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[INFO+PIC] 100116 JJ More PIC! Who Are Those Girls? Fans?? Vancouver Airport

[INFO+PIC] 100116 More photos of JJ: Vancouver Airport!

Who are those girls? Fans? Lucky Them~~!

Now, he is wearing a jacket. Stay warm JJ!^^
Wait, wait, who are those girls JJ?! Fans? Absolutely lucky girls!

I bet this store is going to be a tourist spot in Vancouver.
And people would sit at the chair where JJ sat with his tank top at the airport and take photos.
I know I would! LOL

Always Keep The Faith!

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[TRANS] 100117 Song Yujin’s Supports to Tohoshinki, Submitting a Petition to the Korean Government

T/N: Song Yujin, born March 1, 1969. Origin, Korea. He states himself as a culture broadcaster and entertainer. He appears in some Japanese CS programs as a commentator for Korean pops and dramas, and he is also a writer for some Japanese women’s magazines. He has been continuously supporting Tohoshinki, please click here for one of his activities, the "300,000 videos to cheer up Tohoshinki" project.

2010-01-12 00:03:55

Submitting a Petition from Tohoshinki fans!!!

Since there seems difficulties for the discussions between Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment…
I have planned the following project.

(few sentences omitted)

The fans would start to worry when individual activities should increase.
So I thought about writing to the government.
Please refer to the following.
I am awaiting everyone’s participation!
We will submit a petition from Tohoshinki fans.

I have a chance to meet a person related to the Korean government, and I plan to ask him for his help, so that Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment can hold direct discussions.
I thought about doing this on my own, but I wanted to convey all the fans feelings, too, so I decided to collect your comments.
I have planned this in order to support Tohoshinki so that they can do the activities that they really want to do.
I will inform you of the results later.

(few sentences omitted)


(few sentences omitted)

We will accept your comments in Korean and Japanese.

(few sentences omitted)

I will be asking for their aid in order to enable the deep discussion between Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment. I am not asking any further. Please write about Tohoshinki’s contribution for spreading the Korean culture to Japan, and that they are a necessity and indispensable to Japan as a Korean artist.

(few sentences omitted)

Please appeal Tohoshinki’s existence for the cultural point of view.

The person is fluent in Japanese. Please be reassured, your Japanese messages will reach their hearts. According to the reason written as above, this project is intended for people living in Japan.

T/N: Since this project is only for those who live in Japan, I had thought twice or three times before introducing this news to our English speaking friends. However, I wanted to inform you of all the supporting projects currently going on in Japan, so I made this article. (Please be kind and considerate towards Mr. Song, who is putting much efforts in order to support Tohoshinki. Also, no bashing of SM Entertainment please, I have not written this article to raise talks. Thank you.)
I hope that the petition project will be of a success, I will again make an article when the project proceeds.

Source: Song Yujin’s Private blog & “Keep our 5 stars TVXQ!” @ wiki
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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100115 DBSK’s music and personalities, melting hearts in Japan

reported on the 15th, that music company Oricon surveyed over 20,000 retailers and online shopping malls throughout Japan to find out their sales performance and the results were that last year (29/12/2008~27/12/2009) DBSK earned 68,000,000,000 yen (833,000,000 won). This is a large jump from their unplaced rankings in 2008. Since these figures don’t include concerts and TV appearances it can be estimated that DBSK’s total Japanese earnings was nearly 1,000,000,000,000 won.

Even with the news starting from June that they are going to break up, Tohoshinki’s popularity is increasing. Their Japanese entertainment company AVEX has reported that their fanclub has nearly 180,000 members and is the largest in the company.

DBSK’s fanbase in Japan is different to other Hallyu stars such as Bae Yong Jun which is mainly comprised of females in their 40’s and above. Their fanbase is people in their 20’s and 30’s as well as those traditionally Hallyu fans and it is this diverse range which is a feature of theirs. The reason why they were able to capture the hearts of so many fans compared with other Hallyu stars is that they were given the great opportunity to go on the popular show on NHK, Kouhaku that has ratings above 40%. On the last Kouhaku which was aired on New Year’s Eve, they received more applause then anyone else for their second appearance in a row.

The Japanese-Korean relations expert at the Tokyo University, Kimiya Tadashi’s wife who is in her mid 40’s had a telephone interview with on the 15th and said “3 years ago, through my daughter I first learnt of DBSK and seeing them on Kouhaku 2 years ago, I started falling in love with them”. Their charming point was ‘they were different from the other Japanese idol groups which only focused on looks and dance; they showed dedication, not only in their music, and their personalities.’ What’s more their courteous images were viewed positively. She cares about them as if they were her own children. “Normally I would have tried to stop my daughter who is in her 3rd year of middle school if she liked a different group, but as she likes DBSK I tell her ‘Work as hard as they do.’”

