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[TRANS] 100519 TV PIA MAGAZINE – Yunho: “I Am A Hardworking Person”

Yunho starred in the television drama [No Limit~ Heading To The Ground], and took up the challenge of portraying the character of Bong Gun, who is passionate yet constantly gets into trouble.

“Bong Gun is someone who is very innocent. Even when he faces an obstacle, and it is very tough, he will work very hard to overcome the obstacle, and in the process of it, mature at the same time. This is quite similar to my own life experience and that was why I wanted to try out for this character. I also met up with numerous obstacles and challenges before my debut, but I always believed that I would make it on stage one day, and this belief is very similar to that of Bong Gun’s.”

Through this drama, I had a deeper understanding of the differences between being a singer and being an actor.

“A singer has to be able to let the audience experience a range of emotions with about three minutes of music. However, in a drama, we have to work closely together with the crew, and from the first to the sixteenth episode, be able to act out the character in such a convincing way that it will allows the audience to see him grow and mature. As this is my first television drama, feeling anxious is inevitable, but I am glad I was able to act out the character of Bong Gun, who matured as the drama progressed. I feel that I have grown myself. Even though the filming has ended, Bong Gun still lives in my heart.”

The character is a soccer player, and so, in order to play out the character well, Yunho would play the sport as often as he can when he has the time.

“I would play soccer with the crew during break or resting times, and would practice stopping the ball amongst other skills. I enjoyed myself a lot as I like soccer myself. Also, as most of the moves are pretty special, we often had to re-take a couple of times before we succeeded. It was really tough, and I hope everyone will pay more attention to those parts. Bong Gun has a soccer player whom he looks up to, and as for me, I like Argentina’s Messi and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Also, this year is the World Cup, and Asia is on a strong momentum; if Korea and Japan were to determine the victory, it would be great.”

Seeing a happy expression on his face as he talked about soccer really left a deep impression on us.
Furthermore, when asked if he will take on more challenging roles as an actor after this performance, he replied confidently, “I want to continue to act different roles like that of a villain; something that is not just limited to the image of “Uknow Yunho”. I hope for everyone to see me in different portrayals of different characters. My strength is that I would take up any challenge passionately, because I am a hardworking person. It doesn’t take talent alone to succeed. Michael Jackson was actually a very hardworking person too.” He also mentioned later that he really likes Michael Jackson.

source: TV PIA + baiduTVXQ
translation: kimuchi3005 @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100520 Yano Mikako denies “crossing arms date” with Tohoshinki Jaejoong on her blog

Popular model Yano Mikako denies “crossing arms date” with Tohoshinki Jaejoong on her blog.

On a women magazine which was sold on the 18th, the model she got a “crossing arms date” scandal with Tohoshinki Jaejoong, Yano Mikako denied it on her own blog on the 19th. She wrote “As I heard it I was confused… nothing like that happened so everyone, please don’t worry”.

On the 17th Yano reported she was heading to Hawaii and about this incident she said “I heard this from my agent and I was so surprised!” and couldn’t hide her surprise. “There was the time difference so it got late to say it with my own words. I’m sorry I was late, and I made everyone worried. I appreciate the blog for being to tell what you need to say whenever, and wherever”. Yano is currently working on a fashion magazine “non-no”.

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: DBSKnights
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[Pic] Junsu in ViVi Magazine July Issue

credit: ringo
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[Trans] 100520 Vivi July Issue – Junsu

XIAH Junsu


There’s happiness too when it’s just you

Debuting as a member of Tohoshinki in 2004, being called a “prodigy” from his natural singing talent has gained a lot of popularity. This time as XIAH Junsu he will release his first Japanese solo single. And also, one of the songs is composed by Junsu himself! The song contains his thoughts and about his challenge of a musical at the start of the year, including also things about being solo and so on!!

