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[INFO] 091206 Tohoshinki to attend Ontama Carnival in January

TV Asahi [ontama]’s grand activity [Ontama Carnival] will be held next January in Yokohama Arena.

The entertainers that will perform on this event will be announced today.

[Ontama Carnival], first held in January of this year, 2 days mobilizing 24,000 people.

KREVA, Koda Kumi, Tohoshinki, Perfume, flumpool along with others will make up the 16 group of entertainers that will attend.

In addition, January 23rd (Saturday) and 24th (Sunday), Qqua Timez, WEAVER, HY, S.R.S., BoA and so on.

Moreover, booking admission tickets sales begins on December 4th, sales time is December 19th (Saturday).

source: livedoor
credit: cindy
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[NEWS] 091205 SHU-I “We’re mistaken as TVXQ in Gwangju”

The newly debut boyband SHU-I (So Hot Union of Idols) revealed that they were ever mistaken by people in Gwangju as TVXQ.

- omitted -

“We had an event in Chungjang, Gwangju before. As we really needed to use restroom, thus we went to a nearby fastfood restaurant. Once the Gwangju people saw us, they went wild that made us really surprised.There were about 200 people gathered to see us, the condition was like what we watched on TV when Bae Yong-joon arrived at Japan airport.”

However, turns out that the people were misunderstood SHU-I as the 5 popular members of TVXQ. “The people said ‘Come! it’s TVXQ!’ and we’re shocked. Yet, we still used the opportunity to introduce ourselves.”

- omitted -

source: newsen
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[INFO]Tokunaga Hideaki has a crush on TVXQ’s Jaejoong?

With a fanclub of over 800,000 members, it'd be an understatement to say that TVXQ is widely loved by both typical individuals and celebrities alike; recently, Tokunaga Hideaki, a Japanese performer who participated in FNS Music Festival with the boys, praised the fivesome for their hard work and performances.

When TVXQ asked the famous singer to perform his track Rainy Blue with them, the group revealed their love for the song. "[The members] worked hard to use Japanese to communicate with me," the singer expressed. "[They are all] really handsome, especially Jaejoong; with that beauty looking at me ... my heart speed up [to the point] that I wanted to hug him. If I were a girl, there is no doubt that I would fall for him.

Gals, note this before you pull out your pitchforks: Tokunaga's a straight man, and later clarified that he didn't have such tendencies, so you're safe (for now)!

The compliments for the group didn't end there. “They don’t have just beautiful features , their heart and actions are as pure as snow,” Tokunaga expressed. “Even though I have meet other handsome guys up until today, but Tohoshinki really are wonderful guys.

Aww, how sweet... who doesn't love TVXQ?

Thanks to CrazyOverYou for the tip & sharingyoochun (wordpress) for the translation.

Source: Mixi community
Credit: HeyJJ
shared: allkpop
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[INFO] 091205 Mnet secret: “Proud of your Love”‏, Side note: vote instruction for tohoshinki in billboard-related award

“Proud of your Love” Mnet Secret

2009 was a turbulence year for everybody.
December has begun and it is time for a counting down.
Toward the end of the year, we can see five members together.

I think that everyone is having all kinds of feelings when you see their figures.
I heard various impressions from the ones who watched a stage after a long absence of five members.
And everyone has expressed various thoughts.

I personally wish that if the fans have an opportunity to see TVXQ on the stage,I wish everyone to accept them with your big smiles.When they see fans looking very happy, I think that surely would became source of their power to go on.Please send them powers to be assured that they have to be in five. In Korea, it is difficult situation now for them to stand in five.

I believe that it is a one of the biggest support Begeast can do right now.(Weather you belong to the fan club or not.)Please remember the true figures of the members.
From the first page one that all of you had observed so far.

Remember the unforgettable double encore of the song, “PROUD”?
From all of you to the members, filled with your heart of, “Proud of your Love”.
Please show such smile to them.


source: Mnet+Chomin
trans & shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[INFO] 091205 JCS’s “Smile Again” Fanmeeting & Tower Records Japan 2009 years best seller

UNICEF share love “Smile Again” public ticket sale announcement

Date: December 12th, 2009
Time: 5 pm
Place: Korean University stadium (we will confirm specific university later)

Event Objective:
Along with UNICEF’s “smile again”, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Xiah and fans together created this charitable event, hoping to create memorable memories, such a happy moment that is like a present.
Attention regarding advance ticket sales:

* Each person can only get one ticket, will be free.
* According to the application order to find place. Hooping that during reservation time, pay attention to whether or not the chosen spot is actually a seat.
* To make reservation more successful, we will award already joined members.
* Please pay attention that the number from SMS or e-mail is not the actual seat number.
* The admission ticket exchange will change on spot admission on the day of.
* (Please pay attention that you cannot enter stadium broken or damaged ticket.
* ID’s will be checked when getting the ticket (student ID/ID card) and authenticates (SMS/authentication).
* (Without confirmation, you cannot enter the stadium.
* The exchange process starts on the day of the event at 10:00, at assigned place.
* Admission time begins from 14:00.
* Accepts the sleeve belt which a time distributes not to be able to give to other people, finished until the activity needs to wear.
* Received tickets can not be transferred to other people, because you will need it until the end of the event.
* Do not use cellphones to talk pictures. At the end of the event, tickets will be recycled.
* Because the event admission process is long, be careful to take precautions against the cold weather.
* On the day of the event, we will be raising charitable funds at the entrance , hopefully we’ll obtain everyone’s support.

Early public ticket reservation date: February 8th, 2009 (Tuesday), at 8:00 pm

Edit (from sharingyoochun): confirmation ticket date from dnbn is

※ 티켓오픈예정일 : 2009년 12월 8일 (화)오후 8시
※ Ticket date: Tues, December 8th, 2009 8:00 p.m

credit: 爽儿@XIAHKING
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Tower Records Japan 2009 years best seller

■ Foreign Music:
Westen Music #1: Green Day『21st Century Breakdown』
ROCK / POP #1: Green Day『21st Century Breakdown』
SOUL / R&B #1: Michael Jackson『King Of Pop』
CLUB #1: The Prodigy『Invaders Must Die』
HIP HOP #1: Black Eyed Peas『The E.N.D.(The Energy Never Die)』
WORLD / REGGAE #1: Sean Paul『Imperial Blaze』
BLUES/COUNTRY #1: Taylor Swift『Fearless』
SOUNDTRACK #1: 『Mamma Mia! 』
DVD Western MUSIC #1: Michael Jackson『Lvie in ・Bucharest』

ASIA #1: TVXQ 『Mirotic』

(Why TVXQ is in Asia category only? Aren’t they also J-pop?
And don’t they sell more than western music in Japan? Why don’t they
list as foreign??)

■ Japanese Music:
Top sells #1: Arashi 『All the BEST! 1999-2009』
J-HIP HOP #1:  KREVA『Heart』
J-REGGAE #1: Shonannokaze 『~JOKER~』
VISUAL #1: Shido 『hikari』
DVD MUSIC(Japanese) #1: Arashi『ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 in TOKYO』

CLASSICAL Imported: #1: Karajan&BPO『Brahms:The first symphony,
Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht』
CLASSICAL Domestic: #1: Nobuyuki Tsujii 『debut』
JAZZ #1: Melody Gardot『My One And Only Thrill』

source: Barks News
trans by : Always Keep The Faith!
shared by : sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[INFO] 091204 Mirotic Live Album To Be Released In The Philippines

IT'S OFFICIAL ! TVXQ "MIROTIC Live Album" 2CD WILL BE RELEASED ON DECEMBER 15 (TUESDAY). More Details like FREE TVXQ Poster and Price Coming Soon !

Source: UR Philippines
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Friday, December 4, 2009

[TRANS] 091204 Tokunaga's comments for Tohoshinki, "They are like snowy crystals"

Do Not Take Out of O!

[TRANS] 091204 Tokunaga’s comments for Tohoshinki
“They are like snowy crystals”

Source: ikko’s blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Do not take out of OneTVXQ.
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[ALLKPOP/NEWS] 091204 Welcome to the Xiah Junsu Village!

Have you ever wished to visit a town all about TVXQ? Well you can, sort of. Okay maybe not exactly but you can go to ‘Xiah Junsu Village’ in Cambodia!

Adra Korea, an international development and relief agency, has recently been working on a disaster relief project in Cambodia in a small village just an hour off of Phnom Penh. This village also happens to be the poorest in all of Cambodia. With more than thirty houses lined along the dirty waters of the nearby river, Adra Korea is working hard to improve the living conditions for the children who reside there. However, Adra Korea is not alone in this restoration project. Who might be helping them bring hope to the children of this small town, you ask? If you guessed the Cassiopeians, you’re correct!

TVXQ’s generous fan club, otherwise known as Cassiopeia, has been involved in numerous charity projects previously and this is just another one they that they can be proud to be a part of. In celebrating Xiah Junsu’s upcoming birthday on January 1st, the Cassies donated a large amount of money under his name to support the cause. And although Xiah Junsu and TVXQ are unknown to the people residing there, because of the gracious donation, the village has been named ‘Xiah Junsu Village.’

It’s heartwarming to see how amongst all the chaotic fans, we also see humble and generous ones! Girls and boys, learn from these Cassies! It is afterall, the season for giving!