She owns all their Japanese and Korean releases and went to Korea last June to go to their concert. She was delighted to say “DBSK getting their release in 3rd place [on the music charts] is the fruit of their endeavours, its evidence that their music and personalities transcends borders.”

Their music naturally spread the Hallyu wave and their position in promoting Korea cannot be ignored. Kimiya says “Through DBSK I discovered other Korean artists, at the moment I like Shin Seung Hoon, Big Bang and Girls Generation.” And also “I know many people who say that they want to learn Korean because they like DBSK”. In saying that she adds “DBSK is not only Korea’s, but Asia’s treasure.”

However 3 of the members said that their contract with their Korean entertainment company SM was unfair and tried to have their contract dismissed last August. News of them disbanding was never ending and so their Korean and Japanese fans found it difficult to hide their sadness. Kimiya was worried and said “Their appearance on Kouhaku compared with other performances was lacklustre.” Earlier in November, Kimiya emailed the Korean press asking them to show a greater interest in their case and criticized the actions of their company.

“The problem is that the issue with the entertainment industry’s old way of thinking and the working conditions that has affected DBSK are viewed as a problem only for the youth or fans not as something that has wide social significance.

The company has not taken the responsibility of explaining to the Asian fans.
We are being neglected.”

Even the Japanese press is giving much attention to the dispute between DBSK and their entertainment company. had the lawsuit and the fan’s reactions as it’s evening headline. Right-wing magazine recently had an article sarcastically titled ‘DBSK cancel fanmeeting, threat of breakup looms’.


Source: + DNBN
Translation: BlackCat @ OneTVXQ
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 100115 JaeChunSu for THE THREE VOICES

Didn’t we tell you to stop making wild assumptions since well… soon or later we’ll figure out the truth???

But they seriously need to correct the movie title in filmkorea site veryyy soon. TEH THREE VOICES ??? ^^;;;
Production Company: blessworld Japan
Directed by: Peter Han
Casts: TVXQ Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu (only Micky Yoochun is shooting in Seoul)

Additional detail:

Production Company: blessworld Japan

Directed by: Peter Han

Korea related link:

More info about blessworld:

This is a famous film production company with 20 years experience in the field which has main office both in South Korea and Japan. THE THREE VOICES seems to hire one in Japan instead of South Korea.

Most of their products are advertorials, such as FACE SHOP, BASKIN ROBINS, but they also produce MVs for singers (ie: Sung Mo Cho’s ‘My First’ MV) and magazine photographs (ie: SINGLES magazine).

Merely this blessworld is only a film production company, one who hired them to produce THE THREE VOICES, is still in question.

Source: filmkorea
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[INFO] 100115 Best Album Tracklist

■2CD+DVD ver. 5,040 yen (T/N: approximately $55 USD)

2.Share The World
3.My Destiny
4.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)
5.Purple Line
6.Stand by U
7.Stay With Me Tonight
8.明日はくるから (Asu wa Kuru Kara [Because Tomorrow Comes])
9."O"-正・反・合- (O San Hei Go)
11.Somebody To Love
12.Lovin' you
13.Rising Sun
14.Summer Dream

【CD2】 (9 songs)
1 ~ 5: Member's choice songs
6. Amaku Hateshinku
7. Toki wo Tomete
+ Two additional songs (T/N: possibly unreleased songs!)

LIVE Digest (1st Live Tour - 4th)
Offshot (First Press only)

In addition, a 24 page booklet and 1 of six postcards.

■CD+DVD 4,200 yen (T/N: approx. $46 USD)

2.Share The World
3.My Destiny
4.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)
5.Purple Line
6.Stand by U
7.Stay With Me Tonight
8.明日はくるから (Asu wa Kuru Kara [Because Tomorrow Comes])
9."O"-正・反・合- (O San Hei Go)
11.Somebody To Love
12.Lovin' you
13.Rising Sun
14.Summer Dream

【DVD B】 (10 songs) + 1 additional song
Karaoke version of live songs and popular songs
Proposed video journal
Share the world, Stand by U (Member version) etc.
Karaoke version of "BREAK OUT!"

In addition, a 24 Page booklet and 1 of 6 postcards.

■CD+DVD ver. 2800 yen (T/N: approx. $31 USD)

2.Share The World
3.My Destiny
4.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)
5.Purple Line
6.Stand by U
7.Stay With Me Tonight
8.明日はくるから (Asu wa Kuru Kara [Because Tomorrow Comes])
9."O"-正・反・合- (O San Hei Go)
11.Somebody To Love
12.Lovin' you
13.Rising Sun
14.Summer Dream

Translation: lovebyelove @ Soompi
Credits: lovebyelove @ Soompi
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[TRANS] 100105 Changmin, Heechul, Jungmo: "Kim Kibum, BRAVO!"