—Please tell us about “Intoxication” and “Kanashimi no Yukue” in the single to be released. What kind of feelings did you want to express through the song?
Even though “Intoxication” is a piece that I self-composed, I had wanted to try to combine black music and RnB to make a dance song. This is my first solo single in Japan, so I used a music style that I liked a lot. I think it’s a simple yet sexy and stylish dance song. “Kanashimi no Yukue” is just as the title states, I used my own sadness to express the song. It’s like.. you know when guys have a time where they’re weak and show it right? It’s like I wanted to express that out straightforwardly…

「When I have a break, I want to go to a country with palm trees, and sleep under it」

—What are the differences between solo and group activities?
The most important thing about group activities is the balance. But with solo activities, with one person, you have to keep the attention, or otherwise it won’t work out. That’s why being powerful and dynamic is a must. The points where I have to place my power in is very different, and i’m still not too used to it.

「A habit that I don’t want others to know, is that I sleep fully nude!」

—This year you also challenged acting in a musical for the first time, was there any dis-coordination?
It was totally different! As I thought, you can’t sing with a pop feel. Talking about what’s different, it’s kind of hard to say it through words… (in truth if you perform, then you’ll feel that difference!) Thanks to the musical, I learnt a lot, and on top of that, it made me really happy to hear the passionate cheering of the fans. As I thought, i’m the happiest when i’m on the stage~

「If it was only me on an island, I do think I will sing」

—Lastly, please tell us what you want to do from now on!
Work, love, a thinking method…. I want to be a man who can excel in everything. Then, I would like to seal up my oyaji gags (laughs). If it’s a solo, then I want to compete with music!

When i’m by myself, i’ll be happy by doing these things!

Childhood times:
Because i’m always with my twin, Junho, we always play pranks on people. If there’s a girl we like, we would suddenly scare her so she would turn to look at us. Now that I think back about it, I wonder why I did those things, I regret it quite a bit (laughs).

Primary school times:
Basically it was all soccer! Recently I sometimes read back on the journals I wrote then, and 80% of it was about soccer. Sleeping, going to school, playing soccer; it was just these three things (forced smile).

High school times:
I began to be a trainee when I was 12, and I was already a high school student, thinking only of singing. After that naturally is dance practise. The me back then, worked really hard to be an artist.

After debut:
Because it was so busy, there was practically no me-time. But during the occasional break, sometimes I want to sleep, or watch a movie; these kind of things. If there’s suddenly a blank, I myself didn’t know what I should of done.

Recently i’ve been busy composing. When making a dance song, I would just dance randomly to it too. Because i’m by myself, so I don’t have to worry about others seeing me (laughs). In the end, if you don’t listen the song and just dance to it, it just wouldn’t work.

source: [rtoholife] + [XIAHKING]
translation Credits:
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[INFO] 100521 Mnet Poll - "Super 100 Pop Idols" 2009

