Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[NEWS]091020: Mnet's MKMF Goes into History:

Teaser image saying "There is no MKMF this year" [Mnet]

The Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF), one of South Korea's top K-pop music awards show,
will not take place starting this year.

Cable music channel Mnet had recently started showing a video clip saying,
"There is no MKMF this year" which was also posted on its official website,
leaving fans curious whether the ten-year award would really go down into history.

"It is true that the MKMF has ended. This year's ceremony will take place in a different format,"
an official at Mnet said on Monday.

"We are currently discussing on a new awards ceremony which will
probably take shape around October 23," explained the official.

The MKMF, an annual show which took off in 1998, has been attended numerous times
by Korean pop superstars ranging from Rain to TVXQ to Super Junior.

Source: 10Asia News.
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