Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[FANACC] 100126 Xiahzart! "Kiss Scene Was Cute." "JJ, YC & Junho Were There."

Fan Account #1:

Junsu is genius. A truly gifted singer!!
Simply amazing Junsu! Once again I learned that Junsu can do everything and anything so well!

As soon as Junsu appeared on stage, I was so overwhelmed and I started to cry right away
and I could not see anything. Because of his passion, his powerful voice,
he gave me goose bumps throughout his performance.
He sure is a man who keeps working hard and we surely fall in love with this guy.
I am sure his condition was not perfect due to his recent sickness, yet his performance was superb!

I noticed that when he is not with the other members, he looks taller in person,
and very handsome and attractive. But then, to my surprise, a real kiss scene was there!
Real kiss scean......I cannot even write a comment about it, because I am still in shock.
My dolphin and angel Xiah is now a grown man.....

The other fans at the performance said that, his parents, Junho, Yuchun and Jeajoong were there.
Yuchun was with his mom and his friend. And the fans said that Jeajoong and Yuchun were watching them at the third floor.
(T/N: They could not get VIP ticket??)

Some said that JJ, JS and YC were spotted at the Karaoke place. It must have been to celebrate, Jeajoong's Birthday together.
And after that they went to Yuchun's house. I hope they had a great time together.

I am still in shock at this moment of time as I write this report. Junsu's performance was amazing and that kiss scene....
many more days.....Junsuah~~~

-by Moe

(photo: che0407+as tagged+SYC)

Fan Account #2:

I just saw Junsu’s Mozart performance.
His singing voice gives you goose bumps all over your body.

Actually, I saw Junho walking by me after the musical, but I could not move or stand up
because Junsu's magnificent performance made me speechless and numb.
I could not move my body for a while after the show had ended.

We all talked about Junsu's kiss scene.
His kiss scene did not look bad at all to me; it was not that deep scene at all to give me a shock.
I just simply thought “Junsu and she look cute together.”

More than anything, what I thought was that I want as many people as possible to see his performance.
He looks like a fish (T/N Dolphin?) released in the water!
His performance is magnificent and Junsu is truly amazing singer/performer!

You all must see Xiahzart!
(T/N: I wish I can...sob...Xiah, come to the USA~~~!!)

-by Sakura

Always Keep The Faith!

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