1 - 100 Rankings

1 - Big Bang, Kwon Jiyong
2 - Wonder Girls, Sohee
3 - DBSK, Xiah Junsu
4 - Big Bang, TOP
5 - DBSK, U-Know Yunho
6 - SS501, Kim Hyunjoong
7 - Fin.K.L, Lee Hyori
8 - SNSD, Taeyeon
9 - H.O.T, Jang Woohyuk
10 - DBSK, Micky Yoochun
11 - Big Bang, Daesung
12 - SES, Yoojin
13 - Shinhwa, Eric
14 - Wonder Girls, Sunye
15 - Big Bang, Taeyang
16 - DBSK, Hero Jaejoong
17 - 2PM, Nickhun
18 - Fin.K.L, Sung Yuri
19 - SHINee, Taemin
20 - Super Junior, Eunhyuk
21 - 2AM, Jokwon
22 - SNSD, Yoona
23 - G.O.D, Yoon Gyesang
24 - FT Island, Lee Hongki
25 - Sechs Kies, Eun Jiwon
26 - DBSK, Changmin
27 - H.O.T., KangTa
28 - Wonder Girls, Sunmi
29 - SHINee Minho
30 - KARA, Han Seungyeon
31 - Big Bang, Seungri
32 - Super Junior, Heechul
33 - H.O.T., Tony An
34 - Shinhwa, Andy
35 - Se7en
36 - 2PM, Chansung
37 - Super Junior, Shindong
38 - SS501, Kim Kyujong
39 - Wonder Girls, Yoobin
40 - SNSD, Tiffany
41 - SHINee, Onew
42 - Super Junior KangIn
43 - Wonder Girls, Yeeun
44 - F.T.Island, Choi Jong Hun
45 - Sugar, Ayumi
46 - Shinhwa, Kim Dongwan
47 - Buzz, Min Kyunghoon
48 - CSJH, Stephanie
49 - Super Junior Siwon
50 - Sechs Kies, Go Ji-Yong
51 - Rain
52 - S.E.S, Bada
53 - 2PM, TaecYeon
54 - KARA, Goo HaRa
55 - Super Junior Sungmin
56 - SS501, Kim Hyung Joon
57 - 1TYM, Danny
58 - Super Junior Eeteuk
59 - SHINee, Jonghyun
60 - G.O.D, Son HoYoung
61 - SNSD, Seohyun
62 - Shinhwa, Junjin
63 - H.O.T., Moon Heejun
64 - Shinhwa, Shin Hyesung
65 - Click B, Oh, JongHyeok
66 - SNSD, Yuri
67 - Super Junior, Hangyeong
68 - Sechs Kies, Jang Suwon
69 - CSJH, Dana
70 - Super Junior, Kibeom
71 - FIN.K.L, Leejin
72 - Taesaja, Park Junsook
73 - NRG, Moon Seonghun
74 - Baby Vox, Kan Miyeon
75 - Click B, Kim Sanghyuk
76 - SS501, Heo Young Saeng
77 - FIN.K.L, Ok Juhyeon
78 - G.O.D, Denian
79 - Ttma, Soy
80 - 2PM Jaebeom
81 - SHINee, KEY
82 - Sugar, Park Sujin
83 - NRG, No Yumin
84 - 1TYM, Oh Jinhwan
85 - SNSD, Jessica
86 - Shinhwa, Lee Min Woo
87 - F.T.Island, Choi Minhwan
88 - Click B, Yoo Hosook
89 - Super Junior, donghae
90 - Baby Vox, Shim EunJin
91 - Buzz, Son SungHee
92 - Supernova ,Geonil
93 - Taesaja, Kim hyungjun
94 - SNSD, Sooyoung
95 - Choi Changmin
96 - Milk, Seo Hyunjin
97 - Battle, Hwichan
98 - The TRAX, Jay Kim
99 -Sechs Kies, Kang Aunghoon
100 - Baby Vox Yoon Eunhye

Source: LeeHyukJae Bar + XiahJunsu Bar
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[TRANS] 100521 DBSK’s Trio’s New Group To Be Called “J.Y.J”?

DBSK’s three members, Xiah Junsu’s, Micky Yoochun’s and Youngwoong JaeJoong’s scheduled fan meeting cum concert in Japan will soon be coming to pass in June, and concerns have been raised over the decision to use the name “J.Y.J” for the promotional activities.

In April this year, the trio announced the formation of the new group through their Japan management company, Avex, effectively halting all DBSK’s activities. The three members will officially begin their own activities in Japan starting from the 5th of June by holding fan meetings cum concerts in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome and Tokyo’s Tokyo Dome. They have recently begun producing concert posters and other promotional activities using the name J.Y.J. J.Y.J is formed by putting together the first alphabet of the English names of Junsu, Yoochun and JaeJoong respectively. Hence, it is highly possible that this could be the name of the new group formed by the trio.

To this issue, a close source to the trio stated on the 19th of May that “before AVEX declared the birth of the new group through major events, the name J.Y.J was decided upon during the production process of posters for the concert.”, “Even though the name J.Y.J is used in the promoting of the concerts, it has not been decided yet if it will ultimately be the name for the group.” He added on later, saying that “before Avex makes an official announcement, the group’s name is still undetermined.”

The trio will hold four different fan meeting cum concert on the 5th and 6th of June, and the 12th and 13th of June, at Kyocera Dome and Tokyo Dome respectively. The large-scale concerts will be able to accommodate close to 50,000 spectators in each of its concert venue.

