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[Perf] 091021 JaeChun at BoyPop Factory, Begin & Colors~Melody and Harmony~


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[INFO] 091022 Cassiopeia 1st Single Album "LOVE MELODY" - Letters from Cassiopeia

Album Title: LOVE MELODY
Composition: EH
Lyrics: EH
Vocal: YR, JI, HN, MJ, EH

2.LOVE MELODY (Feat.EH) (inst)

The overall song production and composition as well as the lyrics are made by Cassiopeia.
A lovely song that is packaged with lovely lyrics.

Album contains:
Lyrics book, photo collections MV (one that is previewed here), Cassiopeia jacket picture, etc.

If there are more than 500 orders, the album will be released in digipack.
All sale proceeds will be used in helping needy neighbors.

For more info, visit:

Source: naver and daum cafe
Translation: shinta @ Wordpress
Credits: sharingyoochun @ Wordpress
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[INFO] 091022 With Kiss Scene The Rating of HTTG Ep 12 Increase ~ 1% !

Power of Kiss Scene ?

After broadcasting Episode 11, MBC revealed the Preview of Bong Goong and Ara 's Kiss scene ! That really made a buzz around Fans, especially Yunho's fans

And As they expected, the Rating of Episode 12 with That Kiss scene really Increase ! 0.9% !

The Kiss scene ended up successfully with only oneshot !

Netizen said :

"Yunho is really Good Kisser !"

"I envy Ara!"

"U admit though, if YunJae is real, Jaejoong is really lucky" (Loz)

Credit : WikiDrama + xU@OneTVXQ
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[TRANS] 091021 Tohoshinki and Other Artists to Participate in UNICEF's Charity Project "Happy Birthday Download for Children"

The non-profit UNICEF organization in Japan has started a charity project for the sake of children around the world called "Happy Birthday Download for Children". The songs of artists who have agreed to support this project will be available to download on 11/2.

In this project, each day, one version of each artist singing the song "Happy Birthday to You" will be available on download site. For each download, the tax as well as the commission fee of the song will be donated to UNICEF.

Artists who participate in this project include Aira Mitsuki、AFRA、Ando Yuko、GIRL NEXT DOOR、Kaji Hideki、Koda Kumi、Goto Maki、Sekai Ichi、Tanimura Nana、THE BAWDIES、Harada Tomoyo、BoA、Hotei Tomoyasu、Mochida Kaori、Leyona、YMCK and many others, which make 110 artists in total (as of 10/20). Furthermore, J-WAVE new radio show "Happy Birthday for Children" which is starting on 11/1 will be broadcasting songs and comments from one of the participating artists per day, so please also look forward to it.

Artists who are participating (in Japanese syllabary order)

Ailie / 愛内里菜 / 相川七瀬 / Aira Mitsuki / AJI / ASIAN2 / AFRA / alan / アルカラ / 安藤裕子 / e-sound speaker / ICONIQ / 稲森寿世 / Indigo / WONGGY / 岡崎ゆき / OLIVIA / cargo / GIRL NEXT DOOR / カケラバンク / カコイミク / カジヒデキ / カラーボトル / 川嶋あい / 岸眞衣子 / 木山裕策 / KING BROTHERS / kumi / G.RINA / Keyco / 光上せあら / 倖田來未 / 小島大介 / 後藤真希 / Saigenji / SIMON / 酒井景都 / 坂詰美紗子 / SATOMI' / Chicago Poodle / Jazzin'park / J-Min / SHANADOO / 夙川ボーイズ / JURIAN BEAT CRISIS / JYONGRI / ジルバ / SPICY CHOCOLATE / 杉山ハリー / 鈴木亜美 / 砂川恵理歌 / SPEED / セカイイチ / 高杉さと美 / Takacha a.k.a. STUDIO 8 / 武川アイ / 谷村奈南 / DA PUMP / 知久寿焼 / D-51 / Do As Infinity / 東方神起 / AAA / dorlis / Nabowa / 成田圭 / 南波志帆 / nicco / ネルソン・バビンコイ / HAKUEI(PENICILLIN) / THE BAWDIES / BAZRA / ハッチハッチェル / Honey L Days / Vanilla Mood / 原田知世 / Peaky SALT / ビューティフルハミングバード / FUNKIST / BRIGHT / BROWN SUGAR / PEPE CALIFORNIA / BoA / 布袋寅泰 / 前川紘毅 / MAX / MASH / 三浦大知 / misono / 峰香代子 / 宮脇詩音 / miray / moopy / moumoon / May J. / メガマソ / 持田香織 / 森重樹一 / MORRY TAYLOR / もりばやしみほ / YU-KI from TRF / 遊吟 / 羊毛とおはな / 吉田山田 / 夜のストレンジャーズ / Luxis / ラムジ / Leyona / YMCK / ワカバ

Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 091021 TVXQ’s Upcoming Large Japan Fanmeeting Tour

Popular group TVXQ is currently suffering from legal dispute wherein some of its members involved, however despite of the situation, a large fan meeting tour in Japan will open early next year.

As only some of the members are involved in the legal dispute, there’s been a speculation spread like a wild fire that the group is having a “diverse opinion” situation, nonetheless through this fan meeting, all members will appear again in front of their fans as five showing their healthy appearance. The booking ticket lottery is scheduled to start from the 20th and ever since the site has been flooded with fans’ applications.

Meanwhile, on the 21st next month in China, TVXQ will open their “TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour MIROTIC in Shenzhen”.

Source: ccdailynews
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[TRANS] 091021 Changmin’s Book Breaks 1.21 Million Won in Lotte’s Thermometer of Love Event Auction

After being in the auction for 6 days, TVXQ’s Changmin Japanese book lesson price jumped to 1,2 million won. on past October 16th began their 2nd season of “The 4th Stars’ Most Treasured Collection Auction Campaign” and Changmin’s book–just one day before the deadline day–on October 21st at 04:30 pm currently recorded 1,210,000 won worth in the auction.

Fans heard that this book was left by traces of Changmin’s Japanese study as well as his sign on the cover that seems to attract much interest.

The goal of this campaign is to arouse public awareness of the newly launched of Animal Love Action Association, while the donations proceed from the auction will be used to fund operations of providing organic animal care.

The event that is conducted together with the auction is “Thermometer of Love” event where every 50 love messages written will save 1 bag of animal food. Up until now, about 156,000 netizens went participating in this event and the sum of animal food has reached 313 bags.

Source: SPN Edaily
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[NEWS] 091021 MBC Every1 – The Star Secret Preview

TVXQ members’ hidden story will be unveil to the public.

On the 24th in the morning (midnight) is the broadcast of MBC Every1 “The Star Secret – TVXQ part”. There will be a visit to TVXQ Junsu’s group friends during elementary school in Ilsan. The show’s commercial video had revealed undisclosed pictures of Junsu taken 10 years ago to gather attention.

“He’s so energetic in everything he did. Singing while eating is fine, but is it necessary to do the passionate dance as well? His energy was just gotta spread everywhere. When we’re walking together down the road, he could all of sudden did some dance, just like ‘thang’ ‘thang’” – Baek Nam-hyeon (U-Know Yunho high school classmate)

“U-Know is a friend of mine that has the same eyes as a Siberian Husky. He has full of passion in his eyes. While Changmin came out as pure as a rain and looked so innocent. As for Jaejoong, he’s a very good looking man to the point that you’ll say “Ooh~” when you saw him.” – Kim Kyung-wook (former SM president / TVXQ founder)

“TVXQ is riding the path as superstars. They even have power to destruct the moral culture in South Korea which other group do not have. I never thought there’s a possibility of a group that can do everything well would actually coming out. They’re proceed in singing, live performance, looks, and even become song writers so well, is that even real? Even the USA doesn’t have such a group like this in their history.” – Bang Si-hyeok (composer & producer)

Changmin debuted when he’s still in 1st year of high school. However, just the same like before he debuted, he still practiced english and mathematics lesson until dawn despite the tough time he had as a trainee. Thus the school principal awarded him special prize at his graduation day for his 3 years perfect attendance. The exceptional love of U-Know Yunho to his school before he debuted can also be seen in this episode.

MBC Every1 – The Star Secret broadcast on October 24th, midnight time.

source: Newsen
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by: DBSKnights+

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[NEWS] 091021 TVXQ Is Preparing Intesively For Their Shenzhen Concert

Even if the weather turns colder after November in Shenzhen, the fiery passion for live performances still hold their position. After Chinese band "Superband" held their concert, the Shenzhen Sports stadium will be there to invite popular Korean group TVXQ on the 21st of November, shouting Dong Fang Shen Qi TVXQ! This is the last performance of "The 3rd Asia Tour" in China. The organisers informed us yesterday that the 5 members of TVXQ are preparing the show with even more surprises.

