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Credits: MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)

“MUSIC FAIR” TOHOSHINKI 5th Anniversary Special

“MUSIC FAIR” broadcast of February 27 (Sat), 18:00~ will be a special project, celebrating the 5th anniversary of Tohoshinki. Tohoshinki appeared on stage in this program for 14 times, 26 songs in total (their most performed music program in Japan), in just 3 and half years, starting with “Begin” in June 2006. We will rebroadcast all of their 15 original songs, including “Last Angel”, the collaboration song with Kumi Koda. Their first greetings when they first appeared in the program, unreleased talks with Koda, and the members’ questions and answers during their almost one-man show last summer..the program will sure be a treasure box.

When I first started to be in charge of the music program, there were only few chances for them to appear in music programs, so we “Otogumi” have been positively asking them to perform on stage.

Just two years ago, in the 2200th anniversary concert, all the songs were performed with the live band. So I assume that “Purple Line” in this program was their first performance with the live band in Japan. Just before the anniversary, they covered “Koyoino tsukinoyouni” with Elephantkashimashi, probably their first cover song in Japan. High quality vocals, so sincere, so cheery, and handsome. (Lol)
Immediately after the filming, at the room next to the studio, opening their sweated shirts, showing their mighty chests unmatching their pretty faces and spreading their legs, they were so sincere in checking the playback of their performances. From the beginning, all the lady staffs were saying who is handsome and such, but the girls’ favorites were always different, that is, all the 5 members are handsome.
Last year, they performed in “Bokurano Ongaku” and “FNS Music Festival”. We were a little bit worried about the “Rainy Blue” during the rehearsals, but it was completed in the live performance, and Tokunaga Hideaki-san said “Kanpeki” (T/N: perfect) at the end of the performance.
We will wait forever for the day when the 5 members (with extreme professional conscious minds) and Otogumi can make high quality music programs again.

As always, our supportive Kikuchi P has not forgotten about our boys~~thank you, Kikuchi P!

Source: Magazine TV LIFE & MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)
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