Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[TRANS+INFO] BREAK OUT Bigeast Version

To everyone in Bigeast, Break Out!
It's an upbeat dance number so have fun with it!
We worked hard at making this song!
Please listen to it loads!

Listen to Break Out and work hard!
I wil also work hard!

I'll work hard for both our sake and for everyone's sake! ^^
Everyone, happy new year!

It's cold. Take care not to get a cold.

Yoochun appeared with a completely different hairstyle to suit the song's image. He received a lot of praises from the staff, "it's cool~~!" and he got really embarassed. This is Yoochun's "I'm shy~~~~" expression

Junsu's hair has been styled differently from usual, and his hair has been parted on the other side! During a break, he says, "because this is the first time since I've been born to have a reverse parting, it feels unpleasant~~!" He styled it back to its original parting and was scolded by the stylist...

Changmin wrote Christmas messages to fans when he had some free time! When he was told, 'you're good at drawing!', he replied, "is that...surprising?" (laughs)

Jaejoong, who was unable to stand still balanced on one leg while boxing, seemed to have it rough during the shooting~ He looked a bit disappointed during the break... he was a bit nervous and dejected...Jaejoong, fighting!

Yunho's turn came last and he said, 'let's finish this fast and go have dinner!', and with that, gave his best for the shooting! He was great at boxing too! As expected, he's the dependable Leader Yunho~

Trans by: Hajargiler@DBSKnights
Credits: DBSKnights
Do not remove any credits


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