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[TRANS] 091111 Mnet Secret - "The Miracle of Tohoshinki"

Jaejoong's first love story & Junsu's recovery

On the 2nd day at Saitama, Junsu's leg had gotten much better, and they almost returned to their usual formation.

This time, let's start off with the touching song "Begin"! When "Begin" started, next to Yoochun who was playing piano in the dark, Junsu was standing. (On the first day of Saitama, they weren't standing together (cries)). When the light went on, the five of them were lifted up, and next to Yoochun's piano was Junsu. That, just that made me feel so happy. That was the best "Begin".

This day was Jaejoong's festival.

Like usual, when introducing the new song, Changmin said, "I believe that everyone has had experienced something like this at least once," and the whole hall busted with people going "hyuu hyuu" [T/N: evil teasing sound]. Seeing that, Jaejoong asked, "Soooo has Changmin experienced something like that too?"

Changmin: "…… (quiet moment) It's not about my experienceee- what I was saying here is that this is something that many people can relate to their past experienceee~"

Jaejoong: "Soooo you're saying that you're one of the 'many people'?" (←Jaejoong was trying to provoke Changmin here)

Changmin: "…… (another quiet moment, so cute~)." Jaejoong didn't let him off and continued, "How about your first love?"

Changmin said, "Enough with my story," and turned to Jaejoong, "How about Jaejoong's first love?". No doubt it's Changmin!!!

From here, the situation was suddenly reversed. Jaejoong said with nervousness, "Changmin, you're gooooood."

Then Yoochun started to join the attack, "How about your first kiss?"

Jaejoong's first kiss talk started from here!!!!! I think almost everyone already knew about the story of his first kiss, but the audience was much more excited to hear it directly from Jaejoong's mouth.

Jaejoong: "Ehh-, my first kiss was really earlyyy~". Everyone: "Answer it honestlyyyy…". Since Jaejoong refused to answer the question properly, the whole hall was boo-ing at him (LOL). Yunho started to attack more, "Jaejoong, everyone was asking youuuu-", and Jaejoong became more embarrassed….

Then, Jaejoong was made to talk about his first kiss in front of thousands of audience at Saitama Arena….

"My first kiss was when I was t... twelve (making V-sign to represent number 2 with his hand)." Although everyone had known about this, they still went "Ehh------" non-stop, and the staff had to rescue Jaejoong by starting the next song.

Jaejoong whined, "Why did it become this way~" and Changmin answered, "Because I told you right, everyone has had this kind of experience before." Changmin the genius ended it up so perfectly (LOL).

Since Junsu's leg got better, he was able to join others in many songs. Although he still couldn't dance, he was able to stand with the members in other songs, and the formation looked more complete.

Just by having Junsu by their sides, the members' motion and expression were completely different from before.

For people who have been watching them since the first day of Kobe, you'd probably know this, but Junsu's existence has a very big impact on the other members. The members said that his existence was just like the moon that always shined the way for them in the dark. He is their beautiful shining moon.
Since Junsu had gotten better, the smiles also came back to the members' faces.

That is what the stage of Saitama Arena was on the 2nd day.

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