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[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki CDTV [100101] Part 1

credits: Murasaki-hashidoi
shared: DBSK Kingdom
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[TRANS] 100103 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

[TRANS] 011003 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

(T/N: This is the update of the songwriter Shinjiroh Inoue’s blog. Inoue wrote the lyrics for “Stand by U” and “Taxi”.
2010-01-30 01:52:23

Recently, I received some comments to my article of December 2.
(Please click here here for the translations of his Dec 2 message.)

I received messages from my friends (during my college days) for “Stand by U”, and maybe because of Japan Record Awards and Kouhaku…thank you very much.

Through the conversation of Tohoshinki fans, I came to know that this song is loved by many people, and I am very delighted.

To show my gratitude, I would like to arrange songs in addition to writing the lyrics. I will do my best, so please support me!

(other sentences omitted)

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue’ Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[VIDEOS] 100101 DBSK - 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic Concert Backstage

Credits: Bambii0u0
Shared by: DBSKnights
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[INFO] 100102 Kouhaku's Ratings, For first half and second half of Kouhaku

First Half: 37.1% (2008: 35.7%)
Second Half: 40.8% (2008: 42.1%)

T/N: There are ratings for more regions on the list, but the rating for Kanto region (Tokyo, Saitama, etc.) is used as the representative for the overall rating.
Tohoshinki's ratings belong to the 2nd half of Kouhaku. Ratings for individual artists will be available soon.

Source: Video Research
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[VIDEO] SNSD Yoona and DBSK Changmin in Mirotic Concert Saturday, January 02, 2010 | by Kamerru

Credits: galio3rd + sosiz
Shared by: DBSKnights
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[INFO] 100103 Oricon 2009 Top 50 Singles and Albums

Oricon Style has released the list of the top 50 selling singles and albums for 2009.

Top 50 Singles
01. Believe/曇りのち、快晴 - 嵐/矢野健太 starring Satoshi Ohno
02. 明日の記憶/Crazy Moon ~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~ - 嵐
03. マイガール - 嵐
04. 愛のままで… - 秋元順子
05. Everything - 嵐
06. イチブトゼンブ/DIVE - B'z
08. ひまわり - 遊助
10. 急☆上☆Show!! - 関ジャニ∞
11. 恋のABO - NEWS
13. 悪魔な恋/NYC - 中山優馬 w/B.I.Shadow/NYC boys
14. THE MONSTER ~Someday~ - EXILE
16. Loveless - 山下智久
17 . たんぽぽ/海賊船 - 遊助
19. 弱虫サンタ - 羞恥心
21. Stand by U - 東方神起
22. RIVER - AKB48
23. 約束 - KinKi Kids
24. 化身 - 福山雅治
25. 浪曲一代 - 氷川きよし
26. Days/GREEN - 浜崎あゆみ
27. ときめきのルンバ - 氷川きよし
28. スワンソング - KinKi Kids
29. R.I.P./Merry Christmas - BUMP OF CHICKEN
30. Share The World/ウィーアー! - 東方神起
31. 妖 ~あやかし~ - 堂本光一
32. COLORS~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter - JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from 東方神起)
33. Don't say “lazy” - 桜高軽音部 (平沢唯(豊崎愛生),秋山澪(日笠陽子),田井中律(佐藤聡美),琴吹紬(寿美菜子))
34. again - YUI
35. Cagayake!GIRLS - 桜高軽音部 (平沢唯(豊崎愛生),秋山澪(日笠陽子),田井中律(佐藤聡美),琴吹紬(寿美菜子))
36. 今宵、月が見えずとも - ポルノグラフィティ
37. いちょう - 遊助
38. 明日がくるなら - JUJU with JAY'ED
39. 涙サプライズ! - AKB48
40. 遥か - GReeeeN
41. そっと きゅっと/スーパースター★ - SMAP
42. 安芸の宮島 - 水森かおり
43. Rule/Sparkle - 浜崎あゆみ
44. 歩み - GReeeeN
45. WILD/Dr. - 安室奈美恵
46. 泣いてもいいですか - フレンズ&ヘキサゴンオールスターズ
47. 言い訳Maybe - AKB48
48. 鏡花水月 - The SHIGOTONIN
49. Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/忘れないで - 東方神起
50. Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL - 浜崎あゆみ

