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[TRANS] 091021 Mnet Secret, The Miracle of TVXQ: MIROTIC Concert in Shanghai, Yoochun's Shouts After LOVE LOVE 2...

Note from chomin: I was very busy last week, so I am late in posting this article. I will introduce the message for the sake of foreign fans, since they could not read the messages. (This is only a part of the message)

★The cellphone site "Mnet Secret"
"The Miracle of TVXQ" is updated!

《MIROTIC Concert in Shanghai, Yoochun's Shouts After LOVE LOVE 2...》

(A few sentences omitted)

In this MIROTIC Concert, there were two Japanese songs included in the set list. One is the Number 1 lively song, "Somebody to Love" and the other is "Sky." I imagined that Yoochun’s shouts after "LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE" in "Somebody to love" will be "Shanghai!" but the word he said was "TVXQ!!" (Tohoshinki)

《Aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru “Tohoshinki!!!”》

I personally think that this was Yoochun’s special message. The moment he said those words, I heard that the audience was screaming their heads off.

I was really impressed by this.

(A few sentences omitted)

During Jaejoong’s solo, the whole stadium’s penlights changed from red to green.
The song was "It's My World."
Jaejoong is so good at these types of rock music!
I truly agree to Yoochun’s recent comments, "Jaejoong’s voice is a precious brand."

When Changmin’s solo "Upon this Rock" began, the color of the audience (the penlights) changed to purple.
Changmin’s high notes were wonderful!
I first heard this song at Seoul, and he really has become good at singing this song now.

Chinese Cassies say that they can do only so little, as compared to Korean Cassiopeia and Japanese Bigeast.

This time, they filled the whole stadium with the "Miduhyo" slogan, and changed the colors of the penlights for each members’ solo corners!
They have tremendous power.

I believe these truly encouraged and moved the members' hearts.

In Japan, there are strict regulations and we fans cannot do these kinds of support movements.

But for Japanese concerts, there are good points, too.
We can hear the concerts in perfect order!
I believe that in Japan, you can hear music under the best surroundings.

I want the members to perform in good conditions, for the members themselves, and also for the Korean Cassies, who are forever waiting for TVXQ.

Now, we TVXQ fans' hearts are one worldwide.

We want the five members to perform together on stage,
and we want to see their best smiles when they are performing…

“Always keep the faith!”

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