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[TRANS] 100112 Max Matsuura Mail News

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Yesterday, on my way back to Japan, although I slept 4 hours on the plane, due to jet lag, I got very sleepy at 9:00.
I am Matsuura who felt asleep after watching a political debate on TV while worrying about Japan's future.
What will the future of the government be - this has been a topic that I've talked about a lot these days.
I didn't even have interest in it before…

To gain something, we lose something.
When there's a winner, there's a loser.
There are also cases that losing is actually winning.

We keep winning and losing, but if we don't keep our heads calm;
there are times that we make mistakes due to our impulsive judgment;
and there are also times that we think we already lose, but then the developments following up after that actually make us the winner.
Moreover, since it's not a game, there's nothing called "The End".

I feel that DPJ & LDP [2 major political parties in Japan] both talked about what they have to, so I wonder what will come out of it.
A person who has nothing to do with politics like me is sighing right here.
I am in no position to become a political critic, nor do my ideas have any significance in them;
I am just being unhappy thinking that I can't do anything beside watching the government carefully.
Even so, it seems like there is no way that all of them will come to an agreement about issues such as gas tax and childcare system.

Well then, although it's a little bit late, I should formally say "Happy New Year" to everyone.
This is the period that things process the slowest in a year in the music industry.
Every year, to recharge myself, I go abroad.
Well, since the end of last year, I've more or less recharged my engine,
and came back with a clear head.
… well that doesn't mean that there's nothing in my head right now because that would be a problem.
What I meant is that I took time to balance my head in order to deal with various problems that are going on.

I have made up my mind that in 2010, I will strike hard to seek for solutions
to various problems of the company, problems of artists, as well as problems in the industry.

It seems like a lot of you have watched my documentary during New Year, thank you.
Your encouraging emails is much better than any New Year gift.
Thank you very much.

I also received a lot of emails from fans regarding Tohoshinki,
I am terribly sorry that you have been worried.
As soon as correct information comes out, we will definitely announce to you.

Well then,
I will strive my very best in 2010.

Matsuura Masato
masato max matsuura


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