Top 50 Albums
01. All the BEST! 1999-2009 - 嵐
03. 塩、コショウ - GReeeeN
04. 愛すべき未来へ - EXILE
06. ayaka's History 2006-2009 - 絢香
08. レミオベスト - レミオロメン
09. Box Emotions - Superfly
10. CALLING - コブクロ
11. 残響 - 福山雅治
12. キング・オブ・ポップ ジャパン・エディション - マイケル・ジャクソン
13. MAGIC - B'z
14. My song Your song - いきものがかり
15. TRICK - 倖田來未
16. NEXT LEVEL - 浜崎あゆみ
17. いままでのA面、B面ですと!? - GReeeeN
18. Ring - 加藤ミリヤ
19. アルトコロニーの定理 - RADWIMPS
20. ⊿ - Perfume
21. マイケル・ジャクソン THIS IS IT - マイケル・ジャクソン
22. The Secret Code - 東方神起
23. What's Love? - JUJU
24. シャンブル - ユニコーン
25. ALL MY BEST - 倉木麻衣
26. PUZZLE - 関ジャニ∞
27. Break the Records -by you & for you- - KAT-TUN
28. つるのうた - つるの剛士
29. This Is The One - Utada
30. 湘南乃風 ~JOKER~ - 湘南乃風
31. ディス・イズ・アス - バックストリート・ボーイズ
32. BEST A.I. - AI
33. The E.N.D. - ブラック・アイド・ピーズ
34. 21世紀のブレイクダウン - グリーン・デイ
36. アイのうた2 - Various Artists
37. HOCUS POCUS - 木村カエラ
38. FURUSATO - ゆず
39. 三文ゴシップ - 椎名林檎
40. Ne-Yo:ザ・コレクション - Ne-Yo(ニーヨ)
42. ザ・フェイム - レディー・ガガ
43. 銀魂BEST - Various Artists
44. LOVE LETTER - 大塚 愛
46. debut - 辻井伸行
47. セレブレイション~マドンナ・オールタイム・ベスト - マドンナ
48. ファンキーモンキーベイビーズ3 - FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
49. J album - KinKi Kids
50. AwakEVE - UVERworld

Source: Oricon Style
Shared by: aramatheydidnt +

Please take out with full credits. Thanks!
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[VIDEOS] 100101-The 3rd Asia Tour Concert Mirotic

Credits: Bambii0u0
Shared by: DBSKnights
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[PHOTOS] 100101 DBSK - Gimpo Airport Part 3

Credits: as tagged + TVXQBaidu
Shared by: DBSKnights
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[PHOTOS] 100101 Jaechunsug - Gimpo Airport Part 2 (Jaejoong)

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[PHOTOS] 100101 ChunJaeSu - Gimpo Aiport part 1

Credits: as tagged + TVXQBaidu
Shared by: DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100101 Max Matsuura Mail News

Max Matsuura's Mail News service is only available to his subscribers on blog. You can only get his daily mail news once he approves you into his friend list. His blog is open to public, but these mail news are not, so they contain more of his private thoughts and opinions.

I woke up early on New Year's Day and made everyone surprised. At this moment, these are the words that I can say.
Right now, nothing has yet been decided.
We are always thriving our very best just like we always say.
However, honestly.

There are a lot of problems that are taking place, and they are not easy problems to solve,
however, we will keep doing things that we are able to.
We have no choice.... but we believe in that.
We are willing to accept the blames and criticisms no matter what the outcome will be.
Because we are doing all that we could with our whole hearts.

Please understand that I can't be very specific on what I'm talking about.

However, just one thing.… No matter what I'm being told, my feelings are the same as yours.

New Year's Day.

Starting from today, I'll be traveling abroad with my family.
However, because of the time difference, I won't be able to send you these friend messages like I always do,
but I will try my best to send as many as I could.

Because that's what I want to do.

I don't remember the exact day, but when I was hospitalized the year before,
my doctor told me to take at least one week off per year.
However, I love sending messages to everyone,
so I believe that it's a good thing to do.

My sentences have become a little scattered now I can't write anymore
however, for me, I will definitely be doing things that I can do.

Matsuura Masato
masato max matsuura


T/N: If you want to send Max Matsuura a message, we will help you to post it on his blog. Please leave your message HERE.

Source: Max Matsuura's Mail News
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 100101 Shining Male Idol Star in Korea (Representative: Han Gu hyeon),, and research institute, jointly conducted the survey of “Shining Male Idol Star in Korean” in December. In the survery Kim Hyun Joong by his great appearance and showmanship gain internationally popular across Asian countries such as Japan, China and Southeast Asia is on No. 1 (46.8%). Daesung Big Bang, followed (21.1%) and 2PM 닉쿤 (17.7%), respectively ranked 2 above 3.

Kim Hyun Joong is ranked number 1 (42.4%) in the survey “Male Idol Star will fit the costume well”

Male Idol Star Will Fit the Costume Well
Top 1 SS501 Ki Hyun Joong 42.20%
Top 2 Big Bang Daesung 26.4%
Top 3 2PM 닉쿤 17.9%
Top 4 2PM Taek Yeon 16.9%
Top 5 god Kim Tae Woo 14.2%
Top 6 TVXQ U-Know Yunho 13.8%
Top 7 2PM Jaebeom 11.4%
Top 8 god Son Ho Young 11%
Top 9 2AM Jo Kwon 11%
Top 10 Shinhwa Andy 11%

Male Idol Star Shining in Costume (Result)
Top 1: SS501 Kim Hyun Joong 46.8%
Top 2 Big Bang Daesung 21.1%
Top 3 2PM 닉쿤 17.7%
Top 4 TVXQ U-Know Yunho 17.4%
Top 5 2PM Taek Yeon 14.7%
Top 6 god Kim Tae Woo 12.4%
Top 7 TVXQ Xiah 11.7%
Top 8 TVXQ Hero 11%
Top 9 TVXQ Max10.4%
Top 10 TVXQ Micky Yoochun 10%

Shared by: DBSKnights +
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[INFO] 100101 Who are 'The Tigers' of 2010?

