Monday, January 18, 2010

[INFO] 100118 Announcement from DNBN

DNBN supports the five members of TVXQ.

This message is brought to you by the administrative group of DNBN:

1. DNBN is the website for TVXQ.

DNBN absolutely supports all of the TVXQ’s five members’ own faiths and choices. This won’t change in the future.

DNBN refers to the friendly society of fans who love TVXQ.

DNBN is the place for free discussions and promoting friendships between the fans, so they can give healthy supports to TVXQ.

DNBN’s administrative group never controls the opinions of the fans in DNBN.

We can never make any decision on our own to punish anyone for their free acts in DNBN.

Everything in DNBN is decided by you, not by the administrative group.

2. ‘’ is the only domain address of DNBN.

Since August, 2009, (a.k.a. old domain address) is NOT the domain address of DNBN. The address itself is NOT related to DNBN anymore. is the only domain address of DNBN.

In August 2009, DNBN moved to and changed the whole member of the administrative group.

All of the old administrative members and staffs voluntarily decided to quit and leave DNBN.

Therefore, every DB (database) and membership information was moved from the old DNBN to the present one, and the true nature of DNBN still remains the same; the fans in DNBN are the owners of DNBN.

We inevitably had to change the domain address because of the old administrative group’s unreasonable action; they allowed us to move the database, but they did not let us have the old domain address for their own ‘personal reasons’. We did not understand why.

Since the old domain address was more popular back then, we tried to transfer to the old domain address when the usage term of it was over.

The old administrative group agreed to us and stated,

“When the domain address’ term is expired in November 2009, you can have it”. (Exerted from the posting on August 6th, 2009)

However, they didn’t keep their words.

They extended the term of the domain address 1 day before the expiration date.

So the old domain address is still theirs, even when they already quit DNBN’s administrative job. (related posting:

Therefore, we want to inform you that the old domain address is NOT the DNBN’s address anymore; it is now a personal homepage of the user ID “Byul”.

Also, every posting on the old domain address doesn’t represent DNBN’s opinion, either.

The postings are just user ID “Byul”’s personal opinions. Please do not get confused by them.

※DNBN does not allow commenting of information from unknown sources.

The user ID “Byul”’s comments about TVXQ’s members’ parents, SM Ent, and AVEX are not the kind of information that a stranger can check if they are true or false.

So, please do not spread the rumors related to her comments.

DNBN’s representative e-mail address is

If you have any questions or comments even if you do not own a membership of DNBN, please contact us by the e-mail address.

Thank you very much.

Source: DNBN


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