(left to right – Changmin, Heechul, Jungmo: "Kim Kibum, BRAVO!")

The movie ‘Jumunjin’ which is starred by Super Junior Kim Ki Bum along with actress Hwang Bora (director Han Myeong-jung / HMJ FILMS production) held its VIP premiere today on January 15th, 08:00 p.m. at the Lotte Cinema in front of Konkuk University, Jayang-dong Gwangji-gu Seoul.

‘Jumunjin’ is a love story about a destined meet between a man whose love had been abandoned in the past by his beloved lover, lose everything and continued to live as a ghost (Kim Ki Bum) and a pure inquisitive girl Ji-na (Hwang Bora).

With a beautiful scenery as the background, a magical love story of a man and woman that will break your heart, ‘Jumunjin’ will be released on January 21st, 2010.

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Comments:..Kibum !! I havent seen him in a while he looks handsome in that pic ^^

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[SCANS] 100115 WHAT'S IN & 2010魅惑の韓国スター Magazines



Credit: HERO子@ameblo
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re-up: DBSK Kingdom
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[TRANS] 100114 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

2010-01-12 22:17:26


I am quietly whispering to the ToJaeTen” {T/N: Tohoshinki + Jaejoong + Tengoku (Heaven)} members, how are you?
Thank you for sending me letters, Tohoshinki’s songs, and handmade albums.
On my break time of my work (T/N: Kitagawa is a scriptwriter. She wrote the original script for “Heaven’s Postman”, the movie starring Jaejoong.), doing stretches, I am hearing the songs and thinking that “Oh, Mr. Jaejoong, were you singing these kinds of songs?”
I like the so called “MIROTIC”, and I also like, how should I say it in Japanese, “Niji”? (T/N: “Rainbow”).
I should be a rookie.
When my feelings calm down, and Jaejoong’s surroundings settle down, I should be able to write Jaejoong’s stories frankly.
I think so. I really do.
And, for Heaven’s Postman (T/N: she is rewriting the Japanese script for the movie once again), to tell the truth, my work is proceeding.

T/N: Please click here for the reason why she suspended writing about Jaejoong.
T/N2: I am happy to know that Kitagawa has recovered a little bit to write about Jaejoong. I sincerely hope for the date when Kitagawa resumes writing articles about Jaejoong and Tohoshinki on a regular basis, since her strong support has been a ray of sunshine to us fans in these hard days.

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[PHOTOS] 100113 Changmin at Incheon Airport part 1

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[TRANS] 100114 Tohomobile - Junsu's Thank You Message

[TRANS] 100114 Tohomobile - Junsu's Thank You Message

This is a special feature only for people who have sent Junsu birthday wishes via Tohomobile.
Thank you for your birthday wishes.
I was very happy.
Since I have turned 23, I want to challenge myself with many many things.
Everyone, please support me more than Yoochun.

Cool Junsu

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 100113 Xiah Junsu crashes servers

TVXQ member Xiah Junsu, who was cast for the upcoming musical “Mozart!” crashed ticket servers due to high demand and traffic.

Once again, we are able to feel the sheer amount of power TVXQ members possess. Ticket servers went live on the 13th at 2PM and immediately crashed due to the rush of fan girls fighting for tickets and of course mashing F5. If there’s one thing fan girls can do, it’s that they can break anything on the internet.

Within 3 hours of opening ticket sales, “Mozart!” rose to the #1 spot. The musical will open on the 20th in Seoul.

source: Allkpop
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[NEWS] 100114 Caused by TVXQ? Seoul Is Top Tourist Area For Several Asian Nations.

YT: seouldreamseries

Joong Ang Daily News
January 14, 2010

Seoul is the No.1 place where Japanese, Chinese and Thai tourists want to visit, beating out New York, Paris, Honolulu, Maldives and Rome, according to a survey conducted by AC Nielsen, an international market research firm.

This is the second consecutive year that Seoul was in the No. 1 position, the Seoul city government said yesterday.

The survey result comes a few days after Seoul was ranked the No. 3 place to visit this year by The New York Times in an article called: “The 31 Places to Go in 2010.” The Times travel article remains at the top of the most e-mailed articles in the travel section.

Over 1,600 Japanese, Chinese, and Thai tourists who either plan to travel abroad this year or had traveled abroad before in the past two years participated in the online survey.

In the survey conducted in December, 11.4 percent of 800 Chinese respondents picked Seoul as the city they want to visit the most followed by Tokyo (9.9 percent), Paris (8.8 percent), and Maldives (7.4 percent).

Japanese respondents echoed the sentiment of Chinese prospective tourists with 9.8 percent of 500 Japanese respondents saying they want to visit Seoul, outpacing Honolulu, which garnered 9.6 percent, and Rome and New York, which were both listed by 5.4 percent of those polled.

