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[INFO] 091107 Even in Poor Conditions, TVXQ Always Use the Most Power!

[INFO] 091107 MC Minsil's Interview with WoW! Korea:

"Even in their poor conditions, TVXQ always use the most power and perform their best!!!"

"Even The Older Stuff Members (TVXQ's Uncle Age Guys) Say...."

"TVXQ Are The Good Guys!"

- The Korea entertainer who gave you the most impression with?

Lee Byunghun. He has very strong aura and he is very professional.
Through multiple events such as drama "IRIS", I interacted with him often.
His posture, the manner, and his attitude toward the rehearsals are splendid.
He is an actor who does things more than expected and he is a type of a person
to confirm his acting many times until Byunghun himself approves of it.

Then it is TVXQ.
No matter how poor their physical conditions are,
they always use up their at most powers.
When they stand on the stage, I am always surprised to witness them perform their best always.

And they earnestly continue to study to improve their Japanese abilities.
When Japanese vocabularies which they still do not know are used in the conversation,
the five of them always ask what that words are and study.

Junsu in particular, uses "A Japonica Notebook",
and always write down unknown words to be able to memorize them.

In addition, their characters and personalities are remarkably good
to even captive an older male stuff members (TVXQ's uncles age)
who are not at all interested in TVXQ prior to meeting them in person.
They always say, "What a remarkably good young men these guys are!"

Because I watched them from a small event through now,
I often watch their activities feeling of the parental affection.

Afterwards, it is Rain. I had watched his rehearsal and was shocked to observe the figure who is able
to control all the dances and not only the song as well but also direct them all at the same time.
I almost felt that it must be hard to be his stuff to maintain to follow his superb ability and talent.
(Partially Translated.)

(T/N: As we know, Rain and Byunghun are both Hollywood stars.
They are both called the world stars in Asia. ^^
And Minsil talked much more about TVXQ than other two.
laugh.gif )

Please find more translation of her interview here. Thanks Nings!^^


T/N: I believe this MC in this video from Bigeast Fan Club event is MC Minsil.
In this video, Yuchun drew Junsu's face and Junsu said,

"That is horrible". LOL.

Always Keep the Faith!

Source: WoW! Korea
Translation: Junsulv @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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