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[TRANS] 091204 NHK MJ EYESBLOG Update, Tohoshinki was in NHK today!

Do Not Take Out of O!


Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Do not take out of OneTVXQ.
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[INFO] 091204 Eriko Kitagawa Blog Entry #16 in Ameblo Ranking Now, Heaven’s postman Writer’s Blog

Heaven’s Postman writer’s blog now #16 in Ameblo Ranking.

“Amazing. I am now top 16 in the Ameba Blog.”

“My secretary Sally and I were in shock together.”

After she started to write about TVXQ in her blog, her blog access jumped high.

When she asked to leave the comments in her blog if people wish to see Heaven’s Postman in Japan, she received 32,474 messages. She promised that she would submit these comments to the official of the Heaven’s Postman in Japan. She already submitted these comments to the officials as promised. She is known to be one of a big fan of TVXQ.

Source: Eriko Kitagawa
Translated by: Always Keep The Faith
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress +

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[NEWS] 091204 TVXQ#3! Amazon 2010 calendar sales ranking.

Amazon 2010 calendar sales ranking from September 1 to November 30.

#1 Yotsubato:!
#2 Yuri Ebihara:
#3 TVXQ!!

The Amazon Japan public relations department told that "an animated cartoon and
the sales of comics increased from last year".

Ebihara has been a popular icon for the calender sales.
And TVXQ made the top 3 in ranking for the first time this year.
December 4, 2009.

T/N: Yep, they did it again always in the top group,
wherever they are and whatever they sell and do!

Always Keep The Faith!

Credit: Mainichi News Co. +
Partially translated by: Junsulv
The source credit belongs to Mainichi News Paper Company and and wikipedia
not to the translator. Thank you~~! ^^
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

[TRANS] 091203 TVXQ's Suspension Request First Win - Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk

-Did you know who TVXQ was?

"(laugh) This shouldn't be printed... I didn't know their faces. Before they came, I kept playing their music videos and putting pictures of their faces on my computer screen so that I could memorize their names and faces. I kept getting mixed up between Choikang Changmin and YoungWoong Jaejoong but luckily(?) Choikang Changmin didn't come here."

Meet Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk who aided three members of TVXQ, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, when they submitted their exclusive contract suspension request against SM Entertainment. On November 25th, this is how the interview began with him as he waved his hand and said, "Don't ask me about TVXQ."

On October 27th, the Seoul District Courts partially accepted the request submitted by the three members. The Courts stated, "SM violated the economic freedom and basic rights of the members of TVXQ through their superior position. There is a high chance that the entire, or parts of the contract will be suspended fully." In words it was 'partial acceptance', and in reality, it signified the loss of the trial of the nation's biggest entertainment agency, SM.

What surprised the entertainment industry more than the Courts' verdict was the fact that the 'provisional disposition' method Lawyer Lim had used had actually worked. A provisional disposition is usually submitted when it is too late to submit a formal trial. A good example would be when the family of the deceased former President Park Jung Hui submitted a a press ban provisional disposition a couple days before the publication of the Glossary of Japanophiles.

-Why did you choose to submit a provisional disposition?

"In the case of celebrity contract disputes, there has never been a single case where the dispute goes to the Supreme Court in the past sixty years. For a formal trial to go to the Supreme Court, it would take 2~3 years but during this period, that celebrity cannot perform in any activities. Everyone starts a lawsuit and ends up giving up halfway through. Had TVXQ gone through with a formal trial, it would have been the end of their career."

Lawyer Lim stated that Sejong chose to submit a provisional disposition, people in the legal circles stated that, 'Sejong has made a mistake.' For a provisional disposition to be accepted, it must fit two criteria. 1. The contract should be nullified. 2. This is a problem so urgent that a provisional disposition is needed before the formal trial. Till now, all of the celebrity contract disputes have been ruled as 'not urgent'.

"We argued that this was a problem that needed to be dealt with immediately. In the case of idol stars like TVXQ, their lifespan is short so we stated that if we were to begin with the lawsuit that lasted 2~3 years, their celebrity career would be over by then. Therefore, the Courts accepted our claim."

Law Lim stated that not even he thought of a provisional disposition at first. "When we first discussed this, we told them 'We will be able to get this contract nullified. However, you won't be able to perform for a while.' This is probably why the two other members did not participate. After we told them that, when we were going through the legal process, that was when the idea came to submit a provisional disposition."

-How can SM retaliate?

"There are many ways. They can submit an appeal or a formal objection, or they can submit an Order of Filing a Lawsuit request which would tell us to, 'hurry up and start the formal trial.' They can also file a lawsuit on the grounds that they believe that the contract is valid. However, they have not done anything yet. We were able to get what we wanted through the provisional disposition. We were able to grant the members freedom to pursue any activity they wanted and stopped the contract. Of course, if the members were to be compensated for their income, then we would have to fight it out in a formal trial. But we are in no hurry."

