Saturday, February 6, 2010

[ADMIN POST] Happy Bday Yunho

It's our leader-sshi's bday <33>
Happy 24th Jung Yunho!
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Friday, February 5, 2010

[TRANS] 100206 S Cawaii - Jaejoong at Home

Source: Magazine S Cawaii! March 2010 & TVXQ time (Yu-ru's room)
Translation: junsulv & smiley @
Special Thanks: 'Lovedust & xU* @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact.
Do not remove the translations from the PS-ed scans. Thanks!
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[TRANS] 100205 Chilean Fans of Kpop Become Famous on Korean TV, Chilean K-POP News!

(Phot Credit:TVXQ! Chile)

Translation of the Chilean news:
Chilean K-POP News! "Fans chilenos del pop asiático se hacen famoso"
Actualizado en: 05-02-2010 15:24

A group of young supporters, followers of Kpop, dance together to music that is raging in the distant continent,
a hobby that even drew the attention of South Korean television.

They dance, sing and some of them even learn Korean. These are some of the activities of Chilean fans of k-pop,
music that is fashionable in Asia and which each day calls the attention of more Chilean adolescents.

Youth ranging from 15 to 18, meet every week at the Discoteque Alpha Lo Prado to dress,
sing and move at the pace of the lyrics they themselves are responsible for translating
and that to many it even lead to learning the Korean language.

Arlette Ramirez, one of the representatives of the group TVXQ! Chile, said that the interest came from Japanese anime
and from there, looking for information about groups on the Internet,
they began to come together to talk about their taste for Korean music in a forum created especially for it
and that now has more than 100 thousand hits, 2 thousand of them in Chile alone.

Groups like Big Bang, Rain, Changmin or Jewelry are most likely to sound totally unknown to the common public,
however, for the fans they are true stars who follow their every step, despite being so far away from them.

Besides getting together each week at the Discoteque Alpha, groups of fans formed friendships with who they come
together to share and view YouTube videos, learn choreography and collect posters and photographs of their idols.

Such is the enthusiasm for Korean culture, that it aroused the interest of the television network SBS of Korea,
who will travel to Chile to make a report, documenting their fanaticism, and that we present below.

T/N: It seems that the writer of this article thinks that Changmin is the name of a band,
and not one of the Members of TVXQ.
Also, you can see the video on the source website.
(*Click the word canal13 below)

Source: Espectaculos Canal13
Translation: Lexy @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
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[TRANS] 100206 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

T/N "ToJaeTen" is a word made by Eriko. It is an abbreviation for Tohoshinki + Jaejoong + Tengoku [heaven]
2010-02-06 03:26:36


Thank you Fumi-san, who gave me your comments.
I would really like to see your works,
the “Heaven’s Postman” poster that you’ve made.

The reason why I am saying “Breaking the rules” is that ,
I suddenly spoke to a person who had made a comment here like a twitter.
I would do this a lot more in the future.
Well, maybe just saying it again. Tomorrow, my mood may change….

(few sentences omitted)

To a ToJaeTen member, did you go to Korea?
Thank you for sending me the brochure (small poster) of Heaven’s Postman.
I have it hung on the wall of my house.
Not my office, but my home.
I have not received it before, so I was very delighted!
I hung the poster under the poster of “Halfway” (T/N: Kitagawa was the director & scriptwriter for this movie.)
Both are skies. Pictures of the skies.

“Heaven’s” subbing is still along the way.
Does the Korean word “ajik” mean “mada”? (T/N: not yet)
I’m sort of learning Korean words. You can, when you make the subs.

Unexpectedly, I’m stuck at the work.
I should do it, I should work on it.

Oh, it is such a late time.
Day-night reversal…

(few sentences omitted)

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
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[INFO] 100204 Universal Records Philippines- Tohoshinki “The Secret Code” 2CD Release Date Confirmed!

Congratulation to Tohoshinki fans in the Philippines!