Infinitely Yours, Seoul CF (Japan Version)
(Yep, lots of Japanese go to Korea because of TVXQ for sure!)

Three hundred prospective Thai tourists participated in the survey and 20 percent chose Seoul as their first choice of places to visit.

Tokyo at 10.3 percent, Maldives at 7.7 percent and Paris at 5.3 percent followed.

Separately, the research company also surveyed 600 other tourists from the three countries who visited Seoul, asking them what the most decisive factor was for their decision.

Many said they saw advertisements about Seoul and watched a Korean TV drama series that showed scenes of the city.

The Seoul city government created and broadcast a TV advertisement “Infinitely yours, Seoul,” featuring the popular K-pop groups Girls Generation, Super Junior, and TVXQ to target potential tourists in Asia.

“There are eyes on Seoul this year as the Korean government is hosting G-20 Summit and Seoul is hosting the 2010 World Design Capital,” said Kang Cheol-won, an official at the city government’s public relations bureau.

“And Seoul was ranked third by The New York Times as a place to go in 2010,” Kang added.

“The city government will continue its marketing strategy to attract more foreign tourists beyond Asia,” he said.

Always Keep The Faith!

Credit:Joong Ang Daily News+Seoul Tourist Breau+as tagged
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[TRANS] 100114 What's In February Issue

Faith eternally…

“The desire to continue singing”, “Believing in eternity”, ‘Break Out!’ engraved their determination.

- Non-related part omitted –

‘Break Out!’ is the new single from Tohoshinki, who we had not been able to see for a long time. They had chosen to release this song to not disappoint us, this up-beat and full of passion song will definitely attract your attention.

The lyric is the composer's personal understanding of the interpretation of their current situation and it seems to deliver the message to us with their determination through the english part of the song. “The desire to continue singing”, “Believing in eternity”, this is what I believe in.

The second song, ‘Xiahtic’, revealed a cool and intense dance song, JunSu, who is skilled in ballad songs, revealed his powerful dance and charismatic vocal. JunSu not only once again proven his singing ability with ‘Xiahtic’, we can also see his talent in composing. At the same time, Tohoshinki had proven us that they are a talented group with infinite potential members within.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 100114 Doushite included in 'Unrequited Love'

Tohoshinki’s "どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? Why did I fall in love with you?” will be included in the compilation album ‘Unrequited Love’ by Rhythm Zone releasing on the 24th of March 2010.

The songs in the album are selected based on the research data by Japan's largest social network system known as ‘MIXI’.

Source: TVXQ-Yard
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO]101113 TVXQ Best Sellection Album World Wide Preorder Started!

*These CD/DVD are sold by Avex which DNBN suggest us fans to purchase from.
And I believe that this store's sells numbers are counted in the Oricon chart. ^^

Best Selection 2010 (Jacket A)(2CD+DVD)(Japan Version)

DVD Region 2Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)

Price: US$55.99
Free International shipping world wide
Expected release date: February 17, 2010. Preorder Now!

Find discription of the album below.

Best Selection 2010 (Jacket B ) (CD+DVD)(Japan Version)

DVD Region 2Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)

Price: US$46.25
Free International shipping world wide
Expected release date: February 17, 2010. Preorder Now!

Find discription of the album below.

Best Selection 2010 (Jacket C)(Japan Version)

Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)

Price: US$30.75
Free International shipping world wide
Expected release date: February 17, 2010. Preorder Now!

Find discription of the album below.

Always Keep The Faith!

Credit: Avex
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[INFO] 100113 "Bonjour Paris" Photobook Set Available on CDJapan, For a limited time only

Number of discs:
Item weight: 4500g (about 9lbs)
Label/Distributor: Tokyo Cell Video
Origin: China
Price: USD 160.45

* Import from China. Fourth photo book features tons of photos took in Paris. Set of three photo books (Bonjour Paris I, Bonjour Paris II and Parisien) eight postcards, eight poster and bonus DVD featuring making-of and interview. * DVD Region code 3.

Note: Sorry, no Korean version of the photobook (we know a lot of people want that). In this version, the DVD is only in a sort of sleeve, while in the former, it's in a proper DVD case. Not sure about the quality of the pages of the photobook. Also not sure if this import from China is also the Hong Kong version that's been circulating.
If you want to get your hands on this photobook, order it now before you regret it. ^^;
Korean version

Source: CDJapan
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[TRANS] 100108 Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu Suit the Modern Make-Up of Mozart

Makeup designer ‘Kim Yu Sun’ with a love of wigs different to others
“I want to hear that I did well with the musical [Mozart!]”

Musicals “Phantom of the Opera,” “Empress Myungsung,” “Hairspray,” “Chicago” - each of these shows have different points that appeal to others. What could they have in common? It is their glamour. All at the end of this glamour is makeup designer Kim Yu Sun’s presence.

