Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[News] Yunho and Changmin to star in dramas

After Jaejoong's role in the Heaven's Postman, Dong Bang Shin Ki's leader Jung Yunho is taking on the lead role in the MBC drama "Heading to the Ground", set to broadcast September 9th.

Due to preparation of this drama, Yunho's sleeping time has been reduced.

TVXQ's activity currently is focusing in Japan, therefore, starting the following month Yunho will be busy going back and forth between Korea-Japan as the schedule asks him.

The first full script reading practice had been done few times last week starting July 25th. On July 25th, after script reading practice early in the morning, Yunho had already headed back to Japan in the afternoon. While on July 30th, Yunho will be back to Korea for his first shooting activities.

Yunho put his full efforts for this drama. According to "Heading to the Ground" crew, "Yunho has been contacting the director and script writer a lot these days, to talk about his character. He even is doing a lot of exercises to get a shape of an athlete's body."

After seeing Yunho's practice, PD Park Song-soo said, "He's quite likely. I can’t wait to see how he's developing in the next month."

Jung Yunho's first acting challenge as Cha Bong-Goon in "Heading to the Ground" is expected to get an exploding response to see the fact of TVXQ's fanbases in entire Asia.

source: sportsnews + newsen
(translated by sharingyoochun)


TVXQ's magnae Shim Changmin also seems to have caught the acting bug. He has been chosen to act as the main character in the drama "Paradise Meadow".

Having produced dramas like "Mom is Mad" and "First Wives Club", Samhwa Networks come together with SM Entertainment to co-produce the drama "Paradise Meadow", and it has been made known on the 28th that Max Changmin has been casted as the main character.

"First Shop of Coffee Prince"'s Jang Hyun Joo and "Into the Sun"'s Suh Hee Jung co-write "Paradise Meadow" as a romantic melodrama. They start shooting next month at Jeju Island.

Samhwa Networks says, "It is a bright and light story, with beautiful music that harmonizes with the melo picture, and at the end of the year, we will start to broadcast the program in Japan and South East Asia."

source: soompi

Good luck to the both of them! I heard that "Heading to the Ground" is a soccer drama that's supposed to be a romantic comedy. Filming has already started, I believe. Read More!

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