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[TRANS] 091211 Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” Cancellation

Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” Cancellation Noticement

For all your even warmer support for Tohoshinki, thank you very much.
Today we have to deliver everyone a very important notice. We finally decided to cancel the “Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” which is planned to be held for one month next year.

We know that all Bigeast has been waiting for the event with much anticipation, therefore for us to write this announcement, we feel really sorry.

We think some of you may have already known from media that currently Tohoshinki is having some domestic problems and after we did much consultation and discussion with the members themselves, in the end we come to decision that we need to cancel this fan club event.

For all Bigeast who has been watching over Tohoshinki in warm support, we again have to apologize that the result turns out like this.
We hope for your understanding that we just can announce this today.
About any refund for this event, we will contact you later.

Bigeast secretariat strongly hopes that you all continue supporting Tohoshinki activities as five members. Thank you for the future of Tohoshinki.

- Bigeast secretariat -

For everyone who are always supporting Tohoshinki, Thank you very much.
Encouragement from Bigeast gives us more power. Nevertheless, to always give you such worriness, we feel really sorry.

Now that we have to stop the fanclub event you all have been looking forward, we have to apologize even more.

We always have feeling to create a stage as professionals so that all of you can enjoy the circumtances, and in front of all Bigeast, we have will to be honest.

Afterall, when our true smiling face can not be shown yet we still stand on stage, it means that we lie to all fans there, thus we decided to cancel the event.

We need time to organize our mind, and finally we would like to meet everyone with a true smile.

Really sorry to cause you worriness.

- Tohoshinki -

source: bigeast mail
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: DBSKnights

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[TRANS] 091210 War For Seats For TVXQ's 3 Members' Charity

There's a "raging war for seats" going on for the 3 TVXQ members' charity fanmeeting, which will be held on 12 December.

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be meeting their Korean fans through a charity fanmeet.

On 12 December, 5pm, they will meet the fans through the "Smile Again" charity fanmeet, to be held at Koryeo University Hwajung Gymnasium.

A staff member of the activity told Newsen on 8 December through a telephone interview that, "'Smile Again' will not be attended by other celebrities, and only the 3 members of TVXQ will participate." Also, "There will be donation boxes around the venue area. All proceeds collected during the fanmeeting will be donated in full to a children's charity."

Tickets for "Smile Again" went on sale on Yes24 on 8 December, 8pm. As tickets were very limited, there was a "war" amongst the fans for the entrance tickets.

Source: [Newsen + tvxqasia]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091210 3 Dramas To Be Filmed on Jeju - Changmin's Drama

Here's a quick look at the stars of dramas that will be filmed in Jeju Island in 2010.

A lot of dramas that will be airing next year, have chosen Jeju Island as their main filming site. Jeju Island was not just chosen for a scene. Rather, the filming for the dramas will take place there from the beginning till the end.

Currently, the dramas that have decided to film there are: SBS' weekend drama [T/N: Unsure of name], KBS 1TV's period drama [T/N: Unsure of name],and MBC's "Paradise Meadow" which is in discussions over filming.

This drama will star TVXQ's Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee, and for now, it has been decided that the filming site will be at Jeju Island.

Youthful stars Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee will also stop over at Jeju from the beginning of next year onwards. The innocent love between the two will be shown in the anticipated drama "Paradise Meadow".

Source: [ + Neverend]
Translation credits:

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[TRANS] 091210 Japanese Fans' Plans For 'BREAK OUT!'

To Exceed 500,000 In Sales

"Let the 5 members of Tohoshinki continue to shine forever."
That must be what a lot of people wish for.

Also, to ensure that they can continue down this road in a better way, there are many Japanese fans who can do their best for them.

Do you wish to see the 5 members of Tohoshinki happy; do you wish to see their cheerful smiles?
Do you wish to put all our thoughts and gratitude into one heart?

This is our [BREAK OUT!] plan to exceed 500,000 copies in sales.

~We want to show the Japanese fans' "Love" and "Thanks"~
Please buy Tohoshinki's new single [BREAK OUT!] as a gift and give it to someone important to you, someone you like, someone you love, and even someone whom you hope will be cheered up!

