Saturday, April 3, 2010

[TRANS] 100404 UPDATE Yuchun's New Drama by Avex Vice President, "Yes. Yuchun will play main role in the BeeTV drama in June."

This is added information version.

Translation of Avex Vice President’s Twitter: Part 1
Translated from below to top:

Q: "Is it true that Yuchun is going to act at BeeTV?"

A: "Yes, he will act. From June. He will be a main cast. Please look forward to it."

Q: "So, what you said in twitter is a precise information, right?"

A: "Well this person is in charge of BeeTV so he will not tell a lie....LOL"

Avex Vice President's Tweeter: Part 2

(This is the same one previously shared by

“It is secret yet, but the title is supposed to be “Loving You”. And (Yuchun’s) character is going to be a suffering young man who is born in a rich family. Later, he will fall in love with “Yamato Nadeshiko”. I heard that Fiji TV is in charge of making this drama. Okay that is all I can say for now. Sorry. Good night!”

*“Yamato Nadesiko”=The Japanese image of a women who is neat, modest and authentic.

(Second in line he writes:) “I am not supporsed to say this. I am drunk. I got scolded talking about Yuchun’s drama. It is 2 AM now.”

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Avex Vice President's Twitter + Max Matsuura's Twitter
Translated by:
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