Tuesday, December 2, 2008

25th single preview

Tohoshinki (as their japanese name is) sang at Music Japan a bit of their new song (which will be released on January, 21st next year) Bolero.

It's a nice ballad, slow, very pretty song. =3

According to some comments written on Youtube it says that the person who wrote this is the same who wrote ''Love in the Ice''.

I think it's Bolero though I had imagined something else due to the name (which is a Spanish word, and also a kind of music genre where you dance very close to your partner and almost like hugging..I can't remember XD) I thought it would be more..ah how to explain..dunno ..a faster song, hand't imagined that it would be a ballad, but it's nice I must admit, I'm really looking forward to their single, it's gonna be great. (though now I think it might be ''wasurenaide''..instead of Bolero..ah whatever XD dont listen to me on this lol)

If you want to pre-order their 25th single then go here


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