Saturday, September 26, 2009

[Photos] Jejung + Yuchun B Pass Magazine

Again..these pics are so lovely ..I dont remember the day they were out sorry but it has been this week I'll try to make my best to post more pics in the blogs, either that or upon a gallery XD

Credits are in the photos

(yep not claming them as my scans ^^)
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[Photos] Jejung + Yuchun / Appealing Magazine

The pics came out on the 24th but I didnt want to left this pics unposted so here they are

Personal Comments:..OMG JAEJOONG <3>

Credits: DNBN
Reup: DBSK Kingdom

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[Perf] Jejung + Yuchun @ Music Fair(090926)

Im liking Colors: melody and harmony so in love with this song..<3

Colors: Melody and Harmony

True Love


Comments: I still gota hear the sngle to know the exact names of some songs yet Im liking this for some reason (obviously cos Jae is here..XDD ahaha)
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[News] Tohoshinki THE Live 2009

The 5 members of Tohoshinki will be back on screen!

A big screen with a real cool sound will be used to play Tohoshinki videos, Tohoshinki The Live 2009! it's decided that it will be celebrated.

[Content] Video List

1- A Nation 09 - full broadcast!

2-The Legend of 'The Secret Code at Tokyo Dome''
You will be able to watch the full Tohoshinki performances at A-nation 09 only in this event!
To give you a pleasant experience, the videos will be played on a cinema screen.

3-The Best 10 Music Videos of Tohoshinki
Owing to the limits, the 10 best PVS will be chosen by fans themselves!
Your favourite songs will be finally classified by number ?!
The results of the voting will be announced on this site, make sure of conforming your assitance

The tickets for this place will be released on October 1st, please go to the following URL to confirm:

WEBSITE - Tohoshinki The Live 2009 - Special

Source: toho-jp
Trad: Rukia (from Spanish to English, trad to Spanish thanks to TVXQ Peru )

Comments: too many news for today? oh lol XD

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Friday, September 25, 2009

[Drama] Heading to the Ground Episodes 4 + 5 + 6

a Real BIG update since I didint update those so here you go

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

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[News]TVXQ’s Endlessly Sweet reaches number 1

Source: Allkpop

TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki's
new digital single"Endlessly Sweet" reaches number 1... no, not on theOricon Charts but on the mu-mo chart.

Endlessly Sweet is a song for TVXQ's
"Pinky" (Candies) Commercials that has been airing in Japan. Unfortunately, you won't be seeing the song on the Oricon Chart because there's no physical copy release of the single, instead it was released as a "digital only" single on September 23rd. Mu-mo is basically the Japanese version of iTunes and their music chart is based on downloads. Coming in at number 5 on the mu-mo-chart wasJaejoong's and Micky's "Been So Long" single.

[Credits in all kpop]

That's not the only chart where "Endlessly Sweet" took first place, the song also took first on the Musico Daily chart. Jaejoong's and Micky's "Been So Long" single faired a bit better here than mu-mo and was right behind "Endlessly Sweet" at number 2 on this chart:

[credits in allkpop]
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[rumor] Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu Seeking Escape Route?

Source: Allkpop

It was reported recently that the DBSK trio of Jaejoong,Yoochun and Junsu, currently embroiled in a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, have been meeting frequently with tv drama production companies, leading many to speculate about their future plans.

According to sources, since the lawsuit was filed, not only has the DBSK trio been seen in frequent discussions with other entertainment companies, they have also been seeking out suitable properties to act as their new offices, further confirming their desire to split with SM Entertainment.

Many speculate that the DBSK trio are seeking to find an escape route through acting in tv dramas. The trio have time and again stressed that they only want to void their contract with SM but without DBSK disbanding. Even if they win the lawsuit against SM, they wouldn't be able to release an album since Yunho and Changmin did not participate in it. So dramas would be their best alternative.

Despite the being advised that they should solve their differences outside of the court, SM Entertainment and the DBSK trio have been unable to come to a conpromise with each other. The courts will be ruling on the case very soon

Personal record..a new album? O__O..............NO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! >.<
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

[Other] Kim Heechul and Song Ji Hyo Chosen to Host Dream Concert

First of all let me clarify that I'm posting this piece of news here because it mentions DBSK, just cos of that, ok? dont say cos I'm a Sj fan XD

Source: Allkpop

Even with the non-stop downfall among our idols, the show must go on. Shortly after confirming the absence of DBSK and Jaebeom from the 2009 Dream Concert, the new MCs have now been decided and announced.

The organizers have decided to keep it as the same from last year, with Song Ji Hyo and Kim Heechul once again chosen to host the annual concert extravaganza. As former MCs of Inkigayo, their expectations for this event are high. Fans are awaiting to see their chemistry since they are hosting the same concert once more.

I don't know about you guys, but this picture makes it look like they are way MORE than just partners.

Kim Heechul and Song Ji Hyo

Back to the point, Kim Heechul revealed, "I won't let your hopes down by hosting the concert as your MC. I can't wait to have a great time with all of our fans."

The Dream Concert will open its veils on October 10th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which is sponsored by the Korean Entertainment Production Association and SBS.

Over 40,000 visitors are expected for this grand event, filled with hopes of seeing their Korean artistes rocking the stage. Big Bang, Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, SHINee,Jewelry, 2NE1, and MC Mong are just some of the glittering names that will be performing at the concert.

I hope this concert can be a driving force for our fallen stars to come back on stage where they truly belong.


..OMG I cant believe that they are not going to perform in Dream concert 09!! T__T I was so excited about Dream Concert this year!! ..I wanted to see them once more..yet this is so horrible! that they are not DBSK is not gonna be there..makes me sad.. ;__; *will have to watch it for Suju anyway* DBSK in Dream's so disappoiting.....but more than that..depressing, for us fans anyway.
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[Download] Amaku Hateshinaku - Endlessly sweet

It was released as a digital single yesterday =3

Release date: 2009.09.23
Genre: Pop / R&B
Language: Japan

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[News] SM Entertainment’s request gets thrown down

SM Entertainment asked the court that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu's request for SME's evidence be cancelled, but the court refused.

On August 5th of 2009, TVXQ's Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu demanded that SME show them the full contract terms, income records, and other documents that SME hid from them.
The court took TVXQ's side on that conflict, and ordered SME to provide the related documents in trial.

But, SME insisted that the documents weren't subject to investigation according to Korean civil law and that a specific time frame and type weren't specified.
SME then demanded that TVXQ's request for those documents be refused by the court, only to be rebuffed by the court itself.

The Seoul Central Court stated that, "The documents in question have been created by the artists and their affiliated company about legal matters, and according to civil lawsuit proceedings, the owners of the document have no right to withhold the documents from court nor others involved with the documents. Therefore SME's claim that the documents shouldn't have to go under examination is an unreasonable claim."

So it looks like SM has no more tricks up their sleeves. Now we will all know why SME has been so reluctant to reveal the income records and the contract terms.

The court has ordered that SME provide the documents within 10 days.

Things are heating up, and what seems like this infinitely postponed court ruling will finally be revealed by the end of September.

But don't let it fool you. This is just one trial of many that will spring up from this TVXQ issue.

Source: Allkpop

Personal comments: I have to say..that I wish the best to the guys..

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