Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[Drama] Heading to the Ground OST Released

Perhaps the most anticipated drama by our fellow k-pop fans, MBC's Heading to the Ground is currently sustaining its single digit rating. Even if its rating is also heading to the ground, it seems like this show's soundtrack is rising in popularity. The OST has finally hit the shelves, attracting music fans regardless of the series' low-rated fame as a drama. It is reported to be filled with high quality songs produced by Oh Joon Sung, the same producer that was in charge of Boys Before Flowers soundtrack.

The soundtrack of
Heading to the Ground enjoyed attention in the spotlight from many netizens before it was even released due to the stellar line-up of artists. The thirteen tracks consist of dazzling songs such as, It's Love, by SNSD's Taeyeon and Sunny as a duet, Motion, by SNSD and "Look at the Sky" by Bobby Kim (of Buga Kingz). The SNSD songs did not only hit the number one spot in various music charts, but has also been hailed as the best soundtrack songs of the latter half of 2009. I guess with the mighty heroines, SNSD, on their side, the drama won't be a total failure (sorry, Yunho and Ara).

Source: allkpop

Personal Comments: ahh the drama wont be a failure cos Yunho is there yah! XDD


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