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[INFO] 100108 SS501 Kim Hyun Joong calling Kim Jae Joong because of a Korean TS

Here is the story:

Korean TS*: Hyun Joong oppa, where is Jae Joong oppa?

Hyun Joong: I am not sure. (Hyun Joong gave me his signature, then I saw him talking on the phone, seems like he was calling Jae Joong )

Hyun Joong: Hyung, where are you?

Jae Joong: I am at 압구정동 Apgujeong-dong, anything?

Hyun Joong: Nothing I will call you back later.

Hyun Joong: (Hanged up the phone and talked to me) he says he is at 압구정동 Apgujeong-dong hehe.

Credit: Daum Blog
Chinese Translation:
English Translation:
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[INFO] 020110 Jaejoong in VANCOUVER

Hey, everyone!

I'm not completely sure if this is in the right section or not. BUT this is in response to the recent new that Jaejoong may be coming to Canada.
This can be found here:

It was CONFIRMED that Jaejoong has landed at the Vancouver airport today. My mom's friend was on the same flight with him and her newphew personally got 3 autographs from him.

So, all Cassies in Vancouver- if you have any updates on this, feel free to share it with the rest of us here!

Credit : happy.colour@OneTVXQ
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[NEWS] 3 TVXQ Members to Start Their Solo Activities?

3 TVXQ Members to Start Their Solo Activities?
Proposals from company to star in drama and film production!

The 3 TVXQ members first trip together is to prepare for their own activities?

3 TVXQ members who have been in conflict with SM Entertainment regarding exclusive contract issue, Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun recently took a trip to Australia together.

On the 4th, they went to Sydney Australia to take a break and go for a tour to popular tourist attractions in entire city including the Opera House, before coming back on the 7th.

This is the first time these three people went on vacation after the lawsuit regardless the schedule from SM Entertainment.

The three TVXQ members refrained that they had their actual solo activities through the latest traveling of theirs, saying that they just went for a re-charge and also to set up some plans for the upcoming activities in this new year.

However, the trip that was supposed to be enjoyable for the TVXQ members was getting a bit inconvinient as their fans kept gathering on the spots they went after the news of them going to Sydney spread.

According to officials, even just after Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun arrived at Sydney airport, there had always been a long line of fans following them even to hotel.

Regarding this trip to Sydney, some people argued that this was made for a pictorial photography. The evidence was a photography camera that was spotted when they arrived at airport, also couple of pictures taken by fans and spread through internet about a photoshoot that was taken on a boat with famous Sydney Harbor Bridge as the background.

Yet the 3 TVXQ members representative explained, “It was a pure vacation, there wasn’t any other purpose.” he continued, “The members going to Sydney Australia is also no more than this one time.”

Meanwhile, while the music career of 3 TVXQ members laid off for a while, it’s expected that they will start active again in near future through acting.

According to 3 members TVXQ acquaintance, currently the 3 members have received proposals to appear in drama and movies. There are already some request for them from drama and film production company, and now the members are in process of selecting scenarios, scripts, and many others.

Xiah Junsu himself will raise up stage for musical ‘Mozart!’ at Sejong Cultural Centre, Seoul and his final appearance will show off on February 20th.

Source: Young Dong Sports
Translated by:
Shared by: + DBSKnights
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Credit: 祈梦奈叶@Tudou + DBSKnightsMisc

OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!! Oh my god sun! Jaejoong looks so gorgeous..and Changmin..omg cant wait for the full PV!!
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credit: as tagged+任霄迩家的花花@baidu
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cant wait for more hq pics..kyaa JJ
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[PHOTOS] 100108 Junsu at Incheon airport part 1

credit: as tagged+baidu
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-click to enlarge-
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[INFO] 100109 More Details About Paradise Ranch Drama and Casts

Publishers: SM Entertainment, SAMHWA Networks
Broadcast time: March, 2010
Broadcasters: Undecided
Episodes to be aired: 16
Director: Kim CheolGyu
Sreenplay: Jang HyunJu (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince)
Jeju Island

*Characters (drama role/filmography)*

-Choikang Changmin (Divorced Han DongJoo / X)

-Lee YeonHee (Lee DaJee / Hello Schoolgirl, M, A Millionaire’s First Love,East Of Eden, Resurrection, God of Sea)
DOB: 1988-Jan-09
Body: 170cm, 46kg
Producer: SM Entertainment
Family: 3rd of 1 boy, 2 girls
Education: Department of Theater and Movies, ChungAng Univ.
Debut: 2001, won SM Ent. 2nd Best Youth Contest

-Joo SangWook (Seo YunHo / My Wife Got Married, Chunja’s Happy Events, Queen Seon Duk, Air City)
DOB: 1978-Jul-18
Body: 180cm, 70kg
Producer: SJY Family Entertainment
Debut: 1999, EBS Teenage Drama – My Dream

-Im Soo-hyang (Lee DaEUn, Lee DaJee young sister / 4th Period Mystery)
DOB: 1990-Apr-19 (Seoul)
Producer: SM Entertainment
Education: Department of Theater and Movies, ChungAng Univ. (attending)