The one who said “I prefer musicals that are flamboyant and are on a large scale than the theatrics” is in charge of the make-up for the musical [Mozart!] “If the makeup designer is you, it will be the envy of everyone.” – quote from the Director Yu Hee Sung

Although he said that this is his first official interview, and that he felt shy about it, he talked about his affection and pride for his wigs without any difficulty throughout the whole interview. We have come to meet the man who, from November onwards, lived buried in Mozart and 200 wigs.

“I was blown away by Mozart’s music and I had confidence in it”

Although he has done the makeup for other sizeable musicals for over 20 years, there was a big difference between importing and ‘repairing’ 100 wigs for ‘Phantom of the Opera’ or making 80 wigs by hand for ‘Hairspray’ and making 200 wigs by hand. His words were, “The makeup is 95% wigs and in the past, it was the biggest part of the costumes” was never an exaggeration.

Even with this load makeup designer, Kim Yu Sun, accepted the job with confidence, not pressure. Ever since he was young, he has worked closely with music, saying “After listening to Mozart, I was blown away by the crossover with rock and classical music.” He told us his feelings after hearing “If you are the makeup designer to make 200 wigs, it would be a job anyone would desire.”

Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu suit the modern make-up of Mozart

Caption: Kim, make-up designer, who for his latest work manufactured approximately 200 wigs answered “Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu suit the makeup of Mozart the best.” The 2 photos on the right are the two who are playing Mozart, Kim Junsu and Park Gun Hyung.

The entire cast wears wigs; each cast member wears at least 3, at most 7 and in Mozart, there are 4 copies of each wig. Just by knowing this, you can say that the work load was 2 to 3 times as much. As making 1 wig takes a week, 20 designers were used. The proper wigs were made starting from November, when the cast was finalised.

As everyone’s headblock (head shape) is different, even if they have the same part the different cast members must have their own wigs. This is especially important with those who play the role of Mozart (Lim Tae Kyung, Park Eun Tae, Park Gun Hyung, Kim Junsu).

Like this explanation, “Mozart is a production with it’s visual aspects as the most prominent.” Mozart appears with a drag hairstyle and jeans. By saying “Out of the 4, Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu suit the look the best,” he has raised expectations in the 2 actor’s interpretations of the modern Mozart.

Even though it was difficult reinventing Mozart, (he said) “I was exposed to many different cultures while working on musicals in 20 different countries.” To him, combining the past and present isn’t a difficult job. He explains that the true question isn’t how closely the cast stick to the traditional style, but how much of a modern twist are they able to put in.

-non-related parts omitted-

T/N: Makeup here refers not only to what you put on your face, but the whole costume and hair.[/i]

Source: + DNBN
Translation: BlackCat @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[VIDEO] Break Out! PV (Higher Quality)

Credits:tscchamie @ YT
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[INFO/AUD] 100113 Jaejoong's Greeting for HEY!JJ

Hey!JJ is a really popular Chinese forum for Jaejoong
They love him to death and in return he loves them too!
He always uses the Hey!JJ towel at concerts

Source: HEY!JJ
Credits: lbl04 @ YouTube
Shared by: + DBSKnights +
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[INFO] 101112: TVXQ TV Schedule. January 2010, +Opening Song - TVXQ Break Out - "Tomehane Suzusato High School, C


101112: TVXQ TV Schedule. January 2010

-TVXQ Special 2009
01/31(Sun)18:00~19:00 [Mnet]
02/03(Wed)13:00~14:00 [Mnet]

-4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME
01/30(Sat)19:00~21:00 [CS・TBS]

-Yunho Drama: 『No Limit~Heading to the ground~』
01/24(Sun)Start from the first episode / Every Sundays 21:45~23:00(Weekly)KNTV]
Non cut with Japanese subtitles、All 16 episodes.

-Zoom In Special: Only Zoom Knows TVXQ Special Unlimited CSVersion
01/10(Sun)16:00~17:00 [NTV Plus]
01/30(Sat)15:00~16:00 [NTV Plus]

-Zoom Followed TVXQ. All About TVXQ Special:
First appearance and unseen videos of TVXQ. All are revealed at once. 
01/17(Sun)13:00~14:30 [NTV Plus]

It is one of the total collection of continued special from a previous week「NEW YEAR SELECTION」
Preview will also be broadcasted.
01/09(Sat)18:00~18:30[Fuji TV]

A Total Collection Special. Past appearance with the talk part will be on air.