TVXQ's performances in China include the three stops of Nanjing, Beijing and Shanghai, and at each stop it has given fans a lot of highlights and emotional moments. Since the Shenzhen concert is the last of "The 3rd Asia Tour" in China, the workers of company 'Dreammaker' has revealed that this concert will be more extravagant than any of the past three shows, and that in this following month, TVXQ will go through special rehearsals in closed doors. They have expressed that the Shenzhen stop must have even more exciting detail to repay the fans support and trust.

Source: [晶报多媒体数字版/Jing Newspaper]
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[TRANS] 091021: Bigeast Official Fan Club News:

Hello Bigeast!

"Suppa Mucho" campaign has been decided.

If the winning seal is included in the Suppa Mucho bag,
you will be able to receive four bags of "Suppa Mucho"
plus an original TVXQ quo card (500 yen worse).
(T/N: 500 yen is around $5 USD)
5,000 people in total will be able to receive these gifts.

Monday, October 26, 2009, through Friday, February 26, 2010.

Please see the following site about the detail of this campaign.
(PC & Cell phone)

T/N: Another Bigeast Fan Club Official News:
Please continue to vote for TVXQ here: Thanks!

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Bigeast Official Fan Club News
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 091021 Heaven's Postman Airing Date

Title: Confirmation of movie "Heaven's Postman" airing on the 25th of November

Youngwoong Jaejoong, Han Hyojoo, Kim Changwan and Shingu acting. Director - Lee Hyungmin

The movie is scheduled to be screened at 5 CGV cinemas

Source: [神迹域”hero-love/rockjj]
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[TRANS] 091019 Bigeastation Gallery

This time two of us did "Loving You Situation" together.

"Jejuko will you marry me!"

Music Played:
01. COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ by JEJUNG and YUCHUN from TOHOSHINKI
02. Endlessly Sweet by TOHOSHINKI
03. Shelter by by JEJUNG and YUCHUN from TOHOSHINKI

Source: Bigeastation Gallery
Translation: Junsulv @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[NEWS] 091020 Netizens call December Yoon Hyuk “TVXQ UKnow lookalike”

Upcoming male duo December member Yoon Hyuk has made topics for his resemblance to Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo.

December is a project group formed by Yoon Hyuk (25) and DaeGyu (25) and they revealed their faces for the first time on 20th October. The group reminded many as the ‘The 2nd Brown Eyes’ right after their debut.

And after the reveal of their faces, Yoon Hyuk was pointed out by many netizens as “Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo lookalike” and “When he smiles, he looks like Kim TaeHee’s brother Lee Wan".

Credit: sookyeong@kbites
Shared by: DBSKnights &

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[NEWS] 091020 Tohoshinki's CD & DVD Certified Gold By RIAJ

20th, Tokyo, Yonhap News] The CD and DVD that was released in Japan by the popular group Tohoshinki, have been certified "Gold" by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

The RIAJ have published the certified list on their homepage, for works released up until September. "Gold" certification is only awarded for works which sell 100,000 copies and more, and Tohoshinki's Tokyo Dome solo concert DVD "4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME", released in July, as well as the single "COLORS~Melody and Harmony~" released by Tohoshinki members Jejung (Hero) and Yuchun (Micky) as a project group on the 30th of last month, have been certified.

Sales of the unit's (T/N: project group) single exceeded 100,000 copies on the day it was released. The DVD for their Tokyo Dome concert sold over 171,000 copies during the week it was released.

Source: [yonhapnews]
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[INFO] 091021 DBSK's Changmin Auction No.1 in Lotte’s Thermometer of Love Event

1st Changmin - 950,300 Won is --- $807.94 USD
2nd LeeJunki's Pants

Credit: DBSKnights
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NOTE: I had forgotten to post the news about Changmin and this termometer of love sorry ==;
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[TRANS] 091021 Mnet Secret, The Miracle of TVXQ: MIROTIC Concert in Shanghai, Yoochun's Shouts After LOVE LOVE 2...