Source: JoongAng Ilbo China
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
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[TRANS] 100521 Yoochun Was Nervous The Day Before Filming Commenced For 'SungKyunKwan Scandal'

Yoochun, who will be one of the main leads for the new-age historical drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, was feeling nervous the week before he was scheduled to begin filming. “SungKyunKwan Scandal” will be broadcast by KBS this coming September, and is based on the popular novel “The Lives of SungKyunKwan Confucian Scholars” by Jung Eun Gweol. Yoochun will be part of the “Modern F4” and will be taking on the character of the leader of the group, Lee Seonjun, who is overbearing and a mummy’s boy at the same time.

A representative for Yoochun expressed over a phone conversation with OSEN on the afternoon of the 20th that “As the eve of the first shooting drew near, Yoochun started to practice his lines. He had received a lot of help from the seniors who are acting with him” and “because the words and tone used in the drama differs from modern day conversation, he has been spending more time and effort to practice [his speech]. He is also currently learning how to ride a horse.”

He also added, “As this is the first time that Yoochun is challenging acting, he is feeling both excited and worried at the same time. He is quite distressed over his own role and is in the midst of preparing himself well. We hope that everyone will look forward to and support his performance.”

On the other hand, decisions regarding the key female roles “SungKyunKwan Scandal” are also in their final stages. The list of cast will be confirmed either this week or next week, as they plan to commence the first session of filming.

Source: OSEN + Mr PARK + baiduTVXQ
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[INFO] 100520 Oricon Year List - Song Chart

シングル (Singles) in 2010 (2009/12/28~2010/05/24)

*1 *,681,296 **1,889 Troublemaker / Arashi 10/03/03

*2 *,439,358 ***,603 Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~ / KAT-TUN 10/02/10

*3 *,378,119 ***,594 桜の栞 / AKB48 10/02/17

*4 *,289,412 ***,*** BREAK OUT! / Tohoshinki 10/01/27
*5 *,264,535 ***,481 はつ恋 / Masaharu Fukuyama 09/12/16

*6 *,249,835 ***,357 瞳のスクリーン / Hey! Say! JUMP 10/02/24

*7 *,231,293 ***,871 さくらガール / NEWS 10/03/31

*8 *,230,452 230,452 Going! / KAT-TUN 10/05/12
*9 *,222,554 ***,502 时ヲ止メテ / Tohoshinki 10/03/24
10 *,205,309 *14,080 また君に恋してる/アジアの海贼 / Sakamoto Fuyumi 09/01/07 累计237,573

11 *,162,996 ***,484 Onaraはずかしくないよ/ピラメキたいそう / Hannya, Fruits Punch 10/02/10

12 *,159,936 *15,231 三味线旅がらす / Kiyoshi Hikawa 10/03/24

13 *,149,803 **3,096 HAPPY / BUMP OF CHICKEN 10/04/14

14 *,141,062 **4,677 魔法の料理~君から君へ~ / BUMP OF CHICKEN 10/04/21

15 *,136,508 ***,*** GIFT~绿~(雪をください/One day in winter/Snow White) / Kanjani∞ 09/12/25

16 *,136,003 ***,*** GIFT~白~(冬恋/君の歌をうたう) / Kanjani∞ 09/12/23

17 *,133,978 ***,*** GIFT~赤~(I wish/マイナス100度の恋) / Kanjani∞ 09/12/24

18 *,120,510 ***,262 ライオン / Yusuke 10/03/10

19 *,118,249 ***,*** You were.../BALLAD / Ayumi Hamasaki 09/12/29

20 *,116,219 **1,264 勇気100% / NYC 10/04/07

21 *,113,723 ***,*** GLORIA / YUI 10/01/20

22 *,111,341 **9,117 GO!GO!MANIAC / HO-KAGO TEA TIME 10/04/28

23 *,109,456 ***,*** BLESS / L'Arc~en~Ciel 10/01/27

24 *,101,579 **1,314 不自然なガール/ナチュラルに恋して / Perfume 10/04/14

25 *,100,337 **7,519 Listen!! / HO-KAGO TEA TIME 10/04/28

: DNBN + 许诺 + Render + BaiduTVXQ
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[TRANS] 100520 "Beautiful Love" Photo Updates


Went to the restaurant with Hinata and Akira!
Putting their glasses together before drinking the beer! The three of them look very happy.
Their relationship looks pretty close, but in actual fact!?