-Park SooHyun ( Seo YunHo assistant / Iris, Hwangsanbul, You Are Very Good)
DOB: 1977
Body: 180cm, 71kg
Producer: JangIn Entertainment
Education: Department of Theater and Movies, Seoul Univ.
Debut: 1997, KBS best new talent

-Ahn SukHwan (Dong Ju / Cinderellamen, Boys Over Flowers,Wind Flower, Hometown Legend, Hong Gil Dong, Witch Amusement, Sassy Girl ChunHyang)
DOB: 1959-Nov-01
Body: 169cm, 63kg
Education: DanGug Univ.
Debut: 1987, Dalajin Jeosung

Credit: Kenoa@sharingyoochun
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[TRANS] 100109 Update of Yu Kigoshi’s Blog

2010-01-09 02:49:55
I made a message file!

We have three straight holidays starting from today.
The 11th is the coming-of-age celebration…for me, it was 8 years ago…
Well, I’m OK…I’m a teenager in my heart, but my body is in serious condition…
(T/N: Kigoshi has just recovered from his bad cold.)

I printed out some of your messages and made a file.

For the front page, I wrote many rows of “TVXQ”, changed the colors, so there is a big “TVXQ”~!

I copied all the remaining messages to a CD♪
So what’s left for me to do is …. Oh, my letter…
Since it will be the season of the yellow sand in Korea soon, I would like to enclose a simple present like Japanese candies~!
For singers, your throat is the most important part.
(When I lived in Korea, my throat had troubles with the yellow sand..)
So I’ll write my letter within this weekend!

I still have some trouble with my voice, but I’ve recovered.
Thank you for your worries.

I would like to thank you very much.
Thank you very much for reading my books, “The Secrets of Tohoshinki 1 & 2”.
There will be an extra issue for Part 2, too.
It was well worth walking around, collecting data through the hot summer days.
Thank you, thank you very much………

T/N: Please click here for information concerning Yu Kigoshi and of his supports to Tohoshinki.

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[RUMOR] 100109 Jaejoong Going to Canada?

Hello Members!!!

How are you all doing? Did you all have a good Christmas and a great New Year? I hope so ^^

Anyway this is a short e-mail that I'm trying to get out ASAP. I just received notice from a Cassiopeia member that our lovely JaeJoong is coming to Canada to shoot something TODAY!!!!!!!

He's going to Toronto... here is the info I have so far:

he is in flight AC064, Air Canada...the plane took off from incheon airport at 18.00 Incheon time.
Now, because the flight will be heading in Toronto transit via Vancouver (or vice versa) I cant confirm where he is heading exactly.
Estimating he will arrive around 11am Canada time

If I get more I will post it on polaris itself in free your mind.... So please keep up to date with it as I will as well.

Now, before you freak out I must let you know that this has just been told to me. Were both trying to figure it out as it comes at us. This may change, it is not set in stone but I wanted to get it out there to all of you ASAP.

Take care, have a lovely weekend!

- Jeannie (JaeJoongiesGal) from TVXQCanada

Source: Jeannie@TVXQCanada

this is not 100% confirmed yet.
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Friday, January 8, 2010

[Photo] Mirotic in Seoul DVD photobook

credit: tvxqchamie shared by:
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[Trans] Keita talks about his relationship with Jaejoong

This letter is from someone going by the username “Keita and Jaejoong LOVE”, completely in love with me and Jaejoong-ah, it shows clearly from the radio name.

Writer of the letter: “Lately, Keita’s blog mentions Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong a lot, their happy conversations and such, may I ask how close exactly is your relationship with Jaejoong? Another, I really like both Tohoshinki and w-inds. And like Keita and Jaejoong a lot.

Keita: “This message makes me happy, thank you. With Jaejoong, it just happened to be last year at the end of the year, we appeared together on a Countdown TV late night show, and when we were asked about old videos, we sat close to Tohoshinki, and I sat very close to Jaejoong. After that, we chatted, can’t remember exactly what we talked about, but after our chat, our relationship changed. We talked about exchanging mail. But at the time, we were both very busy, didn’t have time for the exchange. So later, Jaejoong through his manager… At that time said he will leave a mail, after that, the mail was given to me, so I felt… Jaejoong is very handsome, so manly, not just saying this for fun, he’s really, a very nice guy. So from then on, we communicated a lot, and I noticed now Jaejoong is a really warmhearted guy, a bit childish…… As everyone know, Tohoshinki is very popular, so please support Tohoshinki as well as w-inds. I talked a lot about music with jaejoong, and we have discussed how wonderful it would be if one day we can collaborate.”

credit: 0花舞花落泪0@baidu
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[INFO] 100108 Yoochun's Cyworld Update

Yoochun's Cyworld Update

He has a new background i like more this is more happy, right?
well the translation of the phrase is in the picture
maybe his phrase is about his time in Sydney?
i don't know but i think than he's happy :) I hope that

Source: Yoochun's Cy.
Translation: Cielo and Yoochun! @ OneTVXQ!
Credits: OneTVXQ!
Shared by: Cielo and Yoochun! @ OneTVXQ!
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[INFO] 100108 AKB48's Kojiharu Imitates Yunho