It's a great news!
It is official! Tohoshinki “THE SECRET CODE” 2CD Version will be released on February 12 (Friday).
More details like FREE TOHOSHINKI Poster and Price Coming Soon !

Credit: Universal Records Philippines
Shared by: +

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[TRANS] 100202 Yukiko Taira and ~Colors Melody and Harmony poster

*T’/N Yukiko Taira is a Japanese model

I went to the Ray’s editorial department yesterday to make some arrangements

All of them work silently and energetically
And I found treasure full discovery

When I approach closer to it………

Autographed poster of Jeajoong and Yuchun from TVXQ~
Very rare kind and exceptional value this must have~
The editorial department has various ways to enjoy and it makes me happy!

source: taira-yukiko
trans by:
shared by:
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[TRANS] 100205 "ONE PIECE" Memorial Best Album On Sale Now, Includes DBSK Songs

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of "One Piece" (Anime), a greatest hits album will be released. The limited edition includes bonus DVD featuring footage of 31 creditless songs. The album CD itself will feature 31 music tracks from the the beginning of the TV series up to the current Impel Down arc. Also includes 40-page booklet.

Catalog No.: AVCA-29700
Format: CD Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 3 Number of discs (or other units): 3
Release Date: 2010/03/17 Release Date: 2010/03/17
Price: 3800yen (3990yen Tax incl.) Price: 3800yen (3990yen Tax incl.)
Item weight: 280 g Item weight: 280 g

(One Piece Memorial Best Album Limited Edition)

"Pre-order included song"
01:OP 「ウィーアー!」/きただにひろし(コロムビアミュージックエンタテインメント) 01: OP "ウアーィー!" /きたにひろだし(コロムBldgアミックエジューンインメンTe Tatari & Suites)
02:OP 「Believe」/Folder 5(エイベックス) 02: OP "Believe" / Folder 5 (エベイッスク)
03:OP 「ヒカリヘ」/ザ・ベイビースターズ(キューンレコード) 03: OP "Haruhiカリヘ" /ザ・ベイスTatari Bldgーーズ(¥ューンRitz-コード)
04:OP 「BON VOYAGE!」/BON-BON BLANCO(コロムビアミュージックエンタテインメント) 04: OP "BON VOYAGE!" / BON-BON BLANCO (コロムBldgアミッュージクエンインメンTe Tatari & Suites)
05:OP 「ココロのちず」/BOYSTYLE(インペリアルレコード) 05: OP "ココロのちず" / BOYSTYLE (イCOMMERCIALリアRitz-コールド)
06:OP 「BRAND NEW WORLD」/D51(ポニーキャニオン) 06: OP "BRAND NEW WORLD" / D51 (ポニニーCAMPAIGN &オン)
07:OP 「ウィーアー!~7人の麦わら海贼団篇~」(エイベックス) 07: OP "ウアーィー! ~ 7人のわらMai pirates団篇~" (エベイッスク)
08:OP 「Crazy Rainbow」/タッキー&翼(エイベックス) 08: OP "Crazy Rainbow" / Tackey & Tsubasa (エベイッスク)
09:OP 「Jungle P」/5050(エイベックス) 09: OP "Jungle P" / 5050 (エベイッスク)

10:OP 「ウィーアー! ~アニメーションワンピース10周年Ver.~」东方神起(エイベックス) 10: OP "ウアーィー! ~アニーションワメンピース10th anniversary of the Ver. ~" Dong Bang Shin Ki (エベイッスク)
11:OP 「Share The World」/东方神起(エイベックス) 11: OP "Share The World" / Dong Bang Shin Ki (エベイッスク)