Gentle Youngsu.
Ever since he came to Japan, he has always had that intimidating look, but what made him reveal such a gentle and warm expression...
What has exactly caused it!?

Are you really happy?
Youngsu, who hates being controlled just because he's a heir to a family business, and who does not mind giving up everything, upon meeting the straightforward Hinata, slowly opens up her...
Details about the shooting location.
Tokyo 2-3-19 Asakusa, Taito
Koji Bistro

Source: Mr. Park + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 100520 Schedule for NHK 'MUSIC JAPAN'

The schedule will officially push ahead~ Some people are probably aware~

But just a reminder and to make a note~

Date: 6th June 6 (Sunday)
Time: 18:10 ~ 18:39

Remember to watch, to feel the world of XIAH~
Really! We can finally get to feel it (the world of XIAH)~

Source: XiahXing
Translation: ChunnieHoney @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100518 Junsu's SMART Photo Shoot Report Vol. 1

We’re sorry for the wait, everyone! Here’s the report on Junsu’s photo shoot vol. 1.

We wrote previously on the blog on 20 April that Xiah Junsu will be coming to SMART!

Junsu caused an extremely strong response when he appeared in the February issue of SMART4.
Junsu himself was very satisfied with the photo shoot back then.
Currently, amidst his promotions for his solo CD, he has once again come to SMART!

This time, he’s appearing as a special model for a series of world-class top brands!

Everyone must know that it is an ideal combination to have a top artiste modeling for a top luxurious brand, and only SMART is about to bring such special planning into reality!

In order to be able to realize this plan, we must really thank the readers who had bought the issue of SMART4, along with those have given support to both Junsu and SMART. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work!

In order to show our appreciation, we have enclosed a report on our photo shoot!

On a certain day in April, in Tokyo Art Studio, months of detailed negotiations are finally coming to reality.

Due to the combination of a superstar and a big brand, SMART’s photo shoot will be slightly different this time round, and a peculiar atmosphere is overflowing within the studio.

The photographer and costume stylist arrived at the studio half an hour before Junsu to do all the preparation works.

As for me, I was also all over the place, confirming the costumes with the costume stylist and discussing the process of the photo shoot. However, there was an unexplainable nervousness in my heart.

I met Junsu once through a photo shoot, but of course, that was already three months ago. I wonder if the busy Junsu will remember me from the previous SMART photo shoot…

Also, as he was busy with his recordings and the filming of his music video…
“How is his condition today?”
“Is it very tiring?”
Et cetera, et mind was really filled with such questions and thoughts as I prepared for the photo shoot.

Unknowingly, it was time for Junsu to arrive.
Moreover, within the scheduled time, the door to the studio elevator opened and Junsu stepped out along with his manager!

The presence of a star is indeed different!
Even though we have met before, I can still feel the difference.

Just as I was about to go up to greet him, Junsu beat me to it, and with a radiant smile on his face, said, “Ah~ Mr. Igarashi, it has been a long time! Thank you so much for the previous photo shoot!”

He actually remembered meeting me from three months before… This is really not a joke, but I was so happy that tears started to form in my eyes!

We began discussing the details in a happy atmosphere and we will disclose the details in the next blog post!
For all you know, we might even put up photos of the photo shoot!?

Source: SMART Website + XIAHKING + baiduTVXQ
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[TRANS] 100519 SM's Application To "Enhance" "Dong Bang Shin Ki" As A Trademark Has Been Withdrawn

SM, the company which manages DBSK, has been informed about its withdrawal regarding its trademark application for the name "Dong Bang Shin Ki".

SM, who had applied for the trademark application for "DBSK" to the Patent Office in August last year, later withdrew their application towards the end of the year.

A SM spokesperson cleared the issue with Newsen on the 19th over the phone, stating that "it is a fact that we withdrew the trademark application for the name "DBSK" late last year" and "[we hereby also] announce that the enhanced document is also withdrawn.".