-NHK Drama8:『Tomehane!Suzusato HS Calligraphy Club』
Theme song is「BREAK OUT!」。※TVXQ’s appearance is probably not expected in this show。
01/07(Thu)20:00~Start / Every Thursdays 20:00~ [NHK]

-An incredible Creator / Foot Stem of Katsuto Matsuura (Avex CEO)
Documentary of Max Matsuura。BS site has TVXQ’s name to appear in this program.
01/09(Sat)13:00~15:00[BS Asahi]
01/17(Sun)21:00~23:00[BS Japan]

-KNTV TVXQ Special!
From the selected previous appearance of TVXQ at MBC・SBS
【Planned air time and date.】
・『TVXQ Special』・・・Drama/Xman etc
01/03(Sun)Start / Every Sundays. 24:15~27:45
・TVXQ in Song Festivals: 2004-2008
01/03(Sun)Start / Every Sundays:13:00~16:40
・TVXQ in SBS Popular Song Contest
01/07(Thu)Start / Every Thursdays: 17:55~19:00
※Time and the date may change.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: TV Guide+as tagged
Trans: Junsulv
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[TRANS] 100112 Max Matsuura Mail News

Max Matsuura's Mail News service is only available to his subscribers on blog. You can only get his daily mail news once he approves you into his friend list. His blog is open to public, but these mail news are not, so they contain more of his private thoughts and opinions.


Yesterday, on my way back to Japan, although I slept 4 hours on the plane, due to jet lag, I got very sleepy at 9:00.
I am Matsuura who felt asleep after watching a political debate on TV while worrying about Japan's future.
What will the future of the government be - this has been a topic that I've talked about a lot these days.
I didn't even have interest in it before…

To gain something, we lose something.
When there's a winner, there's a loser.
There are also cases that losing is actually winning.

We keep winning and losing, but if we don't keep our heads calm;
there are times that we make mistakes due to our impulsive judgment;
and there are also times that we think we already lose, but then the developments following up after that actually make us the winner.
Moreover, since it's not a game, there's nothing called "The End".

I feel that DPJ & LDP [2 major political parties in Japan] both talked about what they have to, so I wonder what will come out of it.
A person who has nothing to do with politics like me is sighing right here.
I am in no position to become a political critic, nor do my ideas have any significance in them;
I am just being unhappy thinking that I can't do anything beside watching the government carefully.
Even so, it seems like there is no way that all of them will come to an agreement about issues such as gas tax and childcare system.

Well then, although it's a little bit late, I should formally say "Happy New Year" to everyone.
This is the period that things process the slowest in a year in the music industry.
Every year, to recharge myself, I go abroad.
Well, since the end of last year, I've more or less recharged my engine,
and came back with a clear head.
… well that doesn't mean that there's nothing in my head right now because that would be a problem.
What I meant is that I took time to balance my head in order to deal with various problems that are going on.

I have made up my mind that in 2010, I will strike hard to seek for solutions
to various problems of the company, problems of artists, as well as problems in the industry.

It seems like a lot of you have watched my documentary during New Year, thank you.
Your encouraging emails is much better than any New Year gift.
Thank you very much.

I also received a lot of emails from fans regarding Tohoshinki,
I am terribly sorry that you have been worried.
As soon as correct information comes out, we will definitely announce to you.

Well then,
I will strive my very best in 2010.

Matsuura Masato
masato max matsuura


T/N: If you want to send Max Matsuura a message, we will help you to post it on his blog. Please leave your message HERE.

Source: Max Matsuura's Mail News
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
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[INFO] 100113 THSK - Break Out! PV Airing Date


BREAK OUT! PV-air information.


2010/01/14 3:00 pm to 4:00pm

Credit: Toink3@Soompi
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010



2,791 228,603 東方神起 「Stand by U」
2,219 171,783 JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from 東方神起) 「COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter」
1,750 176,258 東方神起 「Share The World/ウィア!」

3,701 304,312 東方神起 「The Secret Code」

5,185 212,077 東方神起 「4th LIVE TOUR 2009 -The Secret Code- FINAL in TOKYO DOME」
3,546 109,434 東方神起 「HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.4」
2,788 121,083 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」
2,642 *70,469 東方神起 「2nd LIVE TOUR~Five in the Black」

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[FANACC] 100112 Hyun Joong & Jae Joong in Vancouver

[FANACC] 100112 Hyun Joong & Jae Joong in Vancouver

Location: Vancouver Pacific center
Date: 9 January Canada Time

Jae Joong & Hyun Joong Canada tour

From: Xiaonei

When the fan came out from the lift and saw them,
(The fan might have probably ask him whether he is Kim Hyun Joong)
Leader say: "I looked like Kim Hyun Joong?"
Jae Joong said: "You are Kim Hyun Joong!"
I have no comments........