12:OP 「风をさがして」/矢口真里とストローハット(エイベックス) 12: OP "Windをさがして" / Mari Yaguchiとローsu Hello Workッ& Suites (エベイッスク)
13:ED 「memories」/大槻真希(エピックレコード) 13: ED "memories" / Epic (エピックRitz-コード)
14:ED 「RUN!RUN!RUN!」/大槻真希(エピックレコード) 14: ED "RUN! RUN! RUN!" / Epic (エピックRitz-コード)
15:ED 「私がいるよ」/トマトキューブ(ワーナーミュージックジャパン) 15: ED "私がいるよ" / & Suites & Suitesキューマブ(ワナーーミクッュージジャAiluropodaン)
16:ED 「しょうちのすけ」/推定少女(エピックレコード) 16: ED "ょしすのうちけ" / presumption girl (エピックRitz-コード)
17:ED 「BEFORE DAWN」/AI-SACHI(エイベックス) 17: ED "BEFORE DAWN" / AI-SACHI (エベイッスク)
18:ED 「fish」/The Kaleidoscope(エイベックス) 18: ED "fish" / The Kaleidoscope (エベイッスク)
19:ED 「GLORY-君がいるから-」/上原多香子(エイベックス) 19: ED "GLORY-君がいるから-" / Takako Uehara (エベイッスク)
20:ED 「Shining ray」/ジャンヌダルク(エイベックス) 20: ED "Shining ray" /ャンジルNumaraダク(エベイッスク)
21:ED 「Free Will」/Ruppina(エイベックス) 21: ED "Free Will" / Ruppina (エベイッスク)
22:ED 「FAITH」/Ruppina(エイベックス) 22: ED "FAITH" / Ruppina (エベイッスク)
23:ED 「A to Z」/ZZ(エイベックス) 23: ED "A to Z" / ZZ (エベイッスク)
24:ED 「月と太阳」/shela(エイベックス) 24: ED "onとSun" / shela (エベイッスク)
25:ED 「DREAM SHIP」/イクタ☆アイコ(エイベックス) 25: ED "DREAM SHIP" /イクTatari ☆ AIコ(エベイッスク)
26:ED 「未来航海」/タッキー&翼(エイベックス) 26: ED "Future Sea" / Tackey & Tsubasa (エベイッスク)
27:ED 「エターナルポース」/エイジアエンジニア(エイベックス) 27: ED "エTatariナールースポ" /エインジジアエニア(エベイッスク)
28:ED 「Dear friends」/TRIPLANE(エイベックス) 28: ED "Dear friends" / TRIPLANE (エベイッスク)

29:ED 「明日はくるから」东方神起(エイベックス) 29: ED "Tomorrow ku ruからは," Dong Bang Shin Ki (エベイッスク)

30:ED 「ADVENTURE WORLD」/デリカテッセン(エイベックス) 30: ED "ADVENTURE WORLD" /デンRika TeッJapan (エベイッスク)
31:TVSPED 「Family」/7人の麦わら海贼団(エイベックス) 31: TVSPED "Family" / 7人のわらPirate団Mai (エベイッスク)
32: (挿入歌) 「ビンクスの酒」/9人の麦わら海贼団(エイベックス) 32: (Insert Song) "Bldgンスのクwine" / 9人のわらPirate団Mai (エベイッスク)
33:(Jツアー主题歌) 「A THOUSAND DREAMER」/9人の麦わら海贼団(エイベックス) 33: (Jツアーtheme song) "A THOUSAND DREAMER" / 9人のわらPirate団Mai (エベイッスク)

Source: + HEY!JJ +
Trans and shared by: Emerheliena @ DTL
Feel free to repost, but please do not add on/remove credits. Thanks!:
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[NEWS] 100205 Dae Guk Nam Ah's Member Karam: "I've started to dance because of U-Know Yunho sunbae"

Credit: enchanteDNA

Dae Guk Nam Ah is a new group in Korea, comprised of five members: Hyunmin, Jay, Karam, Injun and Mika.

One of its member Karam said that he started to dance because he saw U-Know Yunho on a program and wanted to be like him.

Credits: sheilapiglet@Soompi
Shared by:

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[NEWS] 100204 TVXQ No. 1 in Japan: Talk Of The Town

Despite their ongoing dispute with their management company, popular boy band TVXQ has still got it.