Here comes a brand new year, the year 2010. Which artists were born in the Year of the Tiger? Let's take a look.

A few members of Asia's top groups are included in the list:
  • Hero JaeJoong (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 26.01.1986
  • UKnow YunHo (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 06.02.1986
  • Micky YooChun (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 04.06.1986
  • Xiah JunSu (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 15.12.1986
  • Kim HyunJoong (SS501) - 06.06.1986
  • Heo YoungSaeng (SS501) - 03.11.1986
  • Lee HyukJae (Super Junior) - 04.04.1986
  • Lee SungMin (Super Junior) - 01.01.1986
  • Lee DongHae (Super Junior) - 15.10.1986
  • Lee ChangMin (2AM)
  • Kim JaeDong
  • BoA
  • Ha JooYeon (Jewelry)
  • Kim EunJung (Jewelry)
  • Tiger JK
  • Park MinYoung
  • ChungLim
  • TaeGoon
  • Jo Yongpil
  • Kim JinHo (SG Wannabe)
  • Lee Juk
  • Choi SooJong
  • Kim DongRyul
  • Dana (CSJH the Grace)

These are the artists who were born in the year 1986. It mostly consists of males who will be turning 25 this New Year.

Source: OSEN + Innolife + TVXQasia
Translation: sshutingg + 2MY @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 100101 Universal Records Philippines to Release 2 TVXQ Albums This January

Start saving up! Universal Records will release these two TVXQ albums this January - MIROTIC (Version C) and The Secret Code. More details like exact release dates, poster giveaways and prices coming soon!

Source: Universal Records Philippines Official Facebook (link)
Shared by:

I encourage all TVXQ fans in the Philippines to buy these albums~ I know some people are conscious of the boycott, but please read this first:
Universal Records Philippines has been negotiating with Avex (Avex Asia Limited, maybe?) and not SM Entertainment~
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[TRANS] 100101 Lee Sang Yoon's Message on His Fancafe: Skiing with "Heading to the Ground" Staff

The last place I went to was a ski lodge.
This might be the kind of trip that you long for.
As I have been filming for the past three years, I wasn't able to go skiing.
My wish is to ski happily for three weeks.
Because of Yunho,I was able to go today.
Some staff members and I, plus some friends, headed toward the ski area.
Even though we were all wearing skiing attire and goggles, many were still able to recognise Yunho.
Because there were a lot of people, many things happened, but we were still able to ski happily.
Yunho, Ara and some friends were very energetic. This also made me very happy and full of energy.

Good-looking friends ^^

Source: LSY cafe + BaiduAra
Translation: jasminekoh @
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100101 Tohomobile Staff Blog

[TRANS] 100101 Tohomobile Staff Blog

Thanks for your work in 2009!
"Thank you very much for your tremendous supports! Thanks for all your works in 2009~ ^^
by Changmin"


Thank you everyone~!

"Although I was very nervous on Kouhaku Utagassen, how was it? The white team also won!! Thank you~! Since we're also having CDTV~~♪ please take care of us there too☆
by Jaejoong"


I'm happy!

"To be able to receive so much supports this year, I was very happy!! Thank you very much!!
by Junsu"


Melody & Harmony!?

Please have a look at the shoot of the two who had their special unit in 2009☆

They're Jaejoong & Yoochun of Melody & Harmony (LOL).


It ended~!

"Kouhaku Utagassen has ended smoothly~♪ I'm happy that the white team won☆ Everyone, thanks for your supports!
by Yunho"


We did ittttt~!

"The white team won~!! In order to reach everyone, we were singing with all our might, and Yoochun wonders if his feelings have reached you~? Thank you for 2009!
by Yoochun"


Jaejoong was...

Too happy the white team won that he brought these all the way to CDTV studio (^^; )


It's New Year Eve~♪

In "CDTV SPECIAL" dressing room...

Happy New Year~!


Today is Junsu's...


The TOP of Tohomobile has also become Junsu♪


Changmin's wish!


I wish that everyone will be having a lot of happiness♪


2010 is...

The year of Tiger!!

... therefore, we got a shoot of Yoochun like this!


Praying Yunho!

Happy New Year!

In order for everyone's wish to become true (?), Yunho is praying★



Has ended safely!!
"Thanks for your works in 2009! I'm hoping that someday, I'll be able to speak of my experiences in 2009 while laughing, that's why I'll try my best!
by Junsu"



Since it's new year, we had a shoot of Yoochun who's in the middle of praying!!

"Everyone, Happy New Year! I'm hoping that this year, Yoochun will be able to become a fresh wind that brings happiness to everyone!
by Yoochun

Everyone, let's try to find love~♪
I am lonely~ (T_T)"

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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