-So many celebrities will begin using this provisional disposition method, right?

"We've given them a new method of commencing an exclusive contract suspension lawsuit."

Entertainment agencies can do nothing but be alert. Now the road is open that if the contract is deemed unlawful, a verdict can be laid down quickly by the Courts through a provisional disposition. "TVXQ has given their juniors a very big fight. Now, celebrities are able to keep their contracts or terminate them, they've been given another option."

The problem of unlawful celebrity contracts seems to be a long-term disease. It was put in the spotlight after the death of Jang Ja Yeon but then the situation calmed down once more.

-What is the reason that unlawful contracts occur frequently?

"It's because the barriers to entry are extremely high. It has come to a state where, without a large entertainment agency, it is impossible to debut. The singer doesn't get to question the content of the contract, all they can decide is 'should I sign it or not?'. Some of the clauses in contracts are very vague."

'SM will be in charge of all television appearances and all domestic and overseas activities.' This is what is said in the contract between SM and TVXQ. This controversial phrase is bound to be a cause of dispute. An issue that was including in this dispute was whether or not the three members' investment in a cosmetic company was an infringement on the contract. SM stated that it was indeed an infringement since the members could receive offers for commercials. The three members' side retaliated by saying, "So they are saying that the members must ask for permission even when buying stocks from Samsung Electronics. To say that the members must receive permission before doing anything, that is what a slave contract is."

-Why have even big stars like TVXQ endure with these contracts?

"The entertainment management industry is distinctively divided into Kpop, and non-Kpop. In the Kpop market, three major agencies are monopolizing the market. They train people, create albums, etc; they basically contain all the infrastructure necessary. It is hard for a new company to enter this market. It's a monopoly. Even TVXQ is on the second tier in this industry."

-What about other fields?

"The non-Kpop industry is a competitive market. As long as you have great connections and good people, you can succeed if you decided to set up an agency. This means that the barriers to entry are relatively low. The power of the agencies isn't as big."

For actors, they have an 'escalating clause' in their contracts. This means that even rookies can change clauses in their contracts if they become popular.

-Is there a way to stop this from happening again?

"The celebrities can go on strike."

The celebrities go on strike? It's a sight that is difficult to imagine. However, he was serious. If they couldn't go on strike, the labor union could work as the profits distributor, and if even this did not work, then the unfair system could not be fixed.

"In America, celebrities have labor unions, guilds. The production teams and the actors are compromising a labor collective agreement. Even when a rookie actor signs on to a production company, they have to get the signature of the labor union. It is hard for an unlawful contract to exist in such an environment."

-Will a celebrity strike really be possible?

"Haven't you heard about the American actors who went on strike?"

Last December, the Screen Actors Guild got to the brink of a strike. This was because their labor collective agreement negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers was broke down. In June, the labor collective agreement negotiations, which dragged for almost a year, was finalized and the long dispute was finally stitched up.

-Will this be possible in Korea?

"It will if Bae Young Jun and Jang Dong Geon move." He stated that a 'passionate person' was more important than a 'structured individual'. He held the Korean Radio & TV Writers Association as an example.

"In the contract script writers sign with broadcasting companies, it is so equal that it is hard to differentiate between the company and the writer. This is because Writer Kim Soo Hyun took the lead." Writer Kim solved the copyright issues with broadcasting companies by advocating a strike during 1987~1995."

-When it isn't their business, will Korea's top stars take a stance?

"In America, top stars such as Richard Gere and U2 took a stance. In our nation, no one is willing to step up to the plate. Even though the verdict of the Court has been released, no famous celebrity dares to even make any implications about the TVXQ dispute. If this was America, all the top stars would have said something by now."

Then we asked the question that we most wanted to ask. A terse answer was given.

-Doesn't the statement of the agency have a certain amount of reason too?

"It has been the theory of entertainment agencies for tens of years that 'overextended contracts are inevitable because of dangers in investments.' However, the Courts have never recognized this theory."

The verdict of the Courts is always clear and concise. Even in this case, the Courts staged, "It cannot be said that dangers in investments can justify overextended contracts and excessive compensation. There are always dangers when it comes to investing in any market and that is a part that can be compensated."

A change has already begun. JYP Entertainment put in place a new basis for contracts last month. The Fair Trade Committee ruled that the contract JYP made was a 'fair contract' that fit the criteria of the committee's basis for contracts. A law to reform the way the entertainment industry is run is also to be the center of discussion in the National Assembly.

"This method that is currently being used must stop. We cannot let this industry, that oppress people and squeezes them dry for profit, continue."

