Saturday, December 5, 2009

[INFO]Tokunaga Hideaki has a crush on TVXQ’s Jaejoong?

With a fanclub of over 800,000 members, it'd be an understatement to say that TVXQ is widely loved by both typical individuals and celebrities alike; recently, Tokunaga Hideaki, a Japanese performer who participated in FNS Music Festival with the boys, praised the fivesome for their hard work and performances.

When TVXQ asked the famous singer to perform his track Rainy Blue with them, the group revealed their love for the song. "[The members] worked hard to use Japanese to communicate with me," the singer expressed. "[They are all] really handsome, especially Jaejoong; with that beauty looking at me ... my heart speed up [to the point] that I wanted to hug him. If I were a girl, there is no doubt that I would fall for him.

Gals, note this before you pull out your pitchforks: Tokunaga's a straight man, and later clarified that he didn't have such tendencies, so you're safe (for now)!

The compliments for the group didn't end there. “They don’t have just beautiful features , their heart and actions are as pure as snow,” Tokunaga expressed. “Even though I have meet other handsome guys up until today, but Tohoshinki really are wonderful guys.

Aww, how sweet... who doesn't love TVXQ?

Thanks to CrazyOverYou for the tip & sharingyoochun (wordpress) for the translation.

Source: Mixi community
Credit: HeyJJ
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