Seems like Kim Hyun Joong & Jae Joong currently are at Vancouver, there's photographs, but sorry, we can't share. Some of them saw them eating in Vancouver and drinking.
Yesterday night they left Korea at 5:30, taking Air Canada and arriving in Vancouver at 11:00. According to them, they will leave Vancouver in a short while to Toronto (Maybe they already went to Toronto). They left together with their manager and stylist.
Hero Jae Joong came to film a japanese documentary. As what we see, seems like they were filming together (This I am not so confirm)
I was told tomorrow we could see the phototgraphs.
Hi everybody, I am a 3rd Yr High School student in Canada Vancouver! It's a bit.... messy.... try to be understanding!! Today I have good luck~~
First.... My elder sister is studing in Americas University, she come back for holiday for some time... now the holiday just ended , she is leaving for America tomorrow~

My sister's birthday falls on the 22nd of this month, to celebrate the party, so we went to eat Korean food. When we go to XX to buy cake!! We saw DBSK's Hero Jae Joong & Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!!!!!!! Although my eyes were wide open, but I felt like I am dreaming.... my expression was completely..... (Like a blooming flower)
Soooooo....... charming!!!! Completely charming, my heart were beating loudly~~~
I wanted to take photographs, but my hand was shaking!!! I have only brought my handphone with me~~~ The manager when saw me taking the photographs immediately said: "No!" TT
But ..... they are reallly very charming ah!!!
In order to have some close up photo, I don't even click my eyes and looked at Hero Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong.......
Even if they met my eyes for..... 0.0000000000000000000000000001 seconds also.... hehehe
Kim Hyun Joong.... looked very tired and don't smile, Hero Jae Joong is also similar.
When paying the bill, there's some Japanese mothers around !!! and they used japanese to chat for a while.
That's all, because I am too shocked causing me to not remembering anything..... so..... even never seen in Korea but actually seen them in Canada!!!! It is really very great~~~
Really too charming... and their face were small... every the foreigners also cannot compare with their charm. Really too charming TT
Ah.... really too good.... TT
Although very regret... TT ah... should have used my own camera to take Hero Jae Joong... should at least greet him TT
Really.... no matter what!!! Quick, completed! Learning time, going back to Korea to meet them again!!!! Not matter what!!! Must !!!! Ahh..... really very regret that I didn't greet them. TT "Korean undergraduate overly excited, heart almost exploded's missing story, and there's no photographs, there's only text" Thanks for reading everybody...... hehehehe

Credit: (Chinese translation) Jea Joong Tieba + (English translation)
Shared by: DBSKnights +
Please repost with full credit

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[NEWS] 100112 SNSD Tiffany and Jessica Mentioned DBSK in Soompi

Soompi: Well, since you've been here, you've obviously met a lot of people in the entertainment industry since you go to a lot of performances and events. Who have you met that has blown your expectations out of the water. Like, you had a lot of respect for them before but when you met them, you were amazed.
Tiffany: [pause, thinking] Definitely BoA. And I mean, she still tends to amaze the world.
Jessica: [thinking] Um... for me... Dong Bang Shin Gi.
Tiffany: [cuts in] Yeah, I have to say that, too. They're so professional.
Jessica: Yeah, they're like different people.
Tiffany: That's why we admire both of them. BoA unnie, she's tiny and little and cute and completely lovable. And she goes onstage and she's completely different.
Soompi: She's got a lot of power onstage.
Tiffany: With both of them, that's something that we definitely admire. When it comes to music, their passion is so intense that they're like different people, and that's what we admire.

Source: link
Credits: Team Soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights +

NOTE: No bashing So nyo shi dae ok? please, T_T*not a fan just dont want probs*
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[NEWS] 100112 “Paradise Ranch” Update: Chosun News

(Photo Credit:Innolife)

You Ha-Na is to cast in the drama "Paradise Ranch".
You Ha-Na will act together with Changmin (Max) of TVXQ.

It is made clear that You Ha-Na will play the position of a promising interior designer
who is a daughter of a financial combine during a drama, and You Ha-Na develops love story
between Changmin and Joo Sang Wook, reported on January 11th, 2010.

Backed by a beautiful nature of Cheju Island, "Paradise Ranch" is to draw work and love of youths.
It is aimed to be broadcast in March 2010.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source Credit: Daily Chosun News. (Similar News also reported at innolife today.)
Trans: Junsulv (responsible of trans+post. )
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[TRANS] 100105 Eunhyuk: At that time, Junsu & myself hit back at

100101 The 86 Line in the industry
EH: Today we had a meeting of the 86 line, about ten were there. Myself, 2AM's Changmin, Supreme Team's E-Sens, Jewelry's Eunjung & Juyeon, Ex After School member Soyoung, Seeya's Boram & Yeonji, & lastly Junsu. We got together & had a meal, we even went bowling - even right now they're still together. I said I have to go off for a program so they can stay here & wait for me, after the program ends I'll rush off & look for them.
ET: What about BoA? BoA & Junsu are very close, ask her along. (Note: Whenever Eunhyuk mentions people of the same age, Eeteuk will tease him about the awkward relationship with BoA.)
EH: Then, I'll try.
ET: Will BoA play with you?
E: If she doesn't want to then it's fine. Next time I'll bring this group of friends into the studio. This is the first time I've ever gathered with so many other celebrity friends.
ET: I haven't met with other celebrities outside before. Before I become the nation's xx, I won't meet with anyone outside.