Lawyer Lim is counted as the 'second generation' celebrity specialized lawyer. This means that he does not consult and legally fight for an individual celebrity, but the celebrity-culture industry as a whole. Those such as Lawyers Choi Jung Hwan and Hong Seung Gi, who have dealt with countless celebrity-related lawsuits, are called first generation lawyer. It may be because major law firms Sejong and TaePyungYang have steeped up to take on the issue, but it can be seem that this dispute between an entertainment agency and a celebrity has moved to a second generation level. One wonders if the entertainment industry will change as much as this dispute has evolved.

"This is a chance of a lifetime. Thanks to TVXQ's name sake, this issue has been publicized and a new 'weapon' of the provisional disposition has been given to celebrities."

Source: [kukinews+DNBN]
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[ALLKPOP] 091203 TVXQ accused of yet another fraud

We had previously reported that CreBeau, the cosmetics company known for their involvement in the TVXQ controversy, got sued in China by a company that used to distribute their products in the Shanghai region. Now, CreBeau's Da Lia region distributor decided to do the same.

According to the plaintiff, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu of TVXQ urged the plaintiff to distribute their cosmetics products claiming that they are shareholders of CreBeau and will personally take part in product promotion in the Da Lia region. The members did not show up for promotion and distributors from other regions informed the plaintiff that the CreBeau office has disappeared, forcing the plaintiff to sue CreBeau for fraud in order to compensate damage that they suffered. The plaintiff's claim is very similar to that of the Shanghai region distributor's, who also claimed that they suffered damage because TVXQ members falsely promised to show up for promotions and CreBeau's office disappeared.

Did the three members really commit fraud with false promises of showing up for promotions? Stay tuned to allkpop as the case develops.

Source: NEWSEN
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[NEWS] 091202 SMAP praised highly about TVXQ at FNS, Takuya Kimura: "They are wonderful even from the eyes of a man

Takuya Kimura of the Japanese top star praised TVXQ highly mentioning,
"They are wonderful even from the eyes of a man".
TVXQ appeared "FNS songs and ballads festival" for the first time at Fuji TV on the 2nd.

TVXQ talked with SMAP of the nation's top male idol group (whom Takuya Kimura belonged to)
on that day, and sang two songs, and received the highest grade artist treatment at FNS.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Takuya Kimura of SMAP praised TVXQ in particular and showed their
good feelings toward TVXQ. Takuya Kimura mentioned about TVXQ that,
"both the songs and the dances are great and not only that I also love their characters as well"
and praised highly by adding to say, "They are wonderful even from the eyes of a man".

Jeajoong returned his response by saying, "Both SMAP's songs and the performances are wonderful
and every member is actively working in singing, acting, etc, and all of them are so cool"

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi mentioned, "TVXQ had appeared in a program of SMAP, and I have been a good
friend with Jeajoong
" and He said that He will exchange their phone numbers after the broadcast was over.

There were happy atmosphere from the beginning to the end which showed the warm friendship
of the two countries top stars from Japan and Korea that day.

TVXQ sang "Rany Blue" in collaboration with Hideaki Tokunaga, and also sang their 28th piece
Japanese single "Stand By U" which was released in July, 2009.

Original Source & Credit: Central Daily News:
Translated by Bigeast
Feel free to repost, but please keep the source credit in tact.
This news credit belongs to Central Daily News.
Thank you~~~.^^

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[NEWS] 91202: TVXQ Selected as The "Japan Record Taisho (Award) Grand Prix" candidate!

TVXQ is selected to be the candidate of the grand prix award winner of

"Japan Record Taisyo (Award)".

The Korea finance and economy newspaper reports:

The No. 51 Japan Record Grand Prix Award, (sponsorship, by the Japanese Composer Association),
had chosen "Standby U" of "TVXQ" to recieve the "Excellent Best Music Award",
and also sellected them to be the candidate of the "Grand Prix Winner".

TVXQ had won the "Excellent Best Music Award" last year with their hit song,
"Doshite Kimiwo Sukininatte Shimattandaro".
That records TVXQ to recieve this award for the two consecutive years sequentially.
The announcement was made on December 1st, 2009.

W-inds featuring G-Dragon, "Rain Is Fallin" won the "Excellent Best Music Award" as well,
and it was also chosen as a grand prix candidate.

There are 11 excellent winner of the "Best Music Award" and other competitors are such as
"Someday" of EXILE, and "Lick me" of Kumi Koda.

The No. 51 Japan Record Award is going to be broadcasted live at TBS at 6:30 PM on December 30th.

This news credit belongs to: Korea Fiance and Economy News Paper Co.
Feel free to repost but please keep the source credit intact. Thanks! ^^

*Other candidates and the music list, please find them here. (Thanks BabyLove!^^)

*2008 TVXQ YT and more info here. Thanks Smiley!^^

Always Keep The Faith!

