Sunday, March 14, 2010

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"BEST SELECTION 2010" Disc 3 Voting Results (Tohomobile)

Through the voting carried out in February by Tohomobile, the results for "If there was a 'BEST SELECTION 2010' Disc 3, which songs would you choose?" are out. The following fifteen are the fans' choices, excluding the twenty-five songs already chosen.

1. "PROUD" from Five in the Black
2. "Survivor" from the 26th Japanese Single
3. "Choosey Lover" from the 10th Japanese Single
4. "Wasurenaide" from the 25th Japanese Single
5. "Kiss the Baby Sky" from the 25th Japanese Single
6. "Heart, Mind and Soul" from the 5th Japanese Single
7. "TAXI" from The Secret Code
8. "Step by Step" from the 9th Japanese Single
9. "The Way U Are (Japanese Ver) from the 4th Japanese Single
10. "miss you" from the 8th Japanese Single
11. "Gosenshi" from the 11th Japanese Single
12. "Hello Again" from Five in the Black
13. "Song for you" from the 12th Japanese Single
14. "Tea for Two" from the 28th Japanese Single
15. "One" from Heart, Mind and Soul

Source: DNBN + XIAHKING + baidutvxq
Translation: faithintvxq @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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