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[Site related] NEW LAYOUT

If you drop by several times a day you will surely have noticed that the blog has changed, not darstically but it SOON will haha, I've been trying to improve and make it as nice as possible for the netizens to like <3

Hope that you like how is looking so far, the blog is growing, slowly but surely it is, hope that you like all the changes and if you have any suggestions DO NOT hesitate to contact us.

Regards, the DBSK Kingdom Team
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For Canadian Fans

Please go there and check for more info there <3
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I've got TVXQ 'Under my skin'~literally

I’ve Got TVXQ “Under My Skin” ~ Literally

Q: What does it mean?

A: Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Q: Who the heck is that?

Who they are:
Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim JaeJoong, Shim Changmin, and Jung Yunho are who make up Dong Bang Shin Ki. 5 males brought together in 2003 under the label of SM Entertainment. 5 genuine guys who have created a whole new meaning to words such as “Unity” … “family” … “ONE”!

These 5 guys know what it is to come from nothing and fight for something. They know what it means to value life and to be humble to not only themselves but to everyone else that they come across. Together they create TVXQ ~ a band whose name is known throughout Asia ~ SORRY let me make a correction … Throughout THE WORLD! These 5 guys constantly give of themselves and recently it is coming back to us that they aren’t getting much in return (at least SM wise). They strive to work harder and to bring a better performance with every breath they take. They are five dedicated and passionate guys who persevere every single day for us (the ones who love them ~ their fans):

“The boys have worked hard ever since debut and have given us their best.

Even when they were sad, they performed for us.

Even when they were tired, they performed for us.

Even when they were angry, they performed for us.

Even when they were INJURED, the performed for us.

They especially performed for us when they were beyond happy.”

**– A Friend (SilentPixie). *I hope you don’t mind me using that* >< **

Not only do they give their all to us but they are completely selfless and give their all to everyone else. As I do recall one member saying something along the lines of: if you want to do good by us don’t buy us presents but instead give of yourselves to the less fortunate and to the people who need it. Donate to a good cause. **This was presented to everyone by the leader ~ Yunho** … The leader who (a few weeks ago) took time out of his busy schedule to visit an orphanage and spend a day with kids who live there. He gave of himself fully ~ cleaning, cooking, serving food, spending time with everyone, entertaining them, signing autographs, and sharing uplifting words to brighten up even the smallest child’s day.

He simply wanted to let them know that he cared <3> A Random act of kindness ~ hey it is simply who they are.

A Fan For a little over 2 ½ years **this post is going to get personal now**:

The doors that TVXQ have opened up for me and opportunities I have had through them have been incredible. If it was not for them I would not have met a lot of people along my journey that I consider close friends now. For example: I have a best friend who, if it wasn’t for TVXQ, I don’t think would be in my life right now. She moved to Canada from Seoul and at the time I had met her she had only lived here for maybe a year or a little less. She started working at the same place as me and was (at the time) a Super Junior fan… Due to my love for TVXQ we hit it off. We’ve been great friends ever since.

TVXQ also gave me the opportunity to go to South Korea for a month in 2008 (with this friend of mine). I gained so many wonderful memories of my time spent there and am so anxious to go back. A little girl (in grade 1) during my stay in Ulsan wanted me to help her with English. I was very flattered that she would ask me to do this; she opened my eyes to wanting to become an English teacher there (see the endless doors opening here?)… I should be back in Korea by February of 2010 if all goes well.

What is this post trying to get to? ~ Hear me out ^^

In April of 2008 ~ I attended a tattoo festival in Halifax Nova Scotia. It was a weekend long festival where I decided to get Henna *temporary* tattooing / art done on my body. I decided to get 東方神起 (TVXQ in Chinese) going up my arm in huge print.

This tattoo lasted for about 3 weeks and then faded away. During these three weeks though, the characters became one with me and I became extremely attached to them. They represented something to me: it represented unity, family, being one, fighting for something better in life, giving of myself, humbleness, selflessness, granted opportunity, and most importantly it represented TVXQ the five who have opened my eyes to all of these things.

A year passed and I continued to think about the characters that I once had on my arm and all of the sentimental feelings that it brought along with it. The comfort I felt with it, the knowledge I have gained from TVXQ (who are so unique and special to me) and the inner strength it gave me to know that I can do anything I put my mind to … Then FINALLY a light came on in my head and I knew what had to be done…

Him: When do you want to make the appointment?

Me: Early August when you are available.

Him: August 4th at 11am?

Me: That would be perfect. Thank you! ^^

Then the news started rolling in:

August 1st: TVXQ – three members file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. All of the stories and articles came flooding in ~ it made my head spin. BUT it added more meaning to what had to be done. “ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH” rang out in everyone’s words … I knew that no matter what I wanted TVXQ to be apart of me forever; I WANTED TO ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!

August 4th … I woke up super early to a text from my best friend ~ she decided to come along with me for this important day. It was good to have her with me because ~ as I have stated previous to this ~ if it wasn’t for TVXQ I would not have had her in my life. In a way, this day was for her too *as it was for all I have met along the way* but I don’t think that she realized that or any of you realize that ^^.

~TVXQ mean a lot to me and they have brought so much into my life. Because of this I felt that I needed to give something back to them. I wanted to give them a piece of me forever. ~

東方神起 (to reiterate what I see when I look at this):

1 ) A band that represent unity.

2 ) Respect that I have gained for them (as not only Asia’s top idol group but) asregular human beings.

3 ) All of the things they have taught me & shown me as a person.

4 ) All that they stand for.

5 ) All of the doors they have opened up for me in my life.

6 ) All of the people I have met along the way.

7 ) The places I have ventured to thus far.

8 ) And, all of the love that they share for each other & for their loved ones (including us fans).

11am came and went… I guess we were too early but that is ok we patiently waited. When he finally showed and apologized for being late all of the nervous feeling from me had left… I entered the shop and sat down and waited for my appointment to finally arrive.

The stencil was placed … It dried.

The equipment was assembled and ready to go.

The hum started on the machine… the first line was made. A little discomfort but I smiled and watched ~ I was happy. I thought to myself “So what? A little discomfort is nothing compared to what they have endured over the years.” I will admit ~ the third character seemed to hurt a little more than the rest but still I wore a bright smile.



There it was … there I wore it proudly and now will wear it proudly forever. It gives me a comforting, happy, warm, and fuzzy feeling every time I look at it now.

Q: What does it mean?

A: Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Q: Who the heck is that?

5 amazing, humble human beings from South Korea who have transformed my life forever. I will always be thankful for them and I will always love them for everything that they are. The support I have for them is endless and I will forever be grateful for everything that they have given me.

Forever 5 ~ You will always be loved and cherished. I hope you are well and I hope that the five of you realize that you deserve everything in the world.

- Jeannie

CREDITS: jaejoongiesgal @ TVXQ 2 Canada
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

[Download] Colors-Melody and Harmony

Do NOT redistribute this link, if you want to share this video then please link to the blog, don't hotlink <3
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[Drama] Heading to the ground EP1

It aired yesterday and the drama is already up in youtube <3 src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340">

Creds: grizzlybeary

I'll wait until she uploads the rest since there is no other sub ver at the moment, thanks for subbing this!

EDIT part 5,6 I think) without subs

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[PV release] Colors: Melody and Harmony

It's finally out I'm so happy to finally be able to see it <3 like REAL happy Jaejoongie and Yoochunnie look so gporgeous <3

watch t before Youtube removes it hehe ^^; *is seriously thinking of putting it available for download* Read More!

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[Site related] Vote for DBSK Kingdom

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We hope that you can support us and help us improve and spread the DBSK love around the world.

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[Videos]DBSK's Single for Pinky CM & Teaser 5 for Yunho's Drama

Sources: 1 & 2

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Monday, September 7, 2009

DBSK Kingdom @ Livejournal!

WEll this is not precisely a site update, this is more like expanding our domains (? XD) to Livejournal, hopefully we get people to join the community, if you follow this blog or drop by every once in a while and have a Livejournal account then be sure to join our Livejournal Community =3 will be more than glad to have you as a member there.

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[Concert] The Secret Code 4th Live tour / TV ver

Sorry, I should have posted this way earlier but a lot of things got in the way, here it is TSC 4th Live Japanese Tour! Watch it and don't forget to support the guys by buying their DVD which will be released this 30th ^^

Comments: 9095 best track imo <33>
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