Friday, April 9, 2010

[TRANS] 100409 3 TVXQ Members are Working on a Big Project Behind the Curtain?

TVXQ trio will have their first solo career step

The D-day is in May!

It’s been revealed that the three members of TVXQ namely Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun are on their way to create a fully-planned project. They had started it on last 6th – 7th with a warm-up activity, filming for Lotte Dutty Free commercials. This ad shooting has been gaining public attention as it’s their first schedule appearance together this year. This ad is expected to be a comforting news for fans who are heart broken due to their simultaneous inactivity announcements both in Korea and Japan. Recently, the Korean fans including those in whole Asia are already paying close attention to any activities or appearances coming from these three.

Another interesting issue is how the three members will embark on their singing activities as well. The Japan company AVEX only said that one that was in suspension was the future activities of TVXQ. There’s no issue about the members would stop their own singing activities. The members still can get any chance to continue singing as their main job. From the fact that TVXQ songs can’t be sung altogether even in a fan meeting, it becomes the reason why in the future singing activity seems to be necessary.

Therefore some sources have their say that a large-scale project for international market are already underway to be launched.

In the future, 3 members activities in form of “altogether and solo” are already in planning. As for the individual activities, seem to be in progress right now. After Jaejoong’s screen debut with a movie that was released last year “Heaven’s Postman” ended, he was already cast in drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute” that will start broadcast on the 15th at Fuji TV Japan. Junsu, after his musical debut “Mozart”, now is preparing for his solo single. Going back and forth between Korea and Japan, Yoochun is slated to appear in Japan mobile drama “Lovin You” and Korea historical drama “Sungkyunkwan University Scandal”. The official of 3 members carefully said, “There is nothing that has been decided.”

In SM side, Yunho and Changmin has also had their chance to broaden their scope to remain in entertainment industry by being active in acting area. Last year Yunho had his acting debut through “Heading To The Ground” while Changmin is currently in pre-production of a drama “Paradise Ranch” where he’s filming together with Lee Yeon-hee from the same agency.

Source: Korea Daily Report
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