This is a really good song that is full of energy and courage. Anyone who listens to it will definitely feel happy!
If everyone takes part, 500,000 will not just be a dream number.

This project depends on everyone's support, but please do not force yourself, just do as much as you can.

Source: [withtvxq]
Translation credits:

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

[TRANS] Limited Calendar’s Messages from Members

Tohoshinki Bigeast limited 2010 Calendar

Price: 5,500 yen (shipping tax included)

In addition to the offshot snap pictures, there are also illustrations the members drew themselves containing interesting messages from them~

Haven’t you owned it?

Week Calendar (55 pages)
[Size] 184 mm x 152 mm
[Materials] calendar: paper, ring: iron, nylon.
[Origin] Japan

Members messages inside:

Junsu: first of all, I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year. My birthday is coming up soon after (T/N: he’s referring to his registered birthday in January). Junsu in 2010 will be more handsome, active, and also work harder. Hope that it will be a better new year ^___^

Jejung: I’m already 24 years old~ eh~ I’m working to be a much better quality man~ Everyone should support me~

Yunho: This year I’m going to be 24 years old! It’s because everyone support that makes me to be what I am now… We’ll keep growing in the future, so please continue suporting us alright~


Changmin: It is my birthday! Ha Ha Ha the day of my own! You! Congratulate me, quick! \ ^ o ^ /

Yuchun: I’d like to thank everyone not just in my birthday, I feel grateful to you everyday, so… ARIGATO!

source: ameblo musubi + withtvxq
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: DBSKnights

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TRANS] 091209 DBSK vs Big Bang On 'Live Album' Sold

Do Not Take Out of O!

Source: Newsen + TVXQAsia
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Do not take out of OneTVXQ!

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[TRANS] 091210 10,000,000,000 yuan for Lee Soo Man

The biggest and most influential entertainment company in Korea, SM, their biggest shareholder Lee Soo Man receives 10,216,162,250 yuan.

Holding 4,301,524 (26.75%) SM shares, president Lee Soo Man creates a record for company’s stock price increase to 3970 yuan. There was an increase from year’s first trading day’s, January 2nd, 1595 yuan to 2000 yuan, and there is hope to surpass an increase of 10,000,000,000 yuan.

At the same time, SM along with the five member group DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun are in a legal dispute. This entire year, BoA, SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, F(x) and other group from this company are active domestically and abroad, so there it is not unusual for this increase.

Source: Naver
Credit: crystal秀晶
Shared by: easternGodsholic @

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

[Trans] 091208 Jaejoong said “I am genki” Eriko’s Blog

Oh, My report to JJ fans here.

At the time of last call from JJ,

I asked him, “and, are you cheerful (genki)”? (*Genki=Cheerful/fine/doing well.)

He said “I am very fine (genki)”.

May be because I said to JJ over and over again that everyone is worried, he said to me, that JJ would put his cheerful figure on the blog of Kitagawa.

However, I said to JJ, I want somebody to make an arrangement to have a meal together, a hurdle may have gone up.

(*sounds like Kitagawa and JJ were going to have a meal together for JJ to show Kitagawa and the fans his cheerful figure in her blog. But Kitagawa normally have someone to arrange a meal when meeting a famous person. Therefore she asked JJ to ask someone to make an arrangement. And because she asked him to do so, it may have troubled JJ to meet with her until now.)

I’m sorry.

(* She says I am sorry to the fans that she cannot post JJ’s cheerful figure yet.)

Because, when I eat meal with a famous person, I become scared very much. Most of the time, I have somebody to make an arrangement. I am fierce when I think if in case some troubles happen with the famous ones. And I do not know a private place where it is hidden from the public eyes either.

But I think that the promise with JJ will surely achieve someday. If “Heaven’s Postman” will be shown here in Japan.

Source: Eriko Kitagawa
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 091209 KDDI "2009 Songs You Want To Listen To Over & Over - TOP 20"

KDDI "2009 Songs You Want To Listen To Over & Over - TOP 20"
#15 Tohoshinki - Share The World

Source: [utatomo + togethertvxq]
Translation credits:
Shared by: [heyjj + tohosomnia]

Do not remove/add on any credits
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[News] 091209 Newest Bigeast News: Oromamin Campaign

All of Bigeast hello.