Souce: Korea finance and economy newspaper
Credits : ONE TVXQ
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[INFO]091203 Break Out! Single, Now in preorder at yesasia

The moment that we have all been waiting for.....
TVXQ' s coming Single BREAK OUT!.....
Expected release: January 27, 2010
To preorder your copy now click here

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[NEWS] YoungSaeng, “I lost JaeJoong to HyunJoong”

SS501 Heo YoungSaeng, “I lost Hero JaeJoong to leader Kim HyunJoong”

SS501 Heo YeongSaeng reveals that he has “lost” Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong to leader member Kim HyunJoong.

He said during his appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star on 2nd December, “I introduced Hero JaeJoong to Kim HyunJoong, but after that he was more close to JaeJoong than me.”

During the show Yoon JongShin has talked about rumours of idols, “There was talk that HyunJoong “robbed” Hero JaeJoong from you, the 2 of you were close before.” and YeongSaeng said, “We were close when we were SM trainees.”

He added, “We were all close and I introduced him to KyuJong and HyunJoong. But he was closer to him than me.” and he gives out a sigh, causing laughter in the studio.

Credits: sookyeong@kbites
Shared by: DBSKnights

Comments:Please YoungSaeng dont make me start ...dont make me become a fan of you + jae when I heart Yunjae ;O;...
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[VIDEO] 091202 FNS - Rainy Blue & Stand by U HD

Rainy Blue

Stand by U

Credits: gonchanzero
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[TRANS] 091202 TVXQ Receives An Award For The Second Time At The Japanese Record Awards

Popular groups TVXQ has won an award at the Japanese Record Awards that looks at the accumulative of the year's Japanese music industry.

According to the 51st Japanese Records Awards (run by the Japanese Composers' Association) awards list, TVXQ's 'Stand By U' has been awarded the 'Premium Award', which puts the song as a nominee for the coveted Japanese Record Award Grand Prix which awards the singer and the production team of a song. This is the group's second 'Premium Award' after winning the same award last year for 'どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?'.

'Rain Is Fallin' of three member group W-inds, which features Big Bang's G-Dragon, also won the award as well.

The 11 nominees for the highly coveted Grand Prix, including EXILE's 'Someday' and Koda Kumi's 'Lick me', will perform live on the 30th, at 6:30pm on TBS-TV before the award is given out.


Source: [yeonhap news+DNBN]
Translation credits:
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[INFO] 091202: Smiling TVXQ & SMAP FNS Interview:

(Smiling TVXQ!)

[INFO] 091202: TVXQ and Smap were interveiwed together at FNS.

MC: "What do you think of TVXQ?"

Kimura Takuya:
"They are good at singing and dancing and even from the eye of the guy like myself,
TVXQ is genuine, pure and wonderful."

JJ: "I got phone number from Tsuyoshi, but he changed it!"
(JJ is being JJ as usual.)
Tsuyoshi: "I changed it but I will give new one to him after the program." ^^

Do you see all of them smilling here and there?

By gian1214
Credit: FNS

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: gian1214+FR110043candy
Credit: FNS
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[NEWS] 091202 Junsu Had Shaken The Musical Mozart

mor has spread that Junsu from TVXQ may perform at the Musial Mozart
on the night of November 26th, the ticket sells site got on fire!
The presale ticket agency interpark recorded the Mozart’s top sells on November 27th!

Massive access was recorded, people fought to get the tickets,
and in the morning of November 27th, all 5,700 tickets
for January 26th and 28th performances were sold out!!!
It is a curve of the sales named as "the roller coaster"!

The share was recorded as 22.7% which was 500% higher than the second place in ranking.
(*If there were more tickets to sell, the record would have been higher!^^)
And as soon as Junsu’s performance days tickets were sold out, 
Mozart’s sells had dropped to 2% which is the normal number for the musical ticket.

(Particially Translated.)
Credit: Chuo Nippo News.
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[INFO] 091202 51st Japan Record Awards Announced

On Tuesday, most of the winners of the 51st Japan Record Awards were announced. On December 30, when the awards show is broadcast live, one of the 11 Best Song winners will be given the grand prize (the Japan Record Award) and one of the four New Artist Award winners will be named Best New Artist.

Best Song:
* "Aki no Miyajima" - Kaori Mizumori
* "Infinity" - GIRL NEXT DOOR
* "YELL" - Ikimono Gakari
* "Omae wo Tsurete" - Daisuke Kitagawa
* "Someday" - EXILE
* "Stand by U" - Tohoshinki
* "Tegami ~Shinai Naru Kodomotachi e~" - Ryoichi Higuchi
* "Tokimeki no Rumba" - Kiyoshi Hikawa
* "Mata Kimi ni Koi Shiteru" - Fuyumi Sakamoto
* "Lick me" - Kumi Koda
* "Rain Is Fallin'" - w-inds. x G-DRAGON (BIG BANG)

New Artist:
* Maya Sakura
* Hilchryme

Album Award:
* "Ainowa" - Hanaregumi
* "Sayuri IV" - Sayuri Ishikawa
* "Shio, Kosho" - GReeeeN
* "Box Emotions" - Superfly
* "my Classics!" - Ayaka Hirahara

Best Album:
* "Shio, Kosho" - GReeeeN

Best Singer:
* Hiroshi Itsuki

Special Awards:
* Alice
* AKB48 / Yasushi Akimoto
* Nobuyuki Tsujii

Source: Tokyograph (via Sankei Sports)
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[PHOTOS] Yunjaesu wearing the same boots?

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Comments: the fan who noticed this has some really good vision..imo the one who wore it best was Jae..not being biased btw....
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[TRANS] 091201 Action-Restraints-Authority Etc... The 2009 Fandom Has Changed


Another happening occurred as three members of TVXQ, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, stated that their contract with SM Entertainment was unlawful.
The three members filed for an exclusive contract suspension request, and received a verdict on October 27th that, "SM must not set new activities without the consent of TVXQ. SM cannot interfere with any individual activities the members of TVXQ may want to pursue." However, SM refuted this in a press conference that, "This is a nationwide scam that is packaging human rights and slave contracts as the main problem of this situation."
Many have begun to predict that the two sides will part with the forged signature controversy that erupted with the note of confirmation of the Shenzhen concert in China.
However, the people taking the most active stance in this dispute between the three members and SM Entertainment, is the 800,000 member fanclub 'Cassiopeia'. After this dispute began, they began boycotting SM while stating their reasons and what goods were to be boycotted. The reasons for boycotting span three pages of A4 sized paper and are as follows: the cancellation of 'SM Town Live 09', the unchanged attitude of SM Entertainment regardless of the numerous complaints by fans, and the unlawfulness of the TVXQ contract.
Cassiopeia stated, "SM Entertainment stated that they would continue on with the concert regardless of the legal dispute with the three members of TVXQ over their exclusive contract. However, a week before the concert, SM indefinitely postponed the concert giving a reason that, 'It is impossible for the singers to be united in the concert because of the TVXQ legal dispute.' This is an act that does not even consider the basic consideration that should be given to the consumer who bought tickets." Fans also pointed out, "They used the fact that we were fans to produce quantity more than quality with many goods containing similar contents and they completely ignored the complaints of the fans and the rights we have as consumers."

After that, the fanclub held an offline and online petition that collected around 188,000 signatures from people who were against unlawful contracts, and submitted this to the Seoul District Courts under the name 'People Against SM's Unlawful Contract'. They also visited the Human Rights Commission and submitted a petition urging the commission to work hard to eradicate the contract of clauses that violated human rights. Some state that the three members of TVXQ were able to receive a partial acceptance of their request by the Courts because of the actions of the fans.
These two events cemented the fans' position as 'consumers' with authority. Also, they showed the entertainment agencies that idol group members were not mere 'products' to admire, but were 'people' who could be moved by the power of the fans.
One entertainment representative recognized the consumer power of the fanclubs by stating, "Fans do not have control over the creation of groups, individual activities or the act of a member leaving the group," and "However, entertainment agencies do feel the pressure of the fans' wants. This is because fans are what keep a group and an entertainment agency alive."


Source: [segye+DNBN]
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ANS] 091202 Hero Jaejoong turned down cast offer for Iris season 2

KBS2TV drama Iris, the Iris production representative explains, “We are already planning Iris season two, filming will begin in May of next year at the earliest.”

According to the representative, they already have plans for Iris season two; they will be filming in China, Japan, Europe, and other locations.

Iris lead actor is predicted to not be able to take a part in Iris season two, due to his already scheduled Hollywood film. Aside from him, other actors have possibilities of reappearing in season two, but until now nothing have been confirmed.

Related person informed reporters: “There was a proposal of having DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong to appear in Iris season 1. Also have him appear in the first season grand finale episode 20, then in season 2 have him officially appear, but this could not happen because Jaejoong turned down the part. Now we are looking for an actor to play the part.”
credit: 一切为你J
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Related article: ‘아이리스’ 영웅재중 출연제의, 시즌2 연계된 주연급 물색 중
Source: Sportsseoul
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[INFO] 091201 Yunho’s Heart is Trendy

It would be easy to compare Big Bang to Yunho but actually there is more behind these "HEART love&dream" hoodies.
Indeed, partial proceeds from the sales of this collection are donated to a charity promotion project.

We already knew that Yunho was a generous man, but he proved that he’s also a responsible consumer.
Bravo, Mr Jung!

NII Qualified – Fall/Winter 2009/10 collection

Credits: kenoa@sharingyoochun
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[NEWS] 091201 PD Park SungSoo, Revealed that He Didn't Know Yunho

During the press conference for the upcoming drama "Heading to the Ground", the PD, Park SungSoo, revealed that he didn't know the Yunho cast for the main role was the Yunho from the popular idol group TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki.

The reason for this is because Yunho signed up for the role under his real name of Jung YunHo. The PD also mentioned that when he realized it was the actual Yunho from TVXQ, he was surprised at how humble and nice he was. Yunho didn’t act pretentious or like a big shot from the biggest boy band in Asia. Yunho broke the stereotype that the PD had for a typical idol star.

The PD said when he first met Yunho, Yunho told him about his harsh experiences as an early teen. When Yunho went from small town Gwang-Ju (southern portion of South Korea) to Seoul, Yunho grew up on the streets, not having a home and having to do menial jobs to get by. Because of this, the PD thought that he really knows what hardship is like and he can use those experiences for his role and make this drama come to life.

It's good to see that someone like Yunho, who had nothing and grew up on the streets could one day become a big star in Asia.

Credits: Samgyeoepsalsconspiracy@wordpress
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[INFO] 091130 THSK Shortlisted for 'Billboard JAPAN Music Award 2009

Do Not Take Out of O!

Source: TogetherTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @
Special Thanks to: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Monday, November 30, 2009

[TRANS] 091130 With Which Artist Do You Want To Watch The Christmas Lights?

Winter is here, and in the streets, the lights are shining.
The Christmas lights have also begun everywhere, the romantic season is here.

The 14th BARKS users' survey: With which artist do you want to watch the Christmas lights?

If it's with an artist you really like, you'll definitely be happy to be able to see the Chrismas lights together!
Even though it's just a wish, we should be thankful to Santa.

2009's last survey, we await everyone's wishing powers!

Namelist for selection

[Male Artists]

嵐/ASKA/稲葉浩志(B'z)/岡野昭仁(ポルノグラフィティ)/GACKT/KAT-TUN/東方神起/じょんて★もーにんぐ/TAKAHIRO(EXILE)/DAIGO(BREAKERZ)/NEWS/HYDE/福山雅治/藤井フミヤ/藤原基央(BUMP OF CHICKEN)/山村隆太(flumpool)/吉井和哉/その他

[Female Artists]


Survey period: 3 December 2009 (Thursday)

Source: [BARKS]
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[TRANS] 091130 Nominations For Billboard JAPAN Top Pop Artist 2009

Date: 31 Jan 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 1400-1900

Organisers: Billboard (America)/Billboard JAPAN
Supported by: J-WAVE FM

The nominees are artists that were in the top 4 rankings for the following charts from December 2008 - November 2009: Hot 100 Chart, Singles Sales Chart, Album Sales Chart and the Airplay Chart.

Nominated artists (Total 90):

(T/N: Only translating a few names)

Aoyama Thelma, Namie Amuro, Arashi, Ikimonogakari, Eminem, Green Day, Koda Kumi, Koda Kumi xMisono...Tohoshinki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Yuzu, AI, aiko, AKB48, DREAMS COME TRUE, EXILE, GLAY... JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from Tohoshinki), KAT-TUN, Mr. Children, NEWS, PERFUME, Superfly, V6....

Source: [billboard-japan+togethertvxq]
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[TRANS] 091130 JaeSuChun to Decide Whether to Start Solo Activities After December, T_T

Do Not Take Out of O!

Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 091130: Arashi, TVXQ, Height is not a problem, says Japanese ladies.

Do NOT take out of O!

Source: Chuo Nippo News + as tagged
Translation: junsulv @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Do not take out of OneTVXQ.
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

[NEWS] 091127 Xiah tapped as main character of "Musical Mozart."

Xiah Junsu of TVXQ has been picked to lead the cast of 'Musical Mozart,'
set to start in January next year, according to the musical's producer on Friday.

The original composer of the musical, Sylvester Levay, met with the director along with Xiah
when he last visited Korea and said he looked forward to the singer's role as Mozart,
representative Um Hong-hyun of EMK Musical Company was quoted as saying in the statement.
"Levay was fascinated by Xiah's will to appear in the show as well as his passion for the musical
and had high regards for his outstanding talent."

"Musical Mozart," by world-famous playwright Michael Kunze and Grammy award-winning composer
Levay, will start its run January 20 at the Sejong Art Center.
Source: Asiae News

Always Keep The Faith!

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