Sunday, January 10, 2010

[FAN ACCOUNT] 100109 Lester B Pearson Airport, Toronto, Canada

As some of you might have heard starting Saturday, January 9th, there came about a strong rumour that JaeJoong was coming to Canada. At first it was only assumed Vancouver but for various reasons, it was then concluded he was arriving in Toronto within the next 24 hours. My friend and I dug deeper to find out he was arriving near 8 PM in the Lester B. Pearson airport in Toronto, and here is her fan account of the event. Although ultimately, he did not arrive by the time we had to leave, for anyone that is curious as to what went down, click 'read more' to find out ^^

Around 3:30 PM, Cherry Red a.k.a Sasha sent me an urgent text: IT'S RUMOURED THAT JAE JOONG IS COMING TO TORONTO!!!

My response? It went down something like this...

Response to Sasha’s text: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOMG!
In person: *Jumps around saying “omgomgomgomgomg *with a huge grin*”
Text to Sasha: “WHAT WHEN WHERE?!?!”

And after snooping around the faithful internet for 15 minutes, we figured out the exact details. Turned out that he was scheduled to arrive at the Lester B Pearson International Airport in Toronto at around 7:55, and I couldn’t have been happier! I was supposed to go to the airport to drop off someone anyway... this was fate! WE WERE FINALLY GOING TO SEE HIM!

So after randomly ditching my family numerous times to check up on the flight (I HAD TO RUN ACROSS THE AIRPORT FROM DEPARTURES TO ARRIVALS SO MANY TIMES! D=) he was supposed to be on, we finally found some other Canadian Cassiopeians, and we all waited from 7:00 to 8 :30 just to have a glance at him. Sasha kept wandering off, updating DBSKnights where as I got to make a few wonderful acquaintances. Some of them had been waiting there since 4:00 PM just in case! Finally we saw the status of the flight he was supposedly on change to Arrived. OMONA! HE WAS ON OUR LAND!

A couple of amusing things happened while we waited further more. One of the fans heard some guy speaking in Korean saying, “Yeah, there are a lot of students here... blah blah... baggage... blah blah” so we all got really excited thinking that he might be in charge of receiving Joongie. So of course, we stalked him. Then a couple of us gathered some courage and went up to him and asked him if he knows anything about JaeJoong’s arrival. Fail number one: He was waiting for some student of his.

Crushed and a little embarrassed, we all went back to waiting patiently, with flowers, gifts, autograph books in hand. Around 9:30, we became a little uneasy. Surely he must have been out by now? We got the news that everyone on that flight had already left. We were so heartbroken, but our optimism led us to believe that he’s probably in the next flight. So we waited more. It was now almost 10 PM and that’s when fail number two happened: some guy had a sign with him with some random name, and again, some of the fans went to ask him if he knows anything about JaeJoong’s arrival. Imagine our happiness when he said “Yes, I’m the driver”. We literally squealed. After the excitement died down a little, the guy (ugh) came back to confirm what was going on, and upon finding out whom we were waiting for, he said that he wasn’t JAE’S driver, but was waiting for someone else. Well, there went our hope again.

All this time, most of us were in touch with people over the phone, trying to find out what was going on, and if all of this wasn’t just a rumour. We had hope, the 30 something of us. We desperately prayed it wasn’t false and that he was actually going to come to Toronto. After waiting for a while more, I had to leave as I would otherwise have had no way of getting back home.

Deeply saddened and disappointed at being so close, yet so far away from dear Jae Joong, Sasha and I dragged ourselves home. And when I log-in back on my laptop and go on a discussion about this whole incident, while keeping in touch with the fans who were still waiting at the airport even though it was around 11 PM now, (bless them!), I find confusing rumours.

In the end, though, many of us still hope that he'll show up in North America, what ever part that may be. It'll be a treat to see BooJae after so long. I know that we weren't able to see him but I hope this random/last-minute fanmeet was fun to read since it sure was fun experiencing this adventure at the time.

Credits: Asma R
Shared by: DBSKnights


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