Friday, December 4, 2009

[ALLKPOP/NEWS] 091204 Welcome to the Xiah Junsu Village!

Have you ever wished to visit a town all about TVXQ? Well you can, sort of. Okay maybe not exactly but you can go to ‘Xiah Junsu Village’ in Cambodia!

Adra Korea, an international development and relief agency, has recently been working on a disaster relief project in Cambodia in a small village just an hour off of Phnom Penh. This village also happens to be the poorest in all of Cambodia. With more than thirty houses lined along the dirty waters of the nearby river, Adra Korea is working hard to improve the living conditions for the children who reside there. However, Adra Korea is not alone in this restoration project. Who might be helping them bring hope to the children of this small town, you ask? If you guessed the Cassiopeians, you’re correct!

TVXQ’s generous fan club, otherwise known as Cassiopeia, has been involved in numerous charity projects previously and this is just another one they that they can be proud to be a part of. In celebrating Xiah Junsu’s upcoming birthday on January 1st, the Cassies donated a large amount of money under his name to support the cause. And although Xiah Junsu and TVXQ are unknown to the people residing there, because of the gracious donation, the village has been named ‘Xiah Junsu Village.’

It’s heartwarming to see how amongst all the chaotic fans, we also see humble and generous ones! Girls and boys, learn from these Cassies! It is afterall, the season for giving!

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