Monday, November 9, 2009

[Site related] Staff Applications

Hi to all DBSK Kingdom readers/followers/subscribers/etc =D as the banner above says, we are currently looking for staff that will be able to help us with the management of the Livejournal, My space, multiply and tumblr DBSK Kingdom communities, and if you are good enough you can also get to be a part of the main staff here at the main blog. If you are willing to be part of our staff then just post a comment here, be sure to fulfill all the fields in the requirements area.

Good luck to all people who want to be a part of the staff.


-Knowledge of Japanese and/or Korean
-Fluent English
-Access to the latest DBSK news
-Time to be able to translate news as soon as they are out
-Spend a considerable amount of time online

Assistant (Lj/multiply/my space):

-Considerable amount of time online
-Good knowledge of the sites mentioned abovel


-Graphic design skills
(available when needed)

Fill this template:

Position you want:
Example of your work:(either graphics or translations)
Why do you want to join?:
How much do you love DBSK?
5-1 = ?
Fav member
Time spent online

I hope to get a positive response from this, will be waiting for your applications ^^ thanks in advance.


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