Note from chomin: I was very busy last week, so I am late in posting this article. I will introduce the message for the sake of foreign fans, since they could not read the messages. (This is only a part of the message)

★The cellphone site "Mnet Secret"
"The Miracle of TVXQ" is updated!

《MIROTIC Concert in Shanghai, Yoochun's Shouts After LOVE LOVE 2...》

(A few sentences omitted)

In this MIROTIC Concert, there were two Japanese songs included in the set list. One is the Number 1 lively song, "Somebody to Love" and the other is "Sky." I imagined that Yoochun’s shouts after "LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE" in "Somebody to love" will be "Shanghai!" but the word he said was "TVXQ!!" (Tohoshinki)

《Aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru “Tohoshinki!!!”》

I personally think that this was Yoochun’s special message. The moment he said those words, I heard that the audience was screaming their heads off.

I was really impressed by this.

(A few sentences omitted)

During Jaejoong’s solo, the whole stadium’s penlights changed from red to green.
The song was "It's My World."
Jaejoong is so good at these types of rock music!
I truly agree to Yoochun’s recent comments, "Jaejoong’s voice is a precious brand."

When Changmin’s solo "Upon this Rock" began, the color of the audience (the penlights) changed to purple.
Changmin’s high notes were wonderful!
I first heard this song at Seoul, and he really has become good at singing this song now.

Chinese Cassies say that they can do only so little, as compared to Korean Cassiopeia and Japanese Bigeast.

This time, they filled the whole stadium with the "Miduhyo" slogan, and changed the colors of the penlights for each members’ solo corners!
They have tremendous power.

I believe these truly encouraged and moved the members' hearts.

In Japan, there are strict regulations and we fans cannot do these kinds of support movements.

But for Japanese concerts, there are good points, too.
We can hear the concerts in perfect order!
I believe that in Japan, you can hear music under the best surroundings.

I want the members to perform in good conditions, for the members themselves, and also for the Korean Cassies, who are forever waiting for TVXQ.

Now, we TVXQ fans' hearts are one worldwide.

We want the five members to perform together on stage,
and we want to see their best smiles when they are performing…

“Always keep the faith!”

For people who want to read the whole message, please register at the following URL, and register for the free mail magazine. (This service is for Japanese cellphones only.)
For persons who has already registered, please read the article!
(Updated every Wednesday)

Source: chomin
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 091018: Free DL of TVXQ Program: KBS Download Mall & MBC JAPAN Collaboration:

The collaboration project will begin on video sharing site, "KBS Download Mall" of KBS
and Japanese official site "MBC JAPAN" of MBC on Monday, October 19, 2009.

Through this collaboration project, the viewers can watch a popular drama,
K-POP from the both sites, and the variety of the programs free of charge for four weeks.

Both sites are down loadable to the personal computers with the QuickStart installation
which can be down loaded free of charge on the site.
"Green pepper player" is necessary for watching these programs.

The week of 9th, through 16th in November:

A very special special program will start!

The Superstar of Asia, "TXXQ Special!(KBS)" will begin!
The program is prepared from the TVXQ's debut in 2004.

It is a treasure images of a must see items by the fans.
You can discover their charms in South Korea which is different from Japan
such as the variety program "Happy Together", with Japanese subtitles
which you can enjoy not only their songs but also their talks.
And not a typical song program "Music bank" of KBS will be shown in the program as well!

KBS DL Mall:

Source:navicon news, KBS, MBC
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[NEWS]091020: Mnet's MKMF Goes into History:

Teaser image saying "There is no MKMF this year" [Mnet]

The Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF), one of South Korea's top K-pop music awards show,
will not take place starting this year.

Cable music channel Mnet had recently started showing a video clip saying,
"There is no MKMF this year" which was also posted on its official website,
leaving fans curious whether the ten-year award would really go down into history.

"It is true that the MKMF has ended. This year's ceremony will take place in a different format,"
an official at Mnet said on Monday.

"We are currently discussing on a new awards ceremony which will
probably take shape around October 23," explained the official.

The MKMF, an annual show which took off in 1998, has been attended numerous times
by Korean pop superstars ranging from Rain to TVXQ to Super Junior.