The second campaign notice of the TVCM “a cappella shinki edition” of Oronamin C will be broadcasted in the whole country from December 12!

In addition, “TVXQ spirit of monopoly campaign” that could experience the world of TVXQ’s TVCM, the campaign postmark deadline will be on December 31.

Please do not miss these two! !

TVXQ spirit of monopoly campaign detail

“Oronamin C strap ♪” which TVXQ sing the song of oronamin C and also “super extra-large poster”. 5,000 people will receive these gifts selected by a lottery.

Furthermore, an extra present of “an extra-large poster with the handwriting signatures of the members” will be given to 20 people by a lottery!

Please apply it with a purchase receipt of ten Oronamin C.

A postmark application deadline is on Thursday, December 31, 2009.

More info→ in detail(PC only)

source: Bigeast fanclub news
trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

shared by: DBSKnights

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[INFO/PROJ] Bigeast's New Project - BREAK OUT! 500,000 Copies Breakthrough Project

Dear Tohoshinki's Japanese fans,
In order for Japanese and Korean newspapers and mass media to pay attention to us, we have created a big movement called "For the Continuance of Tohoshinki".
In Korea, the number [of copies sold and ranking] is very important to the music and business industry.
This would be another "Persuasion Tool" that we'll use to raise our voice to their company.

Let the whole Asia know the love and the strength of the world's second biggest music market.

BREAK OUT! 500,000 Copies Breakthrough Project

Subtitle: Don't think that Japanese fans are just going to be quiet and obedient!

Please give Tohoshinki's new single "BREAK OUT!" as presents to your precious ones, your important ones, your loved ones, and even to your Cassiopeia friends.
It's a song that contains a lot of energy and courage. We believe that the ones who receive them would definitely be happy!
Let's reach the goal of having 500,000 copies of this single sold!

(Please join this project with with your free will and don't need force yourselves.)


★ Get acknowledged by Japanese and Korean mass media.
(In Korea, achievements in Japan are considered tremendous)
★ Besides having to tip out some money from our pockets, this is a very peaceful movement.
★ The people who receive the CDs would be happy too.
★ Letting your friends and acquaintances listen to Tohoshinki is also a way to promote them.
★ Tohoshinki and their staffs would definitely be happy at the new record.
★ Your supports would also become avex's president Matsuura's strength.
★ "BREAK OUT" is a tie-up with a NHK's drama. This is a chance to say thank to Ishihara PD who always support us and Tohoshinki!

☆ This is pretty unbelievable, but if the single is sold more than 1 million copies, it will definitely write a new page in history ♪

What is counted on Oricon chart is mu-mo limited edition, CD+DVD edition, and CD edition.
When you purchase the single, please make sure that it will count in the chart.

The number of pre-orders is important! Usually the number of shipments is decided by the pre-orders and the sales of their previous works. Let's have a new number of pre-orders that exceed their old ones.
avex would definitely be happy to see the great gap in the pre-order numbers!!

■ In case you purchase this single at a shop, there are cases that multiple products purchased at a time are only counted as one item. If you want to purchase more items, please go to another shop to buy them.

This project is an idea that has been discussed and decided on by many famous blogs of Tohoshinki's fans. Let us Japanese fans come together to protect Tohoshinki.

From "500K Project" Team
Project's Blog

T/N: This is the second mass project by Bigeast after the postcard one. Please, if you have extra pocket money that you are not going to spend for Christmas and New Year's shopping, support this project by purchasing this single. Any purchase from, CDJapan, HMV and YesAsia is counted towards the Oricon chart. And if people are willing to support this project, I'll contact the project team to let them know that international fans are going to participate too (:

For your record, Tohoshinki's best sale number is from "COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~", with an approximate number of 250,000 downloads before the single was released, and 180,000 pre-orders for the first shipment. It is estimated that 300,000 copies of this single have been sold up until now. 500,000 is hard to achieve in the first week and first month, but since the sale number will continue to be counted, it might reach 500K soon in the future (:

Source: mixi & 500K project's blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
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[TRANS] 091209 Yunho’s Message to EOU – 3rd Year Anniversary

Congrats with 3rd year anniversary for EOU
Although this is the tough moment with full of rumors, lies, gossips and non sense ridiculous news.

