Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DBSK on the Golden Disk 2008 Awards

While the awards ceremony was being held, DBSk sang two songs.

Are you a good girl?



DBSK has won 3 awards

-Disk Daesang - Best Artist of the year
-Disk Bonsang - Best Album and Best Song of the year
-The Yeep Popularity Award (by Samsung)

Click on the name of each performance to watch it

-Are you a good girl? (first time they perform it!)


Personally, Im happy they have won those awards. if I think of the performances...I want Hero to wear more clothes..I mean he looks sexy, but I miss the old days when Jaejoong wasn't showing so much skin. Some girls say that there is some Jaeho there..XD comment about it. And ''under my sky''... =.= man..they are showing so much SKIN and cannot say that word..seems the banning had its effect on the song..anyway..this still rocks...but Jaejong oppa..please cover yourself more D=..(maybe it's just me..)

Image credits to :Newsen


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