Japanese entertainment company Oricon reported on Feb. 2 that TVXQ’s 29th single “Break Out” had sold over 256,000 copies since its release on Jan. 27 and predicted that the song would still be No. 1 by the time its new rankings are released on Feb. 8. According to Oricon, that breaks the record for number of albums sold in the first week after its release. The record was previously held by Elton John, whose single “Candle in the Wind” sold 184,000 copies in Japan in the first week after its release.

Three TVXQ members - Xiah Jun-su, Micky Yoo-chun and Hero Jae-joong - have been in the middle of a contract dispute with their management agency, S.M. Entertainment, since last summer.

Meanwhile, the group is planning to release a greatest hits album titled “Best Selection 2010.”

Source: Hannah Kim @ JoongAng Daily
Shared by: Emerheliena @ DTL
Feel free to re-post.But please leave the full credits intact.. Thanks
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[PHOTO + TRANS] TVXQ in Venezuelan Magazine ‘Bravisimo’ Feb’10 Issue

MisaShim (Sender) ’s note

Something big happen in my country (Venezuela) for the cassiopeias ^o^ There is a magazine calling ‘Bravisimo’ and in their new issue (February) they have our boy *O* when we found out we run to buy the magazine is the first time they come up in a magazine in our country ^^ is so incredible ^^

The little article talk about the new single ‘Break Out’ and they make a little summary of they career. They make good the article just they have a little mistake they say from 2004 to 2010 they have 4 years ^^” I think they don’t count well, the rest for the article is well done ^^

credit: MisaShim ( or MisaChangmin in the SYC comment)
shared by:


T/N: making use of my native language in order to translate it..pretty funny lol

This group which is starting to be famous in every place the past month released their latest single entitled 'Break Out!' in Japan, which is going to be theme song for the new drama from NHK called ''Tomehane 'Let's jump together' Suzusato High School, Calligraphy Club''

The name of this group can be translated as ''Rising Gods of the East''. These 5 young boys are specialized in dancing, singing a capella and soft rythms, their music goes from pure Kpop style going to even R&B, a little bit of electronic music and ballads with some oriental touches.

Their popularity in Korea is impressing, spreading even to Japan,China, Malaysia and Taiwan and in a 'no official' way their also starting to become popular in America and Europe. Their debut was on 2004 and just 4 years later they are one fo the groups with the most influence in Asia.

T/N Debut year was 2003, December 2003, they have been 6 years together now. Nice article

Translation by: Rukia @ DBSK Kingdom

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[PHOTOS] Jaejoong in S Cawaii Magazine March’10 Issue part 3

credit: herowings
shared by:

Cant get enough of these pics..higher resolution now ^^...oh..gawd...*faints*
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[PHOTOS Jaejoong in S Cawaii Magazine Part 2

Credits: SoyoyuJJ
Shared by: DBSKnights

Comments:..we can..all rest in peace now cant we? O.O..Jaejoong just kills me with the way he looks ..he's gorgeous
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[Pic] Best album 2010 poster “C”

credit: u_boa@baidu
shared by:
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[PHOTOS] Nikkei Entertainment Magazine March’10 Issue

credits: as tagged
shared: sharingyoochun
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[PHOTOS] Jaejoong in S Cawaii Magazine

credit: as tagged
shared by:

Comments:..Do you wanna kill me JAe?..AHHH *O* cant believe surprise <33333
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[INFO] 100202 Jaejoong Was Mentioned at Strong Heart

Credit: shiareagy1stalbum@YT

In a clip of Strong Heart that aired on 100202, where they were showing pre-debut pics of the girls, at 9:30, Kang Ho Dong or Seung gi says something about Gahee looking like Jaejoong

I laughed my butt off with abracadabra dance LOL Shin Dong, Eun Hyuk and Teukie lol

Credits: Tina+Marielle
Shared by: +

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[TRANS/YT] 100121 "I Won Oronamin C Strap & Poster", 5,000 Bigeast won this

Bigeast comment:

"I won Oronamin C Strap with a big TVXQ poster.
Here is a strap."