On Japan’s AKBINGO show, AKB48’s Kojiharu was asked to monomane TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki leader Yunho. For those of you that don’t know what this means, basically they asked her to do an introduction the way Yunho would introduce himself and the group. Unfortunately, she did a bad job and failed… but at least it was very cute.

she was asked by the host to do an impromptu monomane. the point of a monomane, you have to emphasize the uniqueness of the catch phrase to the audience but all she did was introducing himself as yunho in a normal way lol. so the monomane is kinda a fail
- johanajamil2001 @ YouTube

Credits: johanajamil2001 @ YouTube + allkpop
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[TRANS] 100108 "They did not divide into 3-2 at Kouhaku rehearsal," said Komai Chikako, YTV Miyaneya reporter

Komai Chikako is an entertainment TV reporter who works for a YTV's program called Miyaneya, the one that Tohoshinki made an appearance on the day of Best Hits Song Festival. On 1/8, when Miyaneya was having a discussion about Tohoshinki's disbanding rumor on TV, Komai Chikako voiced out what she had seen at Kouhaku's backstage.

"People have been saying that their dressing room was divided by a curtain, and that they came back to the dressing in 3-2 groups at Kouhaku rehearsal; but according to what I saw with my own eyes, there was no such thing as 3-2. They were together as 5 all the times; and even when they had to line up, they didn't split it into 3-2. The 3 who are in dispute with their company right now entered the space between the other 2, and they lined up as 5. The media has been reporting that Jaejoong had an expression that looked like he did not want to answer their questions, but at that time, he was wearing a hood over his head, so it was hard to see his expression..." [T/N: what she meant is that since Jaejoong's facial expression could not be seen clearly, the media just assumed that he was in a bad mood]

Source: Miyaneya + tvxqchamie
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 100108 Tohoshinki on K Boom Magazine March 2010

The magazine will feature Tohoshinki's activities during their last two days in 2009.
It will also feature the history of Tohoshinki from the debut day until now.

With total of 26 pages, K Boom March Edition will be launched on 21.

Source: baidu Hero + Mr.TVXQ
Credit: Misu @
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[PHOTOS] 100105 Jaechunsu in Sydney Airport part 1

credit: as tagged+baidu
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[PHOTOS] Jaejoong @ NHK 60th Kohaku

Credits: JaejoongBaidu
Shared by: Tvxqpowefullgods + DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100108 Modern Mozart Make-up Fits Park & Kim Junsu Well

Make-up Artist Kim Yoo Sun has a unique love for wigs
"I want to hear 'Your work for the musical Mozart! was good.'"

Musicals 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Empress Myeongseong', 'Hairspray' and 'Chicago'. What is the similarity between these unique musicals? Extravagance. And that extravagance existed because of make-up artist Kim Yoo Sun.

"I prefer musicals because they are more extravagant and larger in scale than plays," says Kim Yoo Sun and he has been put in charge of make-up for the musical [Mozart!] that is "a position any make-up artist would envy."

This was his first official interview so he was shy at first but he showed his unique love and pride for wigs throughout the interview. We met with the man who has lived since November buried in the 200 or so wigs that are to be used in Mozart!

"I fell in love with the music of Mozart!, and I'm confident."

Although he has helped with musical productions for over 20 years, the scale of Mozart! is different from others as the 200 handmade wigs required for the production compare with the 100 imported wigs that needed repair in 'Phantom of the Opera' and the 80 handmade wigs in 'Hairspray'. His words are not exaggerations when he says, "Wigs account for 95% of the job," and that "This is the biggest amount of wigs I've worked with yet."

However, make-up artist Kim Yoo Sun accepted this job with more confidence than stress from responsibility. He, who grew up with music close to his side since he was young, expressed what his feelings were when he was given the job offer and said, "I heard Mozart's music, and I fell in love with the crossover of the genres of rock and classical," and "A job this big of a scale requiring over 200 wigs is a job any make-up artist would envy."

Modern Mozart make-up, it fits Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu well

The entire cast must wear wigs, each role has at least three and as many as seven. Each wig was duplicated three times. It can be inferred that the wig production of Mozart! is at least two to three times bigger than past jobs. It takes around a week to make each wig, and there are around 20 designers employed for wigs. They began making wigs after the casting of the cast was finished in November.

Since the head block (shape of the head) is different for each person, each member of the cast requires his or her own wig. This applies especially for the four Mozarts (Lim Tae Gyung, Park Eun Tae, Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu).

Like his explanation that "Mozart is the center of the spotlight visually in this musical," Mozart enters the scene wearing jeans and sporting 'drag hair'.

It would have been difficult to make a modern Mozart, but to him, who "Traveled to 30 countries for overseas shows and saw various cultures," the blending of modern and past was not very hard. He was able to add a modern twist for all of the cast instead of just focusing on Mozart.


Source: [newsculture+DNBN]
Translation credits:
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[FANCAM] Junsu at Sydney

Credits: Rinzei + Caramel_micxiah
Shared by: DBSKnights
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[PHOTOS] Junsu @ Shangri La hotel in Australia

Credits: angelaa [soompi]
Shared by: DBSKnights
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