Thursday, May 20, 2010

[TRANS] 100519 TV PIA MAGAZINE – Yunho: “I Am A Hardworking Person”

Yunho starred in the television drama [No Limit~ Heading To The Ground], and took up the challenge of portraying the character of Bong Gun, who is passionate yet constantly gets into trouble.

“Bong Gun is someone who is very innocent. Even when he faces an obstacle, and it is very tough, he will work very hard to overcome the obstacle, and in the process of it, mature at the same time. This is quite similar to my own life experience and that was why I wanted to try out for this character. I also met up with numerous obstacles and challenges before my debut, but I always believed that I would make it on stage one day, and this belief is very similar to that of Bong Gun’s.”

Through this drama, I had a deeper understanding of the differences between being a singer and being an actor.

“A singer has to be able to let the audience experience a range of emotions with about three minutes of music. However, in a drama, we have to work closely together with the crew, and from the first to the sixteenth episode, be able to act out the character in such a convincing way that it will allows the audience to see him grow and mature. As this is my first television drama, feeling anxious is inevitable, but I am glad I was able to act out the character of Bong Gun, who matured as the drama progressed. I feel that I have grown myself. Even though the filming has ended, Bong Gun still lives in my heart.”

The character is a soccer player, and so, in order to play out the character well, Yunho would play the sport as often as he can when he has the time.

“I would play soccer with the crew during break or resting times, and would practice stopping the ball amongst other skills. I enjoyed myself a lot as I like soccer myself. Also, as most of the moves are pretty special, we often had to re-take a couple of times before we succeeded. It was really tough, and I hope everyone will pay more attention to those parts. Bong Gun has a soccer player whom he looks up to, and as for me, I like Argentina’s Messi and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Also, this year is the World Cup, and Asia is on a strong momentum; if Korea and Japan were to determine the victory, it would be great.”

Seeing a happy expression on his face as he talked about soccer really left a deep impression on us.
Furthermore, when asked if he will take on more challenging roles as an actor after this performance, he replied confidently, “I want to continue to act different roles like that of a villain; something that is not just limited to the image of “Uknow Yunho”. I hope for everyone to see me in different portrayals of different characters. My strength is that I would take up any challenge passionately, because I am a hardworking person. It doesn’t take talent alone to succeed. Michael Jackson was actually a very hardworking person too.” He also mentioned later that he really likes Michael Jackson.

source: TV PIA + baiduTVXQ
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