While the trademark application is currently cancelled, one cannot rule out the possibility that SM might once again apply for the enhancement of the trademark name of "DBSK".

Source: Newsen + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[PROJECT] 100 days with Kim Jaejoong

What would you do if you got to spend 100 days with Kim Jae Joong?
Well actually if you had to look at him for 100 days..
with all the "unique" expressions Jae Joong has, what would you say?
Now here is your chance!
Join Shades of Jae'd in celebrating our 100 days with our 2nd Official PROJECT!!! <3
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[TRANS] 100519 Tohoshinki Staff's Twitter Updates, Regarding JeJung's Dating Rumor

I'm very happy to receive everyone's comments! Thank you very much (cries). Please be relieved and go to bed. Anddd! To everyone who was cheering for XIAH-sama at MJ (MUSIC JAPAN) today, thank you very much!! From the backstage, the new assistant SeonSu was also cheering with you (LOL).

I was surprised when I saw the article on today's weekly publication. How could they make such speculation and write it into an article… since this has also caused troubles to the other party, we're very sorry. This is nonsense*.
*The literal meaning is "unbearable", but it means something like "it's so nonsense that it's unbearable".

Source: Tohoshinki Staff's Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100518 Tohomobile Updates - Charismatic Junsu & Park Seonsu

Charismatic XIAH
XIAH Junsu, "I'm charismatic XIAH...!"
Park Seonsu, "Are...are you alright? I'm a bit concerned..."

Not again?!
Assistant Costume Stylist Park Seonsu-san (laughs)

Source: Tohomobile + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100516 WHAT's IN? June Issue - Snapshots Taken

Today is WHAT’s IN’s release day.

This month is Junsu’s peak of being in magazines~

Eveyone~~ When looking forward to the release of a magazine, do you buy it immediately as soon as it comes out?
Are your wallets tight?

Because I intend to buy a CD so everyday I patiently wait… patiently…

Here is [WHAT’s IN]’s insider interview.

So, let’s continue to reveal more secrets in ‘WHAT’s IN’ (laughs).

This time, we conducted an interview in the studio, but in the middle of the interview, suddenly, something caught Junsu’s attention.

Just as he was speaking very seriously about the song, he suddenly let out an “Oh”.
Seeing the photographer preparing, he asked, “That person is…”
“Ah, ah, it’s the photographer! Let me introduce him”, upon hearing this, (his) eyes gave off a “!!” glint (laughs).
The shooting was done by a foreigner, Jeff Johnson.

Junsu, after the interview was completed and after changing clothes, ran over to where Johnson was and enthusiastically said, “Nice to meet you! How are you?”, enthusiastically exchanging handshakes.

The shooting starts!

Johnson asked, “Erm, use English, OK?”

“!NO!NO! I can’t speak (English)at all, I was just faking it just now~ Eu kyang kyang~”

Indeed it’s Junsu~ !

Even though having not seen (him) for a long time, Junsu is still that Junsu (laughs).
During the middle of the shooting, (he) also said “Everyone is a foreigner, but talk to each other in Japanese, feels a bit strange~”.
Ah, this is for certain!

(They) took very handsome, cool and perfect pictures in a warm and harmonious environment. Please check it~

The web site:

Just thinking of that scene will make you smile.
There, not only the XIAH Junsu image was displayed, but also the really cute Jun-Jang ah~(^O^)

A card will be given~ of course the photographer is Jeff Johnson(^^)v

Try and feel the charisma of Junsu before buying the magazine…

: What's In Web + + xiahking + baidutvxq
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @
Special Thanks: ★재중사랑 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Monday, May 17, 2010

[TRANS] 100518 Tohomobile Staff Blog

He had an interview ♪

He had an interview for MUSIC JAPAN!
A picture with Sekine Mari-san!!
he was advertising for XIAH (^o^)

We're very grateful of you. Please help us to send a message to Tsuton-sama* too ♪

*Tsuton: the Korean name that Sekine Tsutomu made for himself.

