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[TRANS] 100125 We were looking forward to the Magazine JJ, Confusing with Jaejoong~

Changmin’s Part

T/N: Please first read the translation of the magazine here. Special cheers to our wonderful staff!

2010/01/23 18:58

Everything that we have done in our five years in Japan have been included. The memories of doing our best with the members, and the fans supporting us… I can feel all the memories everytime I hear the songs, this is a true confident album.

11. Do you drink alcohol? If so, how much?
I love Soju, (Korean liquor, around 25% alcohol content. Much stronger than beer or wine.)
And I am a strong drinker. (I can drink quite a lot without getting drunk.)

13. What characteristics of Japanese girls that you find cute/pretty?
What characteristics of Korean girls which you find cute/pretty?
Japanese girls are cute as they have high pitched voices, kind of like a nasally voice. They have a cute image. Korean girls have beautiful skin.

14. What is the good part about Japanese fans?
They would come to the concert with family members.
When I see them, it makes me happy.

17. What is a Japanese word which you recently learned?
“Batsu Ichi” (One-time divorcee). I played a role of “batsu ichi” in the drama. (LOL)

I want to go out for a drink with Changmin~~ I’m not so strong, but I’ll do my best!
I may be not so strong.. but when I drink Soju, I can be bold !
Changmin~~ I want to go for a drink with you ~~
By the way, our Prince Changmin is a “One-time divorcee”…Who will divorce Changmin!
I can’t be divorced with our prince… cannot even marry him..
Oh~~ the nasally voices of the Japanese girls… that should be…on purpose.
I can’t speak like that…maybe I need practice..? (Lol)

Changmin seems to be too shy to sing Tohoshinki’s songs at Karaoke.
Songs of Shin Seung Hoon ~ maybe like this?

T/N: Changmin’s part finishes here, this is a long article, since there are such comments for all the five members. I will make a topic for each of the members. All the five will come out respectively, so everyone, please wait awhile for the others. Thank you!

Source: In 東方神起and eternity ~toko?wantebaku~ & AlvinSim @ youtube
Translation: linkawaii & junsulv & smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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