Please keep this precious love together like how we have been in the last 6 years and we will never change.

Please protect the precious love together

-U know Yunho-

Trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[TRANS] 091208 Bigeast Mail

[T/N We don't translate the whole part about the details of admission, since all Bigeasts who are able to attend this event must understand Japanese anyway]


Hello Bigeast,

For the December 25th, 2009 “Music Station SUPER LIVE 2009″, (Tohoshinki) has been decided to cast ♪
With this confirmation of cast performance, then we’ll hold an admission recruitment.

For more info about admission, please go to / (PC · common mobile)
☆ Deadline is 12/11 (Fri) 13:00.

2009/12/25 (Fri) live “Music Station SUPER LIVE 2009″

Makuhari Messe Event Hall

live starts at 19:00 to 23:10

[Dress Code]
The broadcast day is on 12/25 and is scheduled to be a Christmasy-themed production. Therefore please wear bright-color clothes as possible.

source: Bigeast mail
Trans by : sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights + sharingyoochun
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[VIDEO] Arirang News : DBSK Comeback Next Year May Be Impossible

Credits: arirangworld + mariacherrieylp4rt2
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[TRANS] 091208 4 Tohoshinki Songs To Be Recorded In Count Down TV's Album!

TBS CDTV's Album [CDTV No.1 Hits], to be released on 12 December, will include 4 of Tohoshinki's songs: Beautiful You, Why Did I Like You?, Jumon-Mirotic and Purple Line.

In addition, the special edition book "Tohoshinki Sights and Sounds" and their new single "BREAK OUT!" will be released on 7 January 2010 and 27 January 2010 respectively.

Source: [OOPS-music + tvxqyard]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091208 'Mozart!', 2nd Round Of Ticketing Causes Site To Crash 'The Power of Xiah Junsu?'

he musical 'Mozart!', which has been gaining popularity due to the casting of TVXQ's Xiah Junsu as the lead role, began its second round of ticketing.

When news of Xiah Junsu's appearance let out, 'Mozart!' was number one on the Naver search box. As soon as the second round of ticketing began on the 8th of December, the server crashed due to too many people online at once and predicted a battle for tickets.

(omitted) "As Xiah Junsu is a member of TVXQ and is not appearing in many shows, that is why people are showing interest in us."

They also said, "Even with Jo Seung Woo on stage right now, this is the first time our ticket reservation page has crashed this year. (omitted)

Source: [bnt news+Daum]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091208 Too Many People On At Once Causes Three Members' Charity Fanmeeting Ticket Reservation Site To Crash

he fanmeet of TVXQ's Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun is garnering explosive popularity.

The server of Yes24 crashed when the site opened ticket reservations for the charity fanmeet that is to be held on the 12th at 8 pm.

The three members will be greeting their fans at the Love Sharing Meeting 'Smile Again' at Koryeo University's Hwajung Gymnasium. This event that will last around an hour will be a large fan meeting capable of holding more than 5000 people.

Yes24 officially stated the three members' attendance and said, "'Smile Again', which works with a children's organization, was created to gift the fans with happy times from creating memories with Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu through a charitable event."

This event is free of charge and all the money that is collected from donations will be given to a children's organization. 'Smile Again' will be an event held by only the three members, there will be no guest appearances. Donation boxes will be set up around the gymnasium and all the money will be donated.

As the three members submitted a provisional disposition against SM Entertainment, and the dispute is yet to be solved, it will be hard for all five members to attend the fan meeting.

Many are wondering when TVXQ will return to all stand on one stage together in Korea as U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin returned to Korea from Japan separately from the other three members after finishing their Japanese schedule.

