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[TRANS] A Glimpse of Jejung INTERMODULATION Photobook

The photo book that is up to release has recorded pictures of the sense and daily life of Jaejoong from JYJ.

A photo book of Jaejoong from JYJ who just successfully finished the concert in Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium on November 27 and 28th is coming to release.

The photo book is scheduled to release in mid-December, the 184 pages will show his fashion and lifestyle in “Senses and Daily life” theme, including the figure of natural Jaejoong in his daily life that has never been published before. The book will also especially feature a photo story in which the filming was set up in a public place in Myeongdong that was arranged to give space only for him with paparazzi-kind of shots, lively pictures from the scene that Jaejoong had never tried even once before will be published. It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas present for his fans.

When shooting for “paparazzi cuts” in Myeongdong, Jaejoong said that it was his first time to go alone at Myeongdong without a manager nor a coordinator, and he said “It’s a wonderful experience, but also scary at the same time.” this filming episodes raised the expectations from fans even more.

Jaejoong’s photobook is available in two types, a single unit set and a poster-attached set, pre-order is accepted through Innolife.

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[TRANS] 101128 JYJ's Jaejoong: "What Is The Name Of MBLAQ's Leader?" #1

On the 27th at 8pm, an hour later than planned, the "JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul" began at the Jamsil Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Despite the sudden cold, fans from around the world started gathering outside the Olympic Stadium as early as 5 hours before the concert. On that day, there were not only Korean fans, but also fans from Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines and other Asian countries, proving JYJ's (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun) popularity.

On that day, JYJ sang the OST for Yoochun's drama "SungKyunKwan Scandal" and co-stars Song Joongki and Yoo Ah In were in the audience, drawing more screams from the fans.

Also, Jaejoong said, "MBLAQ is also here, but I'm not very sure what the leader's name is", causing a pleasant surprise.

On another note, JYJ's concert will be held in the Olympic Stadium on 27 and 28 November.

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[INFO] 101202 Nature Republic - Christmas Gift From JYJ!

Good Bye! 2010~ 50% Sale

Free delivery for orders above KRW9,900.
Activity period: 1 Dec - 30 Dec 2010

A special gift from JYJ this Christmas.
4 presents specially prepared by the JYJ Santas!
Activity period: 1 Dec - 19 Dec 2010
Target Audience: Everyone who shops in the mall during the activity period.

Another picture of them from Nature Republic:
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[TRANS] 101202 New Tohoshinki Single To Be Released On 26 January 2011

Title of CD: TBC
Jacket cover: TBC

On sale: 2011.01.26

■CD+DVD【First Press・Normal】
Price: 1,890円(tax included)
Product #: AVCK-79022/B

Title TBC 1
Title TBC 2
4 versions of these 2 tracks will be included

Title TBC 1(PV)
Off Shot Movie
※Included in First Press

【Limited First Press】
Jacket-sized card included (1 of 6 designs will be randomly inserted)
DVD Off Shot Movie

■CD【First Press・Normal】
Price: 1,050円(tax included)
Product #: AVCK-79023

Title TBC 1
Title TBC 2
TBC (Remix)
5 versions of these 2 tracks will be included

【Limited First Press】
Jacket-sized card included (1 of 6 designs will be randomly inserted)
Gorgeous 12-page booklet included

※Contents are subject to changes. We thank you for your understanding.
※We will inform you once the details of the mu-mo Shop Limited Bigeast Original version is finalized.

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