Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[Trans] Vivi magazine April Issue part 1

PAPARAZZI Their Private Time Clothes!

JEJUNG: I picked a striped knit cardigan and an easy to wear but think long knit. The bottom is of course boots-in (jeans inside the boots). I still like boots and I have more than 30 boots at my house!

YUNHO: I picked the jeans to be main and picked a brown V-neck shirt with a jacket. I’ve done modeling before and jeans are one of my favorite clothing item.

CHANGMIN: What I like about leather jackets are that they have a compact design that makes my body line look good. The wash-damaged design is the pint for my dark indigo jeans.

YUCHUN: Casual clothes is what I like the most and whats comfortable. Since my jeans are really wash-damaged designed I chose a light brown color for my jacket. I like jeans that loo like the colors fading.

JUNSU: Aren’t my jeans unique? I wanted to challenge this patterned design. The cardigan I wore over my t-shirt has a design that no other cardigans have and it also feels good.

From the type of clothes to the type of girls, we’re going to share the five’s “Likes”.

The clothes we want a girl to wear is this!

YUNHO: since I usually dress natural looking I want the girl to dress natural too! Once I get a girlfriend I want to go on a date with a style like this. And sometimes a hat looks cool and attractive.

CHANGMIN: Oh, this is good. This ones nice too. Umm… (the 2nd one from the right) is black and white outfit but the whole atmosphere is bright and the hat is cute too. That’s why I picked that. I guess i seem to like black.

JUNSU: I like clothes that are balanced with cute and sexy. So i pick these three. Skirts are cute but pants style like this is good too.

YUCHUN: I’m going to put it all on this! (the 2nd to left) the others are umm… I like this the most! The reason i picked this is because i like natural looking hair style and fashion. For girls natural is the best. I don’t like shiney/girly clothes.

JEJUNG: (the 4th one from the right) I like this blue napolean jacket style the best. Its a little unique yet feminine. The pink stickers are Junsu’s? Are you sure he didn’t randomly pick it? *laughs*.

**The ViVi Editors picked 7 different categorized coordination. For every single one they like they put a sticker. (they only have 7 stickers).

The sticker colors are:

Yellow= Yunho

Red= Jejung

Blue= Yoochun

Pink= Junsu

Silver= Changmin.

source: Vivi magazine (April)
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun


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