Source: [newsen+Daum]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091208 "Heaven's Postman" To Become A Manga

"Telecinema7", which stars TVXQ's Hero Jaejoong, 2 Big Bang members TOP and Seungri, as well as Korea's top stars like Kim Ha Neul, Ahn Jae Wook, Cha In Pyo and Han Hyo Joo, will meet everyone in the form of a manga.

Kenaz ( expressed that from the very beginning, "Telecinema7" garnered a lot of interest because it had a famous Japanese scriptwriter, one of the best Korean directors and the participation of famous Hallyu stars. As such, the manga will be published through SKT Manga site (

"Telecinema7" began airing in Korea since November and they aim to publish the manga early next year, at the same time that it airs on Japanese TV.

Kenaz's representative said that they "plan to turn 'Telecinema7' into a manga and anime, and the artist will earn substantial income from the royalties alone, what more with the goods that comes along with it".

SKT Manga site Toondosi, the exclusive distributor for the manga, will hold an exclusive, free broadcast of "Telecinema7" on 30 December. Invitations to the exclusive event are currently in progress.

Source: [Naver + JaeTime]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091208 Music Japan: Tohoshinki Archives List Released

Date: 2009/12/08
Time: 00:00
Blogger: Ishipii

Jul - Somebody To Love(PJ)
Nov - My Destiny(PJ)

Apr - 明日は来るから(ME)*New
May - Rising Sun(PJ) *4 person version

Feb - STEP by STEP(PJ)
Feb - Choosey Lover(ME) *New
Jun - Choosey Lover(MJ)
Jun - Lovin’ you(MJ)
Sep - SHINE (MJ)
Nov - LAST ANGEL feat.東方神起(MJ)
Nov - Forever Love(MJ) 

Jan - Purple Line(MJ)
Feb - Purple Line(MJ)
Feb - Forever Love(MJ)
May - Beautiful You(MJ)
May - 千年恋歌(MJ)
Jul - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(MJ)
Aug - Beautiful You(MJサマーEXTRA)
Nov - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(恋うた2008)
Nov - Choosey Lover(恋うた2008)
Nov - 呪文-MIROTIC-(東方神起スペシャル)
Nov - Love in the Ice(東方神起スペシャル)
Dec - Purple Line~どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Kouhaku)

Jan - Bolero(MJ)
Mar - Survivor(MJ)
Mar - 明日は来るから(春うた2009)
Jun - Stand by U(エコうた2009)
Jul - Stand by U(MJ)
Sep - COLORS~Melody and Harmony~(MJ)
Dec - Stand by U(MJ Christmas Special)

Now, all the MJ directors are heading to the Kouhaku project room, so there's just me doing the list alone, it was difficult.


Previously, for the voting done during the [Tohoshinki Special], there were 16 songs, from "Somebody To Love" that was performed on POP JAM on 16 July 200 to "Beautiful You" performed on Music Japan Summer Extra on 7 August 2008. However 2 songs were missing. They are the 4 person version of "明日か来るから" and "Choosey Lover" performed on Music Express on 30 April 2006 and 25 February 2007 respectively.

These 2 songs, including this time's MJ Christmas Special where they performed "Stand By U", there are a total of 30 songs.

These are all the songs that Tohoshinki performed with myself as the producer.

NHK also has rare material (that was introduced previously), the "Bolero" performance broadcasted on 17 March 2009 and this year's New Year's Eve Kouhaku performance.
Up until this year, that will be a total of 32 songs.

From my point of view, there are 2 more songs that I really wish were added in.
They are the "Rising Sun" performance that was done with a dancer who replaced Jejung, as well as "Share The World".

I hope that this list will slowly grow longer and longer.

Source: [Music Japan Blog]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091208 Shin Seung Hyun: "TVXQ Can't Disband''

"TVXQ can't disband..."

Old-timer Shin Seung Hyun (singer) expressed his regrets towards the crisis of disbandment that his juniors TVXQ are currently facing.

At a recent press conference, after expressing his curiousity regarding "what will become of TVXQ", Shin Seung Hyun sighed and said, "A group like this can't disband...".

