Monday, May 17, 2010

[FANACC] 100517 Junsu in Recording for NHK Music Japan From a Japanese fan's twitter

This is the last of my report. Since this is written from just an individual point of view, please read my twitting as a guide. Oh, I was sitting in the 3rd floor. This is the report from my sitting place, of the audience and of Jun-chan (^O^) After singing one song (T/N: "Intoxication"), Junsu was slightly sweating. Jun-chan ~ Arigato (T/N: thank you)!

We could not use the cellular phone in the hall. Sorry for not informing you during the performance.

Sorry for the brief report. Tomorrow, there should be many reports (T/N: in the Japanese blogs), so please forgive me for the short one. (omitted)

I could not hear the first talk since everyone was screaming with delight. Junsu danced and sung with a confident air, with the 4 dancers. Since he appeared in the very last, there was the Junsu call before the stage lighted up.

All the audience was standing. The boys sitting in the back row (T/N: they should be fans of AKB48) were standing up, too. Looking from the 3rd floor, straight in front of the stage, it seemed to look as though the hall was completely filled with red lights.

I just came out from the NHK Hall. Jun-chan appeared at the very last (T/N: around 21:10) . Black costume. His charismatic charms were of full blast(>_<)

Please read from bottom to top.

Adding the picture of Junsu's banner at night. Beautiful~~

Source: p-pinoko
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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