Friday, March 5, 2010

[Fanaccount] 100305 – LAX YUNHO REPORT

Got to the airport at 8am and when we went there was 3 other tvxq korean fans. The plane arrived early (8:38am) by then there was a korean fan from sandiego and chinese fan from san francisco. In total there was 9 fans that were there from the beginning and maybe 2 or 3 after.
Yunho came out around 10am and he had 2 camera mans filming him.A fan gave him flowers and a gift and he accepted it! I gave him my gift and he took it and i had to touch his hands lol they were soft but rough and manly! He went to the restroom and stayed there for about 10minutes until the car arrived. When he was going in the restroom korean fans asked for his autograph but he said ‘”I cant ” in korean and I think he was explaining why. After he came out us japanese fans said “yunho! daisuki desu!” (I love you!) and he said “arigatougozaimasu” (thank you) and he said it like 3 times since we kept saying it lol they started filming until he got into the car. He was smiling all the time and was nice. When he got in to the car he took off his hat and sunglasses and he waved at us with both of his hands. And he left the airport.
He was tall and really cute! he smiled just like always and talked so soft!! it seemed like he lost weight and his face was sharp again(:

written by: rieko@sharingyoochun photo by: @sweetaspeper and @rieggos


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