Shin Seung Hyun, who also enjoys tremendous popularity in Japan, said this about TVXQ who have developed into top singers, "When they appeared on the billboards in Tokyo, I felt such pride. In Japan, TVXQ are not Hallyu stars. Instead, they are the top singers in Japan, and receive a lot of love from everyone."

He also said, "It is very rare to have this kind of group, it would be such a waste if they disband."

Source: [ohmicky朴有天中文网]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091208 TVXQ, Returned To Korea Separately

Date: 2009/12/08
Time: 9.06am

TVXQ's 2 members Yunho and Changmin, as well as the other 3 members Jaejong, Yoochun and Junsu, whose recent Japanese activities have ended, returned to Korea separately.

The 3 members, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who are currently in dispute with SM Entertainment (henceforth known as SM), returned through Gimpo Airport on the same day.

The other 2 members Yunho and Changmin returned last weekend and are currently staying in Korea.

The 5 members left for Japan on 26 November to attend the [Best Hit Music Festival 2009] and [2009 FNS Music Festival], and now that all their Japanese schedules have been completed, they have returned.

TVXQ will attend the [51st Japan Record Award on the 30th, as well as the [NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen] on the 31st.

Report: Lee Su Bon

Source: [STARNEWS + Chosun]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091207 3 Members Of TVXQ End Japanese Schedule & Returns To Korea For Fanmeet

The 3 members of TVXQ, Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun, who are in conflict with their management company, have completed their end of the year schedules in Japan and returned to Korea through Gimpo Airport.

On 12 December, they will meet their fans at Koryeo University during the "Smile Again" activity, but U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin will not be attending the event.

Due to the 3 members returning to Korea, Gimpo Airport was in a frenzy. They were also tightly surrounded by fans. Xiah Junsu, who returned, was obviously fatigued.

Source: [Newsen + TVXQasia]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] 091209 Eriko Kitagawa's Blog Updates

Do Not Take Out of O!

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Do not take out of OneTVXQ.
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[INFO] 091208 Most Searched Artists Ameba December

Shared by: DBSKnights
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Monday, December 7, 2009

[TRANS]091202 alan Blog Update on FNS + [TRANS] 091206-07 Max Matsuura Mail News

Do Not Take Out of O!

[TRANS] 091202 alan Blog Update on FNS - The Happy Tohoshinki Senior

Source: baidutvxq + alan's Blog
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Do not take out of OneTVXQ!
[TRANS] 091206 Max Matsuura Mail News

Source: Max Matsuura's Mail News
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Do not take out of OneTVXQ

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[INFO] 091207 2009 Tower Records Annual Best Sellers


#17 The Secret Code

DVD Music

#10 - 4th Live Tour DVD

Credits: DNBN
Shared by: DBSKnights +

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[INFO] 091207 50 Hot Asian Bachelor Guys

From Asian Plus Magazine Vol.50 – DEC '09 Issue

T/N: There’s no scores, no positions like who’s at #1 or #2 just combine all the 50 guys together (I’m trying to say everyone in the list is considered number 1)

And apparently Yunho and Jaejoong are in the staff poll (the list is from Asian Plus staff)

Let’s see the reason why they are in the list XD and the staff wanna know if their opinion would be the same as their readers or not ^^

Uknow Yunho – His smile can melt your heart
Yunho is a very handsome good hearted man. We’re so sure that he must be nominated in all the good polls too.
We don’t know how to explain, he’s so great at dancing and he looks super duper cool.
It’s like the more we look at him, the more he could melt our heart (especially when he did a little grin). XD

Hero Jaejoong – Mr. Cool and Mr. Beautiful
Since his close friend name is in the previous list (Yunho) it’s kinda normal you will see Jaejoong’s name in the list as well.
Jaejoong looks good all the time, he got a perfect body. His unique handsomeness makes him more interesting.
How should we explain, his handsomeness of beauty kinda attracts us (make him more handsome in the different way).

Source: Asian Plus
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Credits: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by:
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[TRANS] 091205 MNet 'I Love THSK' Broadcast Extended

[TRANS] 091205 MNet ‘I Love THSK’ Broadcast's Extended

Source: MNetJapan + TVXQ-Yard
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Do not take out of OneTVXQ!