Source: 10Asia News.
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[NEWS] 091020 THSK's Stand By U Ringtone Certified Gold With Over 100K Downloads

Gold = Over 100,000 full downloads
Platinum = Over 250,000 full downloads

The recent RIAJ publication shows that THSK's Stand By U has been certified Gold for achieving over 100,000 downloads in full mobile ringtones. This is Tohoshinki's third song to be certified in terms of full digital downloads. The other songs include Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou (Gold) and Share The World (Platinum).

Stand By U:
CD sales: 223,103
Full mobile ringtone downloads: 100,000+

Shared by: OneTVXQ

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[TRANS] Junsu opened a Vietnamese restaurant?

T/N: Rough translation for some parts about the dispute w/SM

Photo caption 1: The Pho from Junsu's shop
Photo caption 2: Taken at the end of last year, Junsu was at a ramen shop, talking and laughing with the members

"Junsu recently opened a new restaurant that serves the Vietnamness cuisine "Pho", in Seoul City." (Korean reporter)

Tohoshinki is in the middle of a dispute with their managing company. On 30th September, the 3 members who filed the case, Jejung (23), Yuchun (23), Junsu (22), went to court, but an agreement could not be reached. The other 2 members did not participate in the case, but they are facing adversity.

"As Yunho's (23) drama ratings are low, so it has been rumoured that it will be cut short. As for Changmin (21) who confirmed his participation in his first drama, at the end of August; at this point in time, there has been no progress in the filming." (Korean TV Station contact).

Also, Junsu has no project of his own, is in a state of "isolation", and he opened a new restaurant in the midst of that.

From 7th September onwards, I saw Junsu coming to the shop for three consequtive days." (Regular customer)

This shop is located in Seoul City, and serves Vietnamness cuisine. This reporter went down to try out the Pho, which is a kind of noodle, and the healthy Pho (T/N: not sure on the meat) is especially popular amongst the OL.

"Junsu was talking to the kitchen staff, and he was having a meeting with them. He didn't exit to the hall, but he was wearing the same outfit on the second day, while he was in the kitchen. I suppose he's helping out in the restaurant?"

So Ji Sup's former manager and TVXQ's close friend Lim Yong Pil are also a part of this restaurant. Previously, Yong Pil was seen frequently meeting up with Yuchun and Junsu privately. On the 6th, he wrote in his homepage, "Finally, I've started a business with my younger brothers (TVXQ)." Also, the part that said, "Managing it with Junsu" raised a lot of interest. (Reporter from a Korean Newspaper).

On the 18th September, Yuchun and Changmin enjoyed their meal there together. Mostly likely to show their support for Junsu. My friend also saw Jejung at the shop on the 11th September.

"The fans don't want the 5 of them to disband. TVXQ is made up of 5 people. Of course, the members and fans have strong bonds, and this thought is something that cannot be disregarded. The members have always been too busy up until now, so this is a 'recharging period' for them before they continue sprinting ahead." (Female, Korean weekly magazine reporter)

After their recharge, the 5 members have a power-up, and we will be anticipating that.

Source: [chacha + SYC]
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[FAN REPORT] 090914 Junsu Asked If We Fans Are Okay at His Papa's Pizza Shop

T/N: Our friends at OneTVXQ might remember the article I posted previously
about Junsu appearing at his papa's pizza shop around September 14th, 2009.

You can find it here.

I shared this news with Korean and Japanese fans as well, and one of my friends told me that
her friend met Junsu as well. So, I asked her to share her story with me.
She sent me a memo and it is too great not to share with you all.

Here is the translation of the note I received from her.

090914 Junsu Asked If We Fans Are Okay at His Papa's Pizza Shop

This story is from my friend from Japan who went to study in Korea.

My friend, who is a fan of Yuchun, could meet Junsu at his papa's pizza shop on 090914.

Junsu asked, "Are you all okay?!"

 「みんな、大丈夫?」 ”Minna daijyobu?”

to the fans who were there at his dad's pizza shop.

T/N: Other way of translating this word would be,

"Everyone doing okay?"
"Are you hanging in there?"
"I am concerned about you."
"Are you doing fine?"
"Are you all doing okay?"

But then this friend of mine is a Yuchun fan, so
she did not answer Junsu's kind question but instead asked Junsu if Yuchun was okay.

And then Junsu kindly answered,

"Minna genkidayo," みんな元気だよ。

"Everyone is doing fine."

