Saturday, January 23, 2010

[NEWS] 100121 Xiah And DBSK's Name Appeared In Austrian News! In German!

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Imagine Junsu singing this stuff!
WOW gives me goose bump to just think about it!

VBW celebrates the first première in Korea: MOZART!

-Partially translated.

The title role of Mozart will be alternated by two Korean pop stars-
Eun-Tae Park and also Jun-Soo Kim, member of the Asia’s biggest popular pop group DBSK.
The Première ensemble and production was celebrated with standing ovations by the audiences
- the musical “MOZART! "conquered everyone’s hearts by Storm!
It led (veranlasste) the high public interest. The organizer, EMK Musical Company Co. Ltd.

Original Article:
*Do you spot Korean map in this article? Kind of neat. ^^
VBW feiert die erste Premiere in Korea: MOZART! - BILD =
Die Titelrolle wird abwechselnd von zwei koreanischen Popstars -
Eun-Tae Park und Jun-Soo Kim, Mitglied der Pop-Band DBSK, die sich im
asiatischen Raum größter Beliebtheit erfreut - verkörpert. Das
Premierenpublikum feierte Ensemble und Produktion mit Standing
Ovations - das Musical "MOZART!" eroberte ihrer aller Herzen im
Sturm! Das hohe Publikumsinteresse veranlasste den Veranstalter
EMK Musical Company Co. Ltd.

* Does this mean that Now Junsu and DBSK's name is spread among German speaking art lovers?!
All over Europe they speak German, right? And do those art lovers often carry some kind of status or something?
Am I right about that? If so, that sounds splendid!
Go TVXQ!! Invade all over Europe in the future like you did in Asia! YEY!

P.S. Dee said that this site is from Austria, like Mozart and they speak German.
Thanks Dee!

Always Keep The Faith!!

Credit: Mozart+
Photo source: as tagged
Trans by: Junsulv (Junsulv's translation error is not’s responsibility. Thanks! )
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Please keep this article here at, until someone who is fluent in German confirms
that my translation does not contain major mistake. Thank you~~~!!


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