Sunday, February 21, 2010

[INFO] 100221 DBSK Japanese Fans Listen To Their Music Up To 3 Hours Daily

About half of the Japanese fans of the famous music group Donbangsinki/TVXQ reportedly listen to their music for two or three hours every day. Japan's major music web store HMV surveyed 3,846 users before releasing Dongbangsinki's first best-of album 'Best Selection 2010' and found that forty-nine percent of the people surveyed spend two tothree hours listening to their music every single day.

The enthusiasts, who listen to their music for over 10 hours per day, consisted of five percent of those surveyed. Seventy-two percent of the respondents said that they have never visited S. Korea since becoming fans of Dongbangsinki. Meanwhile, twenty-two percent of those surveyed said they visited S. Korea one to three times, and one enthusiastic fan of Dongbangsinki has visited S. Korea forty times now.

The respondents answered the question 'How long have you been a fan of Dongbangsinki?' as follows. Seven percent, twelve percent, twenty-one percent, twenty-nine percent, and thirty-one percent of the respondents replied "since their debut in Korea," "since their debut in Japan," "three years," "two years," and "one year," respectively. The results show that the group is becoming more popular lately.

They answered the reason they like Dongbangsinki as follows: "teamwork" for thirty-seven percent, "outstanding singing ability" for twenty-four percent, "the group members' personalities" for sixteen percent, "their performances" for eight percent, and "their appearance" for one percent.

Source: Kbs
Credit: JpopAsia
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