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[TRANS] 091025 Where is the Secret Hidden, Such That Tohoshinki has Been Making Glorious Achievements in Asian Countries?

Tohoshinki has received intense support from fans by the five members’ personalities, outstanding singing abilities, and physical beauty through “MIROTIC” (recorded in their fourth Korean album). KBS2TV has aired the truth in their program “Music Bank.”

Tohoshinki is popular not only in Korea, but is also becoming endlessly popular in Japan, too. They’re valued as “The Most Successful Foreign Artist in Japan,” and are receiving enthusiastic support from the Japanese fans, just the same as that from Korean fans.

In September, Jaejoong and Yoochun’s duo album, and the Tokyo Dome Concert DVD were placed number one on the Oricon chart, from the first day the products were released. This month, they received the “GOLD” title from the Recording Industry Association of Japan, selling more than 100,000 albums and DVDs.

A representative from the Oricon Chart says, “Tohoshinki is the most successful (foreign) artist in Japan,” and twenty years have passed since an artist from another country has topped the Total chart. He also stated that Tohoshinki is the third artist who has sold more than 100,000 albums, and the only foreigners who have succeeded before are The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Tohoshinki made their debut in Japan in 2005, and their success at the Tokyo Dome in four years’ time shows that they are smoothly running up the stairs of success.

It is a great significance that as a new singer, they have broken the Japanese barrier, and that they have performed at the Tokyo Dome (where every Japanese singer dreams to hold concerts), even though they are not Japanese.

In Korea, they are top stars achieving the grand slam, but their activities in Japan started by performing on the stairs of shopping centers. Their enthusiastic activities were connected to the concert tour, gathering a total of 300,000, including the Tokyo Dome.

It is very difficult to gather an audience of 300,000 even if you are a top star in Japan. The current Japanese top idol group “Arashi” achieved this number on their eighth year. Comparing the numbers, you can see that Tohoshinki has achieved such a great popularity that no one can ever imagine.

On their 2005 debut tour, Tohoshinki had gathered approximately 15,000 people. In just four years, the numbers jumped twenty times, and that speaks of their booming popularity.

In the biggest Japanese record shops, there are now always big Tohoshinki posters, and in a restaurant, there are even menus like “Jaejoong Seafood Tot Pot Ki” and “Yoochun Omelette.” Tohoshinki’s popularity seems to be beyond imagination.

Tohoshinki is saying, “When we first made a debut in Japan, we cannot speak Japanese fluently, and that all we can do was to introduce the songs in Japanese. But now, we can understand each other, and over that, we can express our true feelings directly by singing.” They also stated that “Coming to Japan, we have achieved the dream to perform on our own at the Tokyo Dome, and Tohoshinki has grown much bigger. This was achieved because all the fans supported us, giving us all their love.”
Tohoshinki will hold a nationwide mega fan meeting in order to respond to these fans’ support. Starting on the 19th to the 20th of January at the Kobe World Kinen Hall, the 27th of January at the Sendai Hot Super Arena, and on the 30th to the 31st of January at the Yokohama Arena, there will be a total of ten fan meetings, and Tohoshinki and the fans will have a joyful time together.

A person who is involved in the Japanese entertainment industry states that “Tohoshinki became highly recognized in Japan last year, and we can say that they are in no way inferior to other top Japanese idol groups this year.” He also states that “I am expecting Tohoshinki to play their roles, so that the friendly relations between Korea and Japan will become more solid, together with Bae Yongjoon.”

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