091010 CH [V] Thailand Asian Chart 10

#3 Stand by U – Tohoshinki
#5 Boom Boom – TVXQ! Shinee and SJ
#10 Survivor – Tohoshinki

Source: channelvthailand
Trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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reshared: DBSK

How to vote for THSK/DBSK song:

Just send an email to
Subject “Vote asian chart”
And text “Stand by U – Tohoshinki”


Comments: definitely gonna vote for the guys
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[NEWS] 091012 Final Written Official Stands Submission

According to officials about the recent exclusive contract conflict issues against SM Entertainment (SM) involving 3 TVXQ members Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun, both side will need to launch the final written official stands as for today.

The law firm official that is representing 3 TVXQ members on October 12th had a phone call with MtStar News,
“The court told me that today is the last day to submit official stand documents for both parties. So today is the last chance for both sides to strengthen each other side’s defense in written document.”

Seoul Central District Court announced that last August 21st was the deadline of submitting papers required from the 1st hearing that was already represented on last September 11th trial, however due to large documents submission from both sides and time limit pressure, the final deadline to complete the documents was determined as in today.

The official also said, “After the last submission of official stands document today, sooner or later the court’s decision of unfairness long term contract matter will finally be released.”

The three members of TVXQ filed a disposition application to terminate exclusive contract effect to Seoul Central District Court on July 31st against SM Entertainment. To verify income information, there is evidence preservation application that has been confirmed needs to be submitted.

However in this case the leader U-Know Yunho and the youngest Choikang Changmin did not participate.

source: mtstarnews
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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reshared by: Rukia@DBSK
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

[Photos] Jejung + Yuchun Pati Pati Magazine

I think I should be updating news..but I just couldnt help to keep uploading all this new imaes..I should also be uploading HTTG's eps!! mah gawd I'm so well enjoy more Jaechun here please (?)

I have to say that the quality is mind-blowing


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