T/N: When I translated this song, it does not sound nice in English.
But the way TVXQ sing it and the CM is shown; the viewers feel the kind of love
who care about the person who they are singing to (with a humor). It is the kind of feeling
mom would give her child, “Oh, you did that again? Well, try not to next time.
I love you anyways; here is your favorite drink to cheer you up!”
Hope you could feel that kind of lovely tone in it. ^^
JJ’s voice is extra sweet in this one. ^^

Translation of the song:

Why do you miss copy~?
Why are you late to the meeting~?
It is the waste of resources~.
How many times did you do that now~?
Why are you such a trouble maker~?
By smiling right away, are you trying to hide your mistake~?
Oh well, just drink this one~
And be energetic and cheerful! Oronamin C!

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: OronaminC+robinxxx2007
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thank you!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

[INFO] 100205 DJ Makai's Premium Remix Album " Virtual Party" to include "TOKYO LOVE LIGHT", with Yoochun~

DJ Makai's Premium Remix Album " Virtual Party"
Release Date : 2010.03.24
Price : 2,000yen(tax incl.)

Garden of Love feat.青山テルマ -Exclusive Edit-
SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON ME feat.KCO -Kaaltechs Remix-
MY ONE STAR feat.LISA -Exclusive Edit-
STAR IN MY SKY feat.BENI -Kaaltechs Remix-
TOKYO LOVE LIGHT feat.YUCHUN (from 東方神起) -Exclusive Edit-
Love So Bright feat.Ryohei -Kaaltechs Remix-
Dreamin' feat.日之内エミ -Kaaltechs Remix-
Source: DJ MAKAI official website
Shared by:
Kindly full credit when re-post. please do not add/remove anything~ Thanks!

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[TRANS] 100206 “With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~, Details of the new song for "BEST SELECTION 2010"

With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~

(T/N: )
With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~
With All My Heart ~Summer, when you danced so lively~ (T/N: the real English title is unknown)

A dramatic ballad, in rapid succession

This is an unknown new song, which suddenly appeared on the list. Looking at the Japanese title, we tend to think that it is a fresh upward song. But it seems to be a ballad song, just as the English title, "Memories of the summer, passing away". As the melody goes on, the song will dramatically continue to be livelier. In another way, it is the very stanza of Tohoshinki. The changing keys in the latter part of the song is an expected harmony, but the times of hop, step, jump, jump, and jump should be the highest level ever.

(New song) Words, music, and arrangement by Shinjiroh Inoue

Source: Nikkei Entertainment (March 2010) + HEROKO
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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[TRANS] 100204 VMC Special - THSK

credits as tagged

Title: VMC Special Zone – Monthly Special Broadcast ‘VMC Special – THSK’
Date: 21st February 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 19:00 ~ 21:30

Korean popular group TVXQ had their first performance in Japan on 2004. With their vocal skills and dance ability, together with their attractive outlook, they attracted a lot of attention and they were listed as ‘top group’ in a very short period of time.

Their first debut album in Japan was released in 2005, which instantly increased their fanbase. In 2008 alone, they had 4 of their singles hit the top of Oricon chart, and they were invited to attend Kōhaku Uta Gassen Music Festival on New Year's Eve, making them the first Korean group to attend.

Their popularity continue to climb in 2009, ‘Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide’, ‘Survivor’, ‘Share The World/ウィーアー!
’, ‘Stand By U’ had all received good results.

They have just released their 29th single ‘BREAK OUT!’ on the 27th of January 2010, coming up next will be their compilation album ‘Best Album 2010’ which will be release on the 17th of February.

In the 2.5 hours program, we will be showing the road they had walked in these years. Please look forward to the charisma they are going to show!

Source: JaeJoongFamily + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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[TRANS] 100205 Update of “smart” Magazine Editor’s blog

T/N: This is related to linh-chan’s trans here.

Junsu fans, thank you!

To those we are reading my blog, good evening.
I’m Souhei Igarashi, who loves Tohoshinki the best in "smart" magazine’s editorial department,

Since I’ve wrote here that Junsu-san of Tohoshinki will appear in "smart" magazine, April issue, many people have checked this blog!
Thank you very much!