She felt that Junsu looked a bit skinner,
but she said that she always looks at Yuchun only,
so she is not sure weather Junsu really was skinner or not.
I hope Junsu fans do not get upset with my memo.

Junsu sure is a very thoughtful and kind person!!

By Japanese Fan

T/N: My friend was worried that Junsu fans may not be happy to hear this story.
I, a Junsu fan, am not upset at all, so I am sure that my fellow friends will be okay
to hear this story as well. ^^

I wanted to share this story with you even though it is a story from September.

Junsu saying, "Minna daijyobu?" = "Are you OK?"
and the words "Minna genkidayo," "Everyone is fine," mean
"All of us TVXQ members are doing well, fine and okay."

I just posted an interview of Yunho saying "I am lonely." Even though he is lonely at the moment,
I am very sure all five of them are taking care of each other, and more than anything
they are worried about us, if we fans are daijyobu (hanging in there and doing okay).

Source: Myan & as tagged
Translation: Junsulv @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 091020 TVXQ's Yunho, "I feel lonely."

Yunho talked about what he thinks of being parted from the members of the group.
He has advanced to the actor's road on MBC's Drama, "Heading to the Ground."

Yunho responded to the interview during the photoshoot coverage of the November issue
of the fashion magazine, "W."

Yunho said, "I made an effort to act without the substitute though it was hard,"
and showed great spirit toward his acting.

Yunho was asked about his situation now, being independent from the singers' (TVXQ) activity
and being a new figure as an actor.

"I feel lonely. However, I thinks all such processes and pain is part of the auxesis, growth.
I should grow up more," he answered.

The staff at "W" described; "To be able to shoot these photos
during their Shanghai Concert rehearsal, and also the drama shooting at the same time
was hard to schedule, but his vigor and the bright appearance was filled at the set
which has been shown in the photos.´

Source: Chosun Online News
Translation: Junsulv @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 091020 MBC Drama "Heading to the Ground," Yunho and Ara Finally Succeeded in Kissing Scene

The love knot confusion tied among “Heading To The Ground” characters, Bong-Goon (Yunho), Hae-bin (Ara), Yoon-yi (Yoon-ji), and Seung (Lee Sang-yoon) is finally loosen bit by bit.

The love of Bong-goon and Hae-bin will finally actualized when suddenly Bong-goon grabbed Hae-bin hands and kissed her at an empty street.

In mean time, the tie up of Bong-goon and Hae-bin was found out by Hae-bin current lover, Jang Seung-woo, as well as Bong-goon one and only companion since childhood, Yoon-yi who had been obliged in finding many jobs for Bong-goon in previous times, who–despite the flutter in their heart–pretended of not knowing anything. Bong-goon also faced rows of misunderstandings when he entered the J-league for his early feeling expression towards Hae-bin.

The love confessions scene required a late-night shooting, and the staffs on the site reported that instead of the tension atmosphere that was supposedly around, the two people couldn’t endure their laugh at behind the shoot.

However, contrary to the expectation, Yunho could filmed the scene without a single shot ended in NG.

Yunho said, “Since she’s already more like a relative in family rather than counterpart actress, I came to the shooting in purpose to do it as good as I can. However at the same time, I was also worried that due to shyness, there might be an NG scene, but Ara led me well though it therefore the shoot went smoothly and gladly ended without mistake.”

The love line in “Heading To The Ground” is expected to gather more attention from the audiences.

Source: joynews
Translation: shinta @ sharingyoochun
Credits: sharingyoochun @ Wordpress
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Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT details

[Reservation period]
October 20, 2009 (Tue) 16:00 – October 26, 2009 (Mon) 18:00

Edited with more detailed schedule
[Time and Venue]

2010/1/19 (Tue)
Kobe World Hall
(1st performance)
Open / Start 14:00 / 15:00

2010/1/19 (Tue)
Kobe World Hall
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 18:00 / 19:00

2010/1/20 (Wed)
Kobe World Hall
(1st performance)
Open / Start 14:00 / 15:00

2010/1/20 (Wed)
Kobe World Hall
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 18:00 / 19:00

2010/1/27 (Wed)
Sendai: Sekisui Heim Super Arena
(1st Performance)
Open / Start 14:00 / 15:00

2010/1/27 (Wed)
Sendai: Sekisui Heim Super Arena
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 18:00 / 19:00

