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[TRANS] 091028 “This kind of member is a must-have for idol groups!” Breakdown of Idol Group Members' Characteristics

With the current inflood of idol groups into the Kpop zone, there is an article which breaks down the composition of an idolgroup – what kind of members are typical throughout all idol groups and their characteristics.

▶ Outstanding looks, the face of the group… Flower idols

In every team there is the ‘flower idol’. These people are the characters who will help the group increase their popularity through the early stages of their debut due to their outstanding looks.

There are the ‘Thai prince’ 2PM Nich Khun, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ JiHoo seonbae Kim HyunJoon, So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and Tiffany,Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong, WonderGirls SoHee, After School UEE, KARA Goo Hara, T-ara JiYeon, Super Junior ShiWon etc

▶ Power sexy and charisma… Beasty idols

You cannot miss out the members who are proud of their sexiness and charisma, or we call them the ‘beasty idols’.

Some examples are 2PM JaeBum, Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow Yunho, Big Bang TOP for boybands.

For girlgroups, there are also ‘beasty idols’, for instance there are So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon, 4Minute HyunA etc.

▶ Talents over looks… Artsy idols

There are also members who may not be as outstanding in terms of looks as compared to the other members in the group but are as talented as or even more talented than anyone for their vocals.

We call them the ‘artsy idol’, and our representative idol members are G.O.D Kim TaeWoo and Fin.K.L Ok JooHyun.

For our younger idols there are 2AM ChangMin, SS501 Heo YoungSaeng, Big Bang DaeSung, Dong Bang Shin Ki JunSu etc.

These members are the voices of the group and are as important as the ‘flower idols’ because they deliver good performances on stages.

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