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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TRANS] 100517 Tohomobile Staff Blog Updates

Xiah, who performed Intoxication after the photo shoot for the interview...!
Xiah, you're really handsome!

Angel Jun-chan
Acceded to the requests of everyone and delivered the image of Angel Jun-chan~
Mr Junsu is someone who is full of different facial expressions~

The Thanksgiving Concert at the Dome is currently in the midst of production.
Extra add-on, the previous time the staffblog updated a photo of Jun-chan in the studio.

Source: Tohomobile + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[FANACC] 100517 Junsu in Recording for NHK Music Japan From a Japanese fan's twitter

This is the last of my report. Since this is written from just an individual point of view, please read my twitting as a guide. Oh, I was sitting in the 3rd floor. This is the report from my sitting place, of the audience and of Jun-chan (^O^) After singing one song (T/N: "Intoxication"), Junsu was slightly sweating. Jun-chan ~ Arigato (T/N: thank you)!

We could not use the cellular phone in the hall. Sorry for not informing you during the performance.

Sorry for the brief report. Tomorrow, there should be many reports (T/N: in the Japanese blogs), so please forgive me for the short one. (omitted)

I could not hear the first talk since everyone was screaming with delight. Junsu danced and sung with a confident air, with the 4 dancers. Since he appeared in the very last, there was the Junsu call before the stage lighted up.

All the audience was standing. The boys sitting in the back row (T/N: they should be fans of AKB48) were standing up, too. Looking from the 3rd floor, straight in front of the stage, it seemed to look as though the hall was completely filled with red lights.

I just came out from the NHK Hall. Jun-chan appeared at the very last (T/N: around 21:10) . Black costume. His charismatic charms were of full blast(>_<)

Please read from bottom to top.

Adding the picture of Junsu's banner at night. Beautiful~~

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[TRANS] 100517 The “4th The Musical Awards” Nominees for “Best Newcomer” – Xiah Junsu

Termed as the ‘new blood’, the nominees for ‘Best Newcomer’ in the “4th The Musical Awards” have caused a new flurry of activity within the Arts scene.

In one of Korea’s most prestigious musical theatre event “The Musical Awards”, even the newcomers have attracted a whole lot of attention.
From the appearances of idol star Xiah Junsu, senior ballet dancer Kim Ju Yeon and ex-Miss Korea Lee Ha-nui, one can see that the scope of the musical scene has indeed widened. They are also facing strong competition from other musical actors for an award that comes along only once in a musical actor’s entire career. Because of this, after the list of nominees in the respective categories were being released on the 12th in the event jointly sponsored by BC Loun.G, there was a huge focus placed upon the category of “Best Newcomer”.

Let's review on some of the nominees who have brought about a whole new direction and possibility to Korea’s musical scene.

[Best Newcomer – Male Actor]
Possessing great courage amidst an excellent vocal ability – Xiah Junsu.
On the 26th of January, the Sejong Center Theater was completely packed.
That was the debut of DBSK’s Xiah Junsu (real name Kim Junsu; 24 years of age) in the musical “Mozart!”.
For the 15 sessions that he acted in, all 45,000 tickets were completely sold out in a short time span of three hours.

In a situation where people were worried about his status as an idol, Xiah Junsu won them over with his singing abilities.
Thanks to long hours of trainings and his numerous experiences on being on stage, it was almost impossible to detect the anxiety within him.

The key is in the acting.
Being a greenhorn in acting, he once said that “I do not want to play Mozart, I want to become Mozart”, then he stood on stage as Mozart himself.
And because of that, the other actors who star in the musical evaluated him as an actor with "natural acting abilities".

Source: DNBN + POP + baidu1, 2
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[NEWS] 100517 "Avatar" producers to film BoA, TVXQ concerts in 3D

Korean idol group TVXQ performing at concert [SM Entertainment]

Director James Cameron and his team of producers behind Hollywood blockbuster pic "Avatar" have agreed to produce the music videos and concert videos for BoA, TVXQ and other artists under agency SM Entertainment (SM) in 3D format.