2010/1/30 (Sat)
Yokohama Arena
(1st performance)
Open / Start 13:00 / 14:30

2010/1/30 (Sat)
Yokohama Arena
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 18:00 / 19:30

2010/1/31 (Sun)
Yokohama Arena
(1st performance)
Open / Start 12:00 / 13:30

2010/1/31 (Sun)
Yokohama Arena
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 17:00 / 18:30

[Ticket price]
5,500 yen (tax + ticket shipping included)

[Verification period]
November 2, 2009 (Mon) 12:00 – November 9, 2009 (Mon) 23:00

- For Bigeast members only
- If you’d like to have seats in sequence order, then put the name of one representative when ordering. One name is only up to three companions.
- If the companions are not Bigeast members, then it’s not allowed.
- One person can only apply once, modification cancellation is not allowed.

Source: bigeast site + jeasuyu + rina
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[Scans] 091019 Yunho - "W Korea" Magazine (November 09)

credit: withyoonho
shared: sharingyoochun @ wordpress

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Monday, October 19, 2009

[INFO] 091017 Tohoshinki Calendar 2010 to be Release in November

Product info: Dong Bang Shin Ki 2010 Calendar (Japan Version)
Price: 2286 yen / US$ 24.89 (CD Japan) / US$ 30.59 (YesAsia)
Expected release: November 7th

Credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[INFO] 091019 Tohoshinki LIVE Karaoke to be Released

Vocal group Tohoshinki that is overwhelmingly popular with great attention from public. Showing the best performances from their latest Arena Tour which successfully mobilized around 300 thousand audiences, the scenes are going to be packaged in a Live Karaoke video!

Released on October 25th.


1. Kiss The Baby Sky~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
2. Survivor~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
3. Share The World~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
4. 呪文 -MIROTIC-~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
5. Stand by U~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
6. TAXI~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
7. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
8. Begin~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
9. Bolero~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~
10. 忘れないで~4th LIVE TOUR ver.~

Credit: + Favoritter
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

[INFO] 091019 Rating Of Heading To The Ground Drops To The Lowest

HTTG was Known for having poor ratings (<10%).>TNS '맨땅에 헤딩'은 3.3%

AGB '맨땅에 헤딩'은 3.8%

This is the lowest Rating so far for HTTG equal with Rating of the drama Dream 3.3% (Lowest Rated Drama In 2009)

Source : WikiDrama
Credit : xU@OneTVXQ
Share : OneTVXQ {One Word ! One Red Ocean ! One TVXQ !}
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[NEWS] 091017 SS501: “About Dong Bang Shin Ki, because we are colleagues it is saddening”

SS501 expressed their feelings about group Dong Bang Shin Ki amidst this time where they are in danger of disbandment.

During their 1st Asia concert tour Persona concert press conference in Taiwan Taipei on 17th October, SS501 said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki is the representative group in Korea, and now that they are in such an uncertain time, as colleagues we feel sad about it. We hope that the situation will turn out well eventually.”

SS501 and Dong Bang Shin Ki have been put in comparison since the 2 group’s debut. But recently with the ongoing trial between the 3 members from Dong Bang Shin Ki and their management company, SS501 has also shown concern to the situation.

SS501 also spoke about recent cases of idol group members and their mishaps and mistakes, “Even though a mistake is a mistake, sometimes we are also under a lot of finger-pointing. Even so, we feel that entertainers should be careful with their actions and words.”

Source: Sookyeong
Share : OneTVXQ
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[NEWS] 091018 Paradise Meadow Update


The source came from a Chang Min fan cafe (chflc) and it was from the same person who posted the info about Chang Min having dinner with the PD not long ago. They said that Lee Yeon Hee is once again being confirmed as the lead actress for PM. Production has been lined up for the two as of the 16th October. The person also mentioned about the rumours going around about the possibility of PM being canceled but told everyone to give full support for Chang Min. Paradise Meadow Fighting! Paradise meadow will air around January 2010 on KBS channel.

Another source, from a TVXQ's fan cafe 'soul48' (soul48) stated that a field investigation (LOL sounds funny but I can't think of another word for it atm) took place yesterday at Jeju Island and we'll be able to see Paradise Meadow in 2010!

Source: chflc & soul48
Translation: vividana5, 炫橙 @ lyh's baidu
Shared by: hao-sama@
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