Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[28th Single] Stand by U

DBSK's new single entitled Stand by U has already a release date. 1st,July,2009 For this 28th single there'll be two new songs: Stand by U and Tea for two. Also their song Sky will be added too.

There'll be a remix for Stand by U and instrumental versions for both new songs. The single is already at preorder in yesasia.com


CD: 01 Stand by U 
02 Tea For Two 
03 Sky ※ボーナス・トラック 
04 Stand by U(Less Vocal) 
05 Tea For Two(Less Vocal)

Pre order


01 Stand by U

02 Tea for Two

03 Sky (Bonus Track)

04 Stand by U ~Luv Behind The MLD mix~

05 Stand by U (Less Vocal)

06 Tea for Two (Less Vocal)

Pre order

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