Cameron -- currently in town for the annual Seoul Digital Forum -- met with Korean conglomerate Samsung Electronics' executives and SM founder Lee Soo-man at the "3D Content-Related Cooperation Plan" event, held today at Samsung offices in Seocho District, where they announced news of the collaboration.

According to the plan, "Avatar" producers will be filming SM artists' music videos and concerts in 3D and electronics giant Samsung will use the 3D content in the company's worldwide marketing plan for its 3D television products.

The filming for the 3D concert is expected to begin "around June" in Korea, presumably at live music concerts featuring BoA, TVXQ and Girls' Generation.

Producer and entertainment mogul Lee Soo-man expressed his anticipation, saying "I am proud to be able to work with a global company like Samsung Electronics and the best team of producers in the world. I think we will come up with the best 3D content."

Female pop singer BoA, who also attended the event with TVXQ members Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho, commented, "I am glad and excited to take part in such a fantastic event. I will try my best to become an artist who approaches fans with great content."

The TVXQ singers said they will "work hardest to create a new kind of cultural content."

SM Entertainment, considered one of the top talent agencies in Korea, just yesterday disclosed information on its earnings for the first quarter of the year, indicating its most successful first quarter to date.

The firm recorded operating profits of 10.4 billion won, or over nine million dollars, during the three month period, which is an increase by an astounding 471 percent from the same period last year.

BoA has been one of the most successful K-pop artists since first making her debut ten years ago and is one of the first Korean artists to make a major breakthrough into the Japanese music industry. She also made her U.S. debut in March 2009.

Five member boy-band TVXQ is also one of Asia's top artists with reportedly the largest fanbase in the world but they have ceased working as an entirety since July last year after three of its members, namely Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, became embroiled in a legal battle with SM.

Reporter : Lim Hye-seon lhsro@
Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@
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[TRANS] 100517 Will DBSK Work Together Again Due To Cameron’s 3D-Technology?

Whether or not DBSK, who is on the verge of disbandment, will work together again for James Cameron’s 3D-image technology, has become the focus of attention of the public.

Through a tripartite cooperation amongst SM Entertainment, Samsung Electronics and James Cameron, who is the director of the Hollywood blockbuster movie, Avatar, SM Entertainment will recreate and reproduce the music videos and live concerts of its artistes into 3D-images to be broadcast on worldwide home theatres, and DBSK is among the ranks.

SM’s producer Lee Soo Man participated in the co-signing ceremony held at the Samsung Electronics Head Office in Seocho-dong, Seoul, amongst the three parties, James Cameron, Samsung Electronics and SM Entertainment on 14th May at 11AM. In his explanation regarding the plans of 3D-image production, Lee Soo Man mentioned Girls’ Generation, BoA, Super Junior and DBSK. DBSK’s members Uknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin also attended the co-signing ceremony, saying “It’s an honour to be able to promote our activities through 3D-images” and [they are thus] determined to “give their best efforts to bring forth their best performances for everyone”.

Currently, DBSK’s other three members, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong JaeJoong and Micky Yoochun, are carrying out their solo activities. Ever since the trio had filed a lawsuit against SM, DBSK seems to be heading down the road of disbandment. However, given that producer Lee Soo Man has mentioned DBSK before the presence of James Cameron in such a formal setting, it has since caught the attention of the public as to whether or not DBSK will be given another opportunity to work together again.

To this issue, a SM spokesperson conveyed, “DBSK is an idol group representative of [South] Korea, and we hope that they will be able to participate in director James Cameron’s 3D research project. However, due to the intensifying conflicts with the three members, the possibility of the five of them taking part in this project seems to be quite low.”

He later added, “SM is currently trying their best to enable DBSK’s five members to come together and carry out activities again. Even if we do not succeed, Uknow Yunho’s and Choikang Changmin’s activities will still be reproduced into 3D-images.”

On the other hand, BoA, Girls’ Generation and other artistes under the management of SM Entertainment will begin their production of 3D-imaging with James Cameron from June onwards. Other than their own concerts and music videos, SMTOWN Concerts, which feature all of SM’s artistes, will also be produced into 3D-images.

Source: JoongAng Ilbo China
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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