100105 Eunhyuk & Junsu stand up for H.O.T.
ET: Eunhyuk, when you were younger did you frequently discuss about celebrities with your friends & end up arguing?
EH: Yes, very frequently. Especially male celebrities.
ET: H.O.T., Sechskies?
EH: I'm a major H.O.T. fan, & my classmates would say bad things about H.O.T. on purpose, especially after I joined the company as a trainee. They would say awful things to provoke me on purpose. At that time, Junsu & myself hit back at them together, even the faces were scratched.

original; kimseohye @
translation credits; fragment @
found & requested by; viragis @
may take out with proper credits, BUT NO ADDING YOURSELF IN THE CREDITS!
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[INFO] 101111: Two TVXQ Music Score Book will be on sell by Yamaha!

Music Score #1: "TVXQ Selection piano recital with a musical instrument for Piano-Bolero-"

Score "TVXQ Selection piano recital with a musical instrument for Piano-Bolero-"
Yamaha music media
[Price \ 2,300 yen (Around $25 USD)]

Asuwa Kurukaa, Begin, Heart, Mind and Soul, I'll be there, PROUD, Foreve Love, Love in the Ice, HUG,
Doshite Kimiwo Sukini Natte Shimattandaro, Sennen Koiuta, Wasurenaide, Kiss The Baby Sky,
Stand by U, COLORS - Melody and Harmony ..., & Begin (bonus score).

All 16 pieces music are a full chorus, comes with a luxurious color page.

Music Score #2: "TVXQ Selection for Piano-piano solo -Amaku Hateshinaku (Endlessly Sweet)-"

Score "TVXQ Selection for Piano-piano solo -Amaku Hateshinaku (Endlessly Sweet)-"
Yamaha music media
[Price \ 2,100 yen (Around $22 USD)]

Stay With Me Tonight, My Destiny, Somebody To Love, One, Asuwa Kurukara, Heart Mind and Soul,
PROUD, Sennen Koiuta, Doshite Kimiwo Sukininatte Shimattandaro, Wasurenaide, Amaku Hatesinaku
(Endlessly Sweet), Bolero, Kiss The Baby Sky, COLORS - Melody and Harmony - etc.,

Each music piece with one chorus, all 25 pieces-are arranged to be able to play easyly.
Comes with a luxurious color page.

(T/N: Yep, all companies in Japan knows TVXQ is a mega seller! Oronamin, Tohato (PINKY)
and now a world famous Yamaha decided to release two new music score books featuring our TVXQ!
TVXQ rules everything everywhere they appear, right?! Go for more TVXQ!! LOL)

Previous Music score of TVXQ: Online shop URL:
(Please let me know in the comment section if we can purchase these from overseas. Thanks! ^^);searchtype=1

Always Keep The Faith!

Trans: Junsulv (Responsible for trans+post. )
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[INFO] 100111 203 Pages. TVXQ Memoirs Book On Sell!

Contents introduction:

Over the Korean frame, now a super popular No. 1 artist group "TVXQ"!
You will be able to find all about them in this book!


◆ ~5 members of TVXQ PICK UP their treasured goods~ Always together as five!

◆ Preface

1ST stage
◆ The truth of the dissolution disturbance
TVXQ dissolution news……is it true?

2ND stage
◆ The members biography lists / Surface& Bottom
* Yunho
* Changmin
* Jeajoon
* Yuchun
* Junsu

3RD stage
◆ Trace of 2009

4TH stage
◆ A birth secret story of TVXQ
Hardship & episode which has not been revealed in the past~

5TH stage
◆ The step of TVXQ
Till they became a top star from their debut~
* Ran up the stairs to be the top star
* Started as a new face again in Japan
* TVXQ who spread their wings to the world

◆ The tears which five members of TVXQ have shed
◆ TVXQ blood type diagnosis

6TH stage
◆ The five members remark theater that is both astonishing and interesting

7TH stage
◆ A scoop! TVXQ!
◆ SM entertainment interchange MAP
◆ I want to know TVXQ more! Trivia 7(Seven)

8TH stage
◆ Et cetera of TVXQ
* Case / accident
* Solo activities
* A dream of five members of TVXQ
◆ TVXQ fan terms. From the basic knowledge to the deep knowledge.

On Sell: 2010/1/7
203 pages

International fans can purchase this one!!
Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ) Kenbunroku:
US$17.49 (World wide free shipping fee.)
(Written in Japanese.
Nop, YesAsia did not pay me for this article. LOL)

Always Keep The Faith!!

Trans: Junsulv (Responsible for trans&posting. )
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