And, for those who have written their comments, thank you, thank you so much!
Your comments are not opened to public, but all the members in the editorial department are reading them, and feel a great support!

(T/N: The answers to some of the questions raised in the hidden comments)
>Yes, I’ve totally become a fan of Junsu-san! He is really a nice guy~☆
>I’m really in love with Junsu-san’s singing voice♪ And he dancing is really cool! His fashion is excellent, too!
>Since “smart” is a magazine for men, we would like to make a different approach compared to that of lady’s magazines.

(few sentences omitted)

The report was made by Souhei Igarashi, who is now always listening to "BREAK OUT!" with my ipod.

Tohoshinki fan’s passion has made a new record for the "smart" editorial department’s blog!

Good evening.
I’m Souhei Igarashi, who can be said to support Tohoshinki the best in the publishing business.

From yesterday, the access number for this "smart" editorial department’s blog is unexpectedly high!
We have achieved a new record for the number of accesses.
And the number is outstanding!
Thank you very much!

This is entirely due to Junsu and Tohoshinki fans’ passions!

And, thank you all for your comments to our department!
We are working on till 4:00am, and we feel supported with all of your comments!

Since so many of you are supporting and cheering for us, we should do our best for Junsu-san’s page, and also for all the other fashion pages, too!

(T/N: The answers to some of the questions raised in the hidden comments)
>So you got to know this blog from a Korean fansite! The doughnut is a valentine special. Junsu-san was eating it with great relish.
>I think that the number of men fans will increase! The reason is, the pictures are so cool! Junsu-san was continuously smiling during the interview. (Lol)
>Junsu-san has the talent to become a top class model!
>Not only Junsu-san but all the other members should be great models! Who will appear next? Please look forward!
>Tohoshinki is really cool, looking from the eyes of a man, too! Our editorial department will do our best so that all the five members can appear together! Please count on us!
>Please hear “BREAK OUT!” when you are tired! I am also hearing the song now, when I want to cheer up.
>Junsu-san is cheerful, kind, handsome, and he really treasures all of his fans. I really respect him!
>I’m also totally "Jun-chanLOVE". (Lol) Since he has appeared in "smart", the number of men fans should increase.
>I’m also fascinated with Junsu-san’s charms. "smart" will continue to support Tohoshinki in the future!
>During the photo shooting, Junsu-san was cheerfully talking as a mood maker, but when he stood in front of the camera, he was totally in a cool model mode. The gap should be one of Junsu-san’s charms♪

(few sentences omitted)

So this is Souhei Igarashi.
Since my face appeared in the Toho-mobile blog, I received an email from a friend that I have not met for more than 10 years, saying “Why did you take pictures with Junsu?”

T/N: It seems that another man fell in love with our Junsu, lol. Igarashi-san, looking forward to Junsu’s article!

Source: smart Editor's Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
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[INFO] 100204 Tohoshinki in Magazines

2/04 『Nikkei Entertainment』
2/06 『S Cawaii』 - Jaejoong
2/09 『PATi PATi』
2/10 『ARENA37℃』
2/13 『WHAT's IN?』
2/13 『CD Data magazine』
2/23 『SPUR』 - Changmin
2/23 『ViVi』 separate volume supplement
2/23 『Ray』 Welcome to Tohoshinki's room (Yoochun, Changmin)
2/24 『smart』 - Junsu
3/01 『Popteen』 - Yunho
3/23 『Ray』 Welcome to Tohoshinki's room (Jaejoong, Junsu, Yunho)

Credits: lizz1e + Honey_KizZ@Soompi
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100201 ChunJaeSu at Gimpo Airport

for all Su fangirls out there lol (so I dont get called Jae biased XD)

source: as tagged
credits: sharingyoochun

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[Pic] Best selection album 2010 poster

source: yuru
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[INFO] 100203 Oricon TV - PV Ranking

Source: [oricon tv]
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