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[TRANS] 091205 Pretty Boy Drama One After Another

Do Not Take Out of O!

[TRANS] 091205 Pretty Boy Drama One After Another

Source: Naver + TVXQAsia
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Do not take out of OneTVXQ!
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[INFO] 091206 Jaejoong’s Movie – Heaven’s Postman Novel Book will be Published

【Entertainment news】2009/12/04 Friday 19:56

Jaejoong (Hero) from the group TVXQ’s movie, “Heaven’s Postman” will be published as a novel.
The story of the movie is written by Eriko Kitagawa as a part of joy cinema, Korea and Japan joint project.

The movie “19″ written by Yumiko Inoue will be published as a novel as well.
(Staring Big Bang’s Top as a main character.)

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[INFO] 091205 MTV Taiwan Top 10 Japan/Korea Weekly Chart, #5..

Do Not Take Out of O!

Source: MTV Taiwan
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Do not take out of OneTVXQ!

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[NEWS] 091206 Signature gathering campaign for TVXQ

"This morning, Bigeast Yumic sent us an email regarding a signature campaign that can help TVXQ. Please read this information and spread the word."

We're gathering signatures for TVXQ !

To all the fans of TVXQ,
We need your help!
All of the information on the internet about their problem may have confused you.
No one but SM entertainment and TVXQ really know what is actually going on.
All we know is that TVXQ has no activity planned,except for a few activities left in Japan,
and that we never want them to be break up.

All we can do for them is show them what we think about it.
We tried to make this as simple as possible.
Please agree with this and sign.
Let's show our love for TVXQ !

"We support TVXQ"
We sign here because we support TVXQ members, who are Yunho, Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu and Changmin.

* We request that SM entertainment and members of TVXQ will discuss honestly about the problem

and that TVXQ will keep doing their activities as they have been doing.

* We strongly request TVXQ to be composed of Yunho, Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu and Changmin.

Fans of TVXQ

T/N: If you want to participate please click here:
We'll be gathering signatures from 2009/12/1 to 2009/12/31.

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Source: DBSKnights Admin
**This came from a personal email from Yumic to DBSKnights.**
Please feel free to take out but leave credits intact. Thanks!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

[NEWS] 091206 JaeChunSu: ‘Gathering 6,000 Fans for a Surprise Fanmeeting’ on the 12th

Korea University, Hwajeong Gymnasium, Free Charity Fanmeeting

The 3 TVXQ members in legal dispute is having their solo activities in Korea by holding a surprise charity fanmeeting.

This is the first fanmeeting held by the 3 members who in last July submitted provisional disposition application against the exclusive contract effect to their label, SM Entertainment therefore the event is gathering a lot of attention. Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong on the coming 12th at 5:00 p.m at Hwajeong Gymnasium in Korea University, Seoul will have this individual activity and about 6,000 TVXQ fans are able to attend the fanmeeting.

At Yes24, the subject of the event is entitled as “Smile Again” under the name of three members and the fanmeeting also carries the nature as charity event. At the venue entrance, there will be a fundraising to collect voluntary donations from visitors to help the needy children. The three members in participation is planning to deliver the full amount gathered from this fanmeeting to the UNICEF.

It’s been confirmed that TVXQ songs as a group will not be used in this event. The representativeness of the three members in last November ‘2009 MAMA’ had raised a sensitive conflict and a rule about partial representative is being interpreted. The name of TVXQ can only be used when the 5 members are together, and if only three members being active in representing TVXQ, then the remaining two members are able to make complain.

Hwajeong Gymnasium

Therefore, there’s a specific information being announced that during the event, TVXQ’s song won’t be sung, and the charity event title will not mention the name of TVXQ. The event is planned to have 1 hour talk show with the fans, and is going to be filled with Christmas Carol.

The official from the event said, “The date and location are already confirmed, but the time and information is still tentative. After the three members finish their schedule in Japan and arrive back to Korea, then we’ll start to coordinate the specific details.”

The advance ticket sales of ‘Smile Again’ will start via the official website Yes24 starting December 8th at 8 pm, the ticket is free, and one person can only get one ticket.

Source: Economic News
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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