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[NEWS] 100124 Cassies voice their support for TVXQ to Ellen Degeneres

A couple of days ago, actress, TV host, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres left a blog post on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘ website asking people for international music suggestions. Ever since the post went up, TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s fanbase, strong>Cassiopeia, has bombarded the site with recommendations for TVXQ!

Cassies left comments on her site stating things such as, “TVXQ! Reason why you’ll love them? Simple. Because they’re all-in-one package” (Nabila Ghaisani). Hopefuls even commented, “Cassiopeians would rush to their televisions if they heard that DBSK would be appearing on your show!” (Username Milk). And although other idol bands such as SS501, Big Bang and 2PM were also suggested, the power of the Cassies seemed to overwhelm the Triple S, VIPs, and the Hottests combined!

Additionally, Ellen’s short blog simply states, “Ellen is discovering some amazing international music. Now she’s looking for more — and wants your help! If you know any great musicians from around the world, tell us why you think Ellen would love them.” Now I don’t know if Ellen will invite international artist(s) to her talk show, let alone talk about them on TV but who knows? Maybe she will!

This is an awesome opportunity to support your favorite Kpop group and help the Hallyu Wave gradually move stateside! So what are you waiting for? Click here to voice your support for TVXQ or any other artist/band that needs to be known!

Credit: AllKPOP
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[INFO]101123 You! International Fan Power!! WOW!!, JJ & VIVI Top Sells Right Now!

Look what just happened! (Thanks Deevinne to let us know!^^)

Check it yourself right now. ^^
Look right side of their home page.

WOW amazing.....I lost my word~~
Do you think this is just coincident?
I have a feeling we did it together!!!
These sells are up all of a sudden and now JJ top 1 and VIVI top 2!!
And Arena #4! Talking about TVXQ fan power. LOL

May I Say.......You friends are just so incredible!!
Hope our TVXQ can see what we international fans can do together!!

Always Keep The Faith!

Credit: CD Japan:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[NEWS] 100121 Xiah And DBSK's Name Appeared In Austrian News! In German!

YT: FrinmrLvTVXQ+dnbn
Imagine Junsu singing this stuff!
WOW gives me goose bump to just think about it!

VBW celebrates the first première in Korea: MOZART!

-Partially translated.

The title role of Mozart will be alternated by two Korean pop stars-
Eun-Tae Park and also Jun-Soo Kim, member of the Asia’s biggest popular pop group DBSK.
The Première ensemble and production was celebrated with standing ovations by the audiences
- the musical “MOZART! "conquered everyone’s hearts by Storm!
It led (veranlasste) the high public interest. The organizer, EMK Musical Company Co. Ltd.

Original Article:
*Do you spot Korean map in this article? Kind of neat. ^^
VBW feiert die erste Premiere in Korea: MOZART! - BILD =
Die Titelrolle wird abwechselnd von zwei koreanischen Popstars -
Eun-Tae Park und Jun-Soo Kim, Mitglied der Pop-Band DBSK, die sich im
asiatischen Raum größter Beliebtheit erfreut - verkörpert. Das
Premierenpublikum feierte Ensemble und Produktion mit Standing
Ovations - das Musical "MOZART!" eroberte ihrer aller Herzen im
Sturm! Das hohe Publikumsinteresse veranlasste den Veranstalter
EMK Musical Company Co. Ltd.

* Does this mean that Now Junsu and DBSK's name is spread among German speaking art lovers?!
All over Europe they speak German, right? And do those art lovers often carry some kind of status or something?
Am I right about that? If so, that sounds splendid!
Go TVXQ!! Invade all over Europe in the future like you did in Asia! YEY!

P.S. Dee said that this site is from Austria, like Mozart and they speak German.
Thanks Dee!

Always Keep The Faith!!

Credit: Mozart+
Photo source: as tagged
Trans by: Junsulv (Junsulv's translation error is not’s responsibility. Thanks! )
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Please keep this article here at, until someone who is fluent in German confirms
that my translation does not contain major mistake. Thank you~~~!!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

[SCANS] 100120 JJ Magazine in March 2010 ~ THSK Special

Credit :
Share : OneTVXQ
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[TRANS] 100120 Wu Zun Praises DBSK

As a member popular Taiwanese group Fahrenheit, and as a actor, Wu Zun received Asia Star Award at the 5th Asia Model Award Ceremony. On the fifteenth, he visited South Korea to attend the 5th Asia Model Award Ceremony.

This is not the first time Wu Zun visited South Korea. In 2007, he went with the Taiwanese cast of “Hanazakarino Kimitachie” to receive an award in Seoul, and in 2008 he went with Fahrenheit to participate in the Asia Song Festival.

Recently when filming MV with Koo Hye Sun (A/N: Koo Hye Sun is collaborating with Fahrenheit in making a MV entitled “Touch Your Heart” for the Taiwan Tourism Board), Wu Zun expresses ” She is very kind, intelligent actor. Very knowledgeable, and very talented. If there’s a chance, I would like to act with her.” Regarding meeting DBSK at Asia Song Festival, he praises, “We meet at the Asia Festival, greeted each other, gave CD as gifts. Their stage is not simple, their performance was amazing. I have personally bought their concert DVD.”

source: OSEN
credit: tvxqasia+baidutvxq
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[INFO] 100121 Break Out! #1 on J-POP USEN

Credits: Usen + Mitakki@soompi
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[NEWS] 100121 First Time Ever!! Splendid Achievement! TVXQ, First Male Group To Be The Cover Page of JJ's 35 Year History!

We believe this is the photo of the magazine.
Thanks escapism!

(Credit: + afterglow.(soompi))

First Time Ever!! Male Group To Be The Cover Page of JJ!

The group who has the top -class popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan prepared a big surprise for their fans.

A treasure shot the five members wearing a black and a gray suit gathering together appears in a cool expression will be on a cover
of the woman fashion magazine "JJ" in March 2010.

(*Their cover may appear at JJ site on January 23rd.JJ normally provide a free down load of the front page here.
Ah~~~cannot wait them to upload~~~!!!)

It is the first splendid achievement in history that a male group to appear in JJ woman's magazine. Usually, woman celebrities or contracted
models decorate the cover of this magazine which greets their 35th periodical foundation anniversary.

The first page gravure for eight pages carries TVXQ in the space too. It also presents "100 questions and 100 answers" that a member openly
confesses from their work to their private life, also an autographed photograph, not to mention an individual photographs, on top of that,
there are more appendix plans to please fans all fully packed in this edition.

According to the person who is in charge of the planning department of Kobunsha, when JJ featured serialization of TVXQ from March through
May last year, the responses by the readers were splendid; they planned to print "TVXQ Cover & The First Page, A Special Surprise Edition."

They continued offering their idea to TVXQ from last summer, and it finally managed to reach the realization. The person in charge said,
"It includes articles of the private questions which all fans wanted to know. We represented fans and cross fired them with tons of questions."

The photography and the interview were performed in a studio in Tokyo at the end of December, last year. They had full schedule to perform
at NHK Red and White Singing Contest and also for the preparation of the record grand prix award, but the interview time exceeded an
original plan, and five members were eager to answer them together, and that it became the spot where it was filled with the laughter.

-omitted little
Their new song "BREAK OUT!" will appear on January 27th. And they will release their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010"
on February 17.
-omitted little
Their activities will attract our attention more and more in the future.
2010.1.21 05:04

And One more Photo!
Thanks Smiley!!

(Credits:SWEET HONEY (Usagi's blog))

Always Keep The Faith!

Credit: Sankei Sports News+as tagged
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[TRANS] 100120 Taegoon Mentioned Jaejoong in Korea Entertainment Journal Feb’10 Issue

*T/N we trans only the Jaejoong part

The first page writes, “Taegoon and Jaejoong (from TVXQ) are childhood best friends.”

It became news that Hero Jaejoong from TVXQ performed in his debut song PV “Call me”, and they still contact with each other often.

“After I entered entertainment society, Jaejoong introduced me lot of his friends. I became good friends with SS501’s Hyun-Joong (leader) and Jiyong (G-Dragon).”

“Every day, seeing Jaejoong’s dazzling activities and accomplishment gives me motivation to do my best. Jaejoong and I always speak with each other, -we want to sing together on the same stage-; therefore I have to work even harder. LOL

In Taegoon’s concert, his childhood friend Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, SS501 leader Hyunjoong, Wheesung and popular Japanese group w-ind’s Keita Tachibana who are all good friends of Taegoon, their supporting video messages were shown.

Credit: KEJ+HERO子
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[TRANS] 100120 TOHOSHINKI “BEST SELECTION 2010” Original Benefits!, from Bigeast Homepage

[TRANS] 100120 TOHOSHINKI “BEST SELECTION 2010” Original Benefits!

The original benefits for the "BEST SELECTION 2010" (to be released on February 17, 2010) selling at the following stores have been decided! For the other CD shops, the poster will be the benefit.
Please reserve well in advance since there are limits to the benefits.


HMV notebook (Picture A)

B2 size poster (Picture B)

【TSUTAYA RECORDS (excluding some shops)】
Card type desk calendar (Picture C)

【Vanda Records】
【Liondo CD/DVD】 
【Fan Style】
【Imagine, shops selling CDs】
【Magical Garden, shops selling CDs (excluding some shops)】
【Hakuyo, shops selling CDs】
【Dispa! Tougo】
【Best Denki shops selling CDs (excluding some shops)】
【Books misumi】
【TSUTAYA Miyakonojo】
QR code to enable screen saver download, book marker with code (Picture D)

【Yamano Music】
Clear file (Picture E)

B2 size poster (Picture E)

【mu-mo shop】
B2 size poster (Picture E)
※There will be no B2 size posters for those who purchased at the Bigeast official shop

【Recochoku shopping】
B2 size poster (Picture E)

【7net shopping】
Screen saver (Picture E)
Given out when purchased online before 23:59, Sunday, February 21, 2010.
※ Please be informed that the download period is until 23:59, March 17, 2010.

【Rakuten Books】
Jacket size mini notebook (Picture E)

【Seven - Eleven】
First comers’ reservation benefits: Original post card (Picture E)

First comers’ reservation benefits: Original post card (Picture E)

【Circle K Sunkus】
First comers’ reservation benefits: Original post card (Picture E)

【Other CD Shops】
First comers’ reservation benefits: Original poster (Picture E)
※There are limits in the numbers of benefits to be given out, so the service will finish when all the goods are given away. There are some shops without the benefits of the posters.

Picture A~D: Original pictures
Picture E: BEST SELECTION 2010 (picture of the artists)

T/N: Hoping to see the pictures soon~~~bet they're cool!
T/N2: Info from Lisa in the comments below, thank you! "You'll get a poster if you order from CDJapan."
I just checked the homepage, and they say "External Bonus, a poster"

Source: Bigeast Homepage
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Monday, January 18, 2010

[TRANS] 100118 DBSK Awarded as "Cultural Ambassador"

Both five-member groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang received the exceptional recognition of being “Cultural Ambassadors.”

The private organization from the Cultural Tourism Board, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) stated, “Due to the contributions they have made in the development of the cultural aspect through popular music, we have decided to appoint/award them as ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ as a form of recognition.”

They have produced the most number of successful album records even in such a difficult period of time in the music industry, and have been energetically involved in both local and overseas activities; these are the main reasons behind this award.

A representative from KOFICE said, “This honor was awarded based on those who have contributed to the cultural industry on a yearly basis. Every year, this award has been given to those working in the cultural field, but this year is an exception as it has been given to idol groups.”

They added, “As both Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang are busy with their schedules, the official announcement will be made later in January.”

Source: KOFICE + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100118 Yunho’s Message to Close to Yoonho

Happy New Year 2010!
This site has opened for the 3rd year. Congratulations from the bottom of the heart.
Although, lies are floating around, but I know the truth won't change.
Now, it’s a bit difficult but let's work hard together~

Credits: close to yoonho + mr.tvxq
Trans by:
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[INFO] 100118 Announcement from DNBN

DNBN supports the five members of TVXQ.

This message is brought to you by the administrative group of DNBN:

1. DNBN is the website for TVXQ.

DNBN absolutely supports all of the TVXQ’s five members’ own faiths and choices. This won’t change in the future.

DNBN refers to the friendly society of fans who love TVXQ.

DNBN is the place for free discussions and promoting friendships between the fans, so they can give healthy supports to TVXQ.

DNBN’s administrative group never controls the opinions of the fans in DNBN.

We can never make any decision on our own to punish anyone for their free acts in DNBN.

Everything in DNBN is decided by you, not by the administrative group.

2. ‘’ is the only domain address of DNBN.

Since August, 2009, (a.k.a. old domain address) is NOT the domain address of DNBN. The address itself is NOT related to DNBN anymore. is the only domain address of DNBN.

In August 2009, DNBN moved to and changed the whole member of the administrative group.

All of the old administrative members and staffs voluntarily decided to quit and leave DNBN.

Therefore, every DB (database) and membership information was moved from the old DNBN to the present one, and the true nature of DNBN still remains the same; the fans in DNBN are the owners of DNBN.

We inevitably had to change the domain address because of the old administrative group’s unreasonable action; they allowed us to move the database, but they did not let us have the old domain address for their own ‘personal reasons’. We did not understand why.

Since the old domain address was more popular back then, we tried to transfer to the old domain address when the usage term of it was over.

The old administrative group agreed to us and stated,

“When the domain address’ term is expired in November 2009, you can have it”. (Exerted from the posting on August 6th, 2009)

However, they didn’t keep their words.

They extended the term of the domain address 1 day before the expiration date.

So the old domain address is still theirs, even when they already quit DNBN’s administrative job. (related posting:

Therefore, we want to inform you that the old domain address is NOT the DNBN’s address anymore; it is now a personal homepage of the user ID “Byul”.

Also, every posting on the old domain address doesn’t represent DNBN’s opinion, either.

The postings are just user ID “Byul”’s personal opinions. Please do not get confused by them.

※DNBN does not allow commenting of information from unknown sources.

The user ID “Byul”’s comments about TVXQ’s members’ parents, SM Ent, and AVEX are not the kind of information that a stranger can check if they are true or false.

So, please do not spread the rumors related to her comments.

DNBN’s representative e-mail address is

If you have any questions or comments even if you do not own a membership of DNBN, please contact us by the e-mail address.

Thank you very much.

Source: DNBN
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