Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary TVXQ

It's been five years since you debuted as a band, congratulations DBSK.

5 years of great success, of hard work, of giving happiness to people, of being the meaning of some people's lives, of being the 5 men that all your fans love, thanks for being all that.

Thanks for your hard work that has paid off, you guys are the best around Asia, soon around the world, your fans around the globe will be make sure that you are the best of the best from now on. 

Thanks for your music, thanks for being who you are, you guys have make a lot of people happy, we want you to be happy also, to be healthy, to enjoy this day of your 5th anniversary.

Thanks for everything oppas, you're the best, you're great people, we love you.

Let's go for more years like this! oppas are the best ever! please continue like that but don't overwork, rest from time to time, take care of yourselves ^__^

To resume everything: Congratulations on your anniversary, and we love you like you have no idea, thanks for being part of our lives and for sharing your talent with us, for being the best. We love you. Congrats TVXQ

5 years of Glory! 

~The DBSK Kingdom staff


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