Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[News]Heading to the Ground Interview (Eng subbed)

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Monday, August 31, 2009

[News] Cassies love Yunho!

Earlier today more than 4,000 Yunho fans were in the stands of the Seoul World Cup Stadium. His new drama titled Heading to the Ground needed to film a scene of him playing in a soccer match for FC Seoul.

The official website for Heading to the Ground put an announcement at approximately 7:00 PM that they will be filming with Yunho at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. They announcement also stated that anyone can stop by for the shooting in the stadium and by 8:00 PM more than 4000 fans were in the stands. At around 8:30 PM Yunho arrived and the fans were going crazy. Yunho thanked everyone for coming and also said because all of you are now a part of the Heading to the Ground cast, we will need your cooperation. The fans were asked to cheer and yell out "Cha Bong Gun," which is the name of Yunho's character. They were also asked to hold up various signs given by the staff. All in all it went very smoothly and everyone seemed to be happy with the shooting.

It's pretty awesome that more than 4,000 fans can mobilize so quickly on short notice, that's the power of fandom.

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