Saturday, December 6, 2008

SM Fights for Mirotic

In November, the album MIROTIC was banned from the youth under the age of 19. The Commission of Youth Protection(I'll be calling them CYP from now on) has labeled Mirotic in the same catigory as "Rainism". 
For those that don't know, Rainsim is an album by 비(Bi); Rain. Rainism was said to be harmful and detrimental to youths. The CYP are saying that Mirotic is 'harmful and detrimental' to youths too. The reason for banning Rainism was for inappropriate lyrics, and Mirotic is being banned for that same reason. 

On December 4th, the banning went into effect. The song 주문(spell) Mirotic is banned from playing on radio station until after 10 PM. For concerts and performances, the lyrics will be changed if they want to perform it. 
They are already done promoting Mirotic and are promoting Wrong Number, so they thought the banning wouldn't be too extreme, but this banning is an embarrassment to SM Entertainment and to DBSK.

SM Entertainment has started to fight back for Mirotic. SM. ENT will, starting next week, file legal caseagainst this to the Justice Court/ District Court. It was agreed that SM Entertainment would have a 'Cleaner' version of 주문 Mirotic, but they feel like it is very unfair to them.
The CYP said that the song lyrics and also the title of the song's, Spell - Mirotic, meaning is harmful and overly sexual. The lyrics included.
Explanation of the real meanings of the lyrics and the title of the album was given to the CYP. SM has explained that the title JUMUN - Mirotic is far from the meaning of erotic or anything sexual like the association is taking it.

News of this has spread over to Japan's Media and Japan as started to ban the song as well. The Japanese Single is getting the age ban just as Korea did.
The Japanese version of Mirotic has reached number one on the Oricon Charts many times already and has also won the Golden Artists Award at the " Best hit Gayo Awards" Japan.

Posted by: Kamizuki

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Friday, December 5, 2008

DBSK's Don't say goodbye

So they performed 'Don't say Goodbye' from Mirotic Ver C. and it's awesome I must say, I hadn't had the chance to listen to it but wow, very nice song ^__^

Performed at: Music Bank 

Click Here

To watch the performance ^__^ 

DBSK Fighting! you guys rock and this song is so beautiful yesh =3

Enjoy the performance 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

DBSK wins gold!

DBSK's "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?" received the golden reward. Every year Japan has their "Japan Record Awards". This year 12 songs got the gold. DBSK is one of the 12.

"Soba ni Iru ne" by Thelma Aoyama
"Ai no Mama de" by Junko Akimoto
"Ameato" by w-inds.
"Ti Amo" by EXILE (Love this song!)
"Edo no Temari Uta II" by C-ute
"Moon Crying" by Kumi Koda
"Ya Mujo" by Kazuyoshi Saito
"Jungle Dance" by Nana Tanimura
"Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?" by TVXQ <====Yay!
"Genkai Funauta" by Kiyoshi Hikawa
"Wajima Asaichi" by Kaori Mizumori
"Girigiri HERO" by mihimaru GT

Congrats to them for this award!
Also congrats to all of the artists who achieved gold!! 

The TBS will broadcast the award Ceremony LIVE on 30th of December, where all of the winners will come to receive their award!

Posted by Kamizuki

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

25th single preview

Tohoshinki (as their japanese name is) sang at Music Japan a bit of their new song (which will be released on January, 21st next year) Bolero.

It's a nice ballad, slow, very pretty song. =3

According to some comments written on Youtube it says that the person who wrote this is the same who wrote ''Love in the Ice''.

I think it's Bolero though I had imagined something else due to the name (which is a Spanish word, and also a kind of music genre where you dance very close to your partner and almost like hugging..I can't remember XD) I thought it would be more..ah how to explain..dunno ..a faster song, hand't imagined that it would be a ballad, but it's nice I must admit, I'm really looking forward to their single, it's gonna be great. (though now I think it might be ''wasurenaide''..instead of Bolero..ah whatever XD dont listen to me on this lol)

If you want to pre-order their 25th single then go here

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