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[TRANS] 100228 Junsu's Concerns About Acting in 'Mozart!'

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Kim Junsu, who portrayed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, had his concerns about his musical debut, and at the same time, had his share of worries regarding his idol status.

An interview with Mozart!'s musical production company, EMK representative Eom Hong Hyun

Austrian musical Mozart! has debuted in South Korea. This musical also marks TVXQ Xiah Junsu's debut stage as a musical actor, garnering much attention as this is a modern masterpiece and a widely-publicised musical. Because of this, it attracted many people who are either still in their teens or in their twenties, an age which doesn’t care much about musicals, thus widening the audience range.


While talking about the musical Mozart!, Xiah Junsu is a topic which cannot be left unmentioned. Being the musical's producer, what kind of comments would he give Xiah Junsu for his debut musical stage?

"Kim Junsu outshines any idol in areas like singing, acting and expressing himself. Even if we were to comment only on his first performance of the musical, his is definitely better than average. I can also say this with confidence that the tacit between him and the audience is better than any musical actor’s."

"Though there was only a short period of time to train, he could use his emotions, his singing and his acting abilities to express up to this point. This definitely shocked me and all of the musical staff. I believe that he will definitely become a very outstanding musical actor."

From Xiah Junsu's "sense of achievement" after his debut performance to preparation for the first half of 2010's public production

Being involved in such a big production, whether or not to challenge his first musical stage was a difficult choice for Xiah Junsu. From the views of the production team, his decision is more than just burden; it was more of a challenge.

"He is already a big star, with many performing experiences, singing on a huge stage. With his strong abilities as someone who has been training for a long time, I have a lot of confidence in him. Therefore, most of his fans gave comments by viewing him as a very outstanding singer instead of an idol. This proved his capabilities." After seeing that his debut musical performance was so much better than the expectations, it simply told him that he made the right decision.

His praises for Xiah Junsu continues. "Unlike musical actors, Kim Junsu attracts his audience with his own unique way of acting Mozart naturally. Junsu also couldn’t differentiate whether Mozart is him or vice versa. Without overdoing his role, he was able to bring the audience the most surreal stage."

Even with Mozart!'s great success, there are still negative views on musicals using idols' status to promote. This had Representative Eom in thise censure.

"There are those who only choose actors without considering the whole musical's production, and picked ones who don’t have much ability. There are many artises who are active in every area. In reality, there are many people who became better stars, and received better comments."


Representative Eom also mentioned, "Kim Junsu is the most outstanding singer and the best actor we've chosen." He also emphasized that "If the next actor is not a normal idol, but someone who, like Kim Junsu, has singing and dancing talents, we are more than happy to welcome him to join the next production."

" We are currently preparing for next year's public performance. Up until then, please look forward to a better Mozart!"

Source: ohmynews & XIAHKING
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