Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[TRANS] 091208 Shin Seung Hyun: "TVXQ Can't Disband''

"TVXQ can't disband..."

Old-timer Shin Seung Hyun (singer) expressed his regrets towards the crisis of disbandment that his juniors TVXQ are currently facing.

At a recent press conference, after expressing his curiousity regarding "what will become of TVXQ", Shin Seung Hyun sighed and said, "A group like this can't disband...".

Shin Seung Hyun, who also enjoys tremendous popularity in Japan, said this about TVXQ who have developed into top singers, "When they appeared on the billboards in Tokyo, I felt such pride. In Japan, TVXQ are not Hallyu stars. Instead, they are the top singers in Japan, and receive a lot of love from everyone."

He also said, "It is very rare to have this kind of group, it would be such a waste if they disband."

